In or Out: Gwyneth Paltrow in Alexander Wang

Posted on June 17, 2011

Poodles, this is one of those times where we happily turn over the INing and the OUTing to you. We just can’t figure out how we feel about this dress.

Gwyneth Paltrow attends the 3rd annual Bent on Learning benefit in New York City in an Alexander Wang dress.

First thought: “Ooooh, that’s not very flattering.”

Second thought: “Hey, that’s kind of interesting.”

And it is interesting, but she looks a little droopy and disproportionate in it. And the black accents don’t help. Pair them with that gray and all that downward-sloping draping and it becomes Sad Dress. And no one wants to wear Sad Dress. If the colors were different and the draping had a more dramatic feel to it, we might like this dress, but the more we look at it, the more it’s a couldabin. She could have helped it with some more visually interesting shoes, possibly a belt, and some statement jewelry.


IN! She’s a gorgeous Greek goddess in a mini!

OUT! She’s a Sad Sally!

The voting is still open on Elle Fanning’s “Pretty in Seafoam” retro prom dress. Minions are required to make their opinions known.


[Photo Credit: Getty]

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    • Anonymous

      hmmm… it’s a draw, but i’m going to go with my bias here:  OUT.  i just don’t like her, so she has to work it extra hard to get the nod from me.  that’s clearly not happening here.

    • MinAgain

      Out.  The color is boring, the silhouette is weird, and the dress doesn’t flatter her.

      • Anonymous

        Agree totally. Plus she needs to pull those girlfriends up a bit.

        • Anonymous

          Seriously. Droopy boobs, droopy hair, droopy shoulders. It’s always the same story with her. She’s just a big ole downer.

    • Anonymous

      looks like she is wearing a high necked tank under a wilma dress.  And the gray fabric looks like different shades of gray which sorta don’t go.  Out.

      • singofthedamage

        It’s like she threw that on under the dress before running out the door so she could get by her Strict Mother and then forgot to take it off. 

    • Anonymous

      Gwyneth looks sunkissed and beautiful. IN!

    • Democracy Diva

      Not sure how I feel about the dress, but I know I hate the peroxide-blonde hair, the fake tan, and Gwyneth in general. OUT.

    • Lenora Dody

      I say out. You’re right, it’s a weird dress and could really have used some jewelry or something.

    • Lattis

      Looks like the satiny draping on the inside of a coffin. out.

    • AbbottRabbit

      To quote Sondheim: “is it always ‘or,’ is it never ‘and?'”

      Gorgeously draped AND a little sad looking. Out. 

    • Alyson Lamble

      Out. Like the shoes, dress is awful.  If Gwynnie is going to wear gray, she needs to be wearing metallics.  Sad doesn’t even begin to cover this.  Also, she’s teetering on the edge of orange.

    • Joyce VG

      The draping is bad.  OUT.

    • Anonymous

      Out. The color isn’t working and while I usually don’t mind some draping, there is just too much here. For such a lackluster dress there should’ve been way better accessorizing.

    • Anplica Fiore

      This would be a much better look without the black workout tank top under the draped dress.  And Gwenneth – put on some jewelry, you can afford it!  Out.  

    • Roz

      Out. Hate it. Bad things happening to her boobs.

    • Anonymous

      I love the concept of this dress but it is just off and sad. It is dress in need of full month of Prozac to be perked up. Out.

      Has Gwyneth done something to her face? She looks like Kate Moss in the last picture.

    • Anonymous

      OUT. It’s an interesting mess. Even if I liked her, she’d be out. 

    • Anonymous

      Out- not very flattering

    • Anonymous

      I think she looks chic and, for once, not like she’s trying too hard. In, I say.

    • Anonymous

      Ms. GOOP is OUT. Not flattering, the draping is funky and sad. Like the shoes though.

    • ket

      kinda looks fat…..?

    • Anonymous

      Bleck. Out on first sight.

    • Anonymous

      OUT.  All that shiny draping and then the black tank underneath, YUK!  It’s just all too much, too much ugly.

    • Anonymous

      The “interesting” is outweighed by the “unflattering.” OUT.

    • Kelsey Albrecht

      Out out out

    • Anonymous

      Hate the color (why do people choose dishwater gray?) and all the shiny (fabric and face).  Also, her hair looks unusually fried.  She normally has that super healthy preppy blonde blowout look.

      My real issue is the black top.  It makes an expensive dress remind me of a teenager’s home-made Halloween costume.  “Okay, you can wear a toga but you have wear a shirt underneath!  And a bra!  Also, use these ratty old satin sheets.”  All she needs are Burberry’s horrible jelly gladiator sandals to complete the look.

    • Rashida Jones

      OUT. That dress is depressing me, and those shoes get uglier the more I look at them.

    • Anonymous

      Completely and totally despise it. Looks like drapes at a funeral home. 

    • Anonymous

      OUT.  It’s a black tank under a toga.  How could that possibly be in?

    • Anonymous

      You really had me staring at this one, but I think I figured why it keeps my attention. I think that the dress is interesting and draws the eye. The black against the silver and her pale skin make it look somehow geometrical, and her hair helps the illusion. If you include the precise pleating this has, it looks kind of architectonic, like the sort of painting that has such and intriguing texture you just want to reach out and feel it. So artistically speaking, it’s a pretty (or interesting, I don’t know) dress. 
      But looking at it as clothing, it’s not flattering. She has no waist, her hips look wide and somehow I keep thinking her thighs will look chubby from a front view . If you consider how tall and slender she is, this dress looks like a bad choice all around.
      If I saw the dress in the runway, I might say in. Since it’s a RC and it’s all about the overall look, she’s out.

    • Emily B

      I really want to yank the top up. I’m sure it’s supposed to hang that way, but it looks like the gray part of the bodice is sitting about four inches lower than it should and that’s bothering the hell out of my OCD.

      And the heavy, uneven bronzer! Looks like she sunburned her face and tried to cover it up with heavy foundation.

      Overall: OUT. Not the most egregious out of all time, but an out nonetheless.

    • Emily B

      I really want to yank the top up. I’m sure it’s supposed to hang that way, but it looks like the gray part of the bodice is sitting about four inches lower than it should and that’s bothering the hell out of my OCD.

      And the heavy, uneven bronzer! Looks like she sunburned her face and tried to cover it up with heavy foundation.

      Overall: OUT. Not the most egregious out of all time, but an out nonetheless.

    • { edi } ilovetrash

      coulda woulda been okay w/o the t-shirt underneath it. i gather that what i thought was a belt is a little slice where the t-shirt peeps thru? heavens, no. & the sunburn doesnt help–somehow the whole mash of this mish makes me focus on the roots, which dont help either.

    • Loren S

      I think she’s just this side of OUT.  I think it’s an interesting dress, but agree that some color could have popped this up a bit, and the hair looks rather flat and boring.

    • Anonymous

      I kind of love it but I’m not sure why!

    • Eclectic Mayhem

      Out, out, out, out, out, out OUT!  I still can’t erase the image of her in that ghastly wrinkly chest dress she wore to the Oscars…  you’re right, this is another ‘sad’ dress.

    • Anonymous

      It looks like the lining of a coffin.

    • Anonymous

      Out. I’m not saying it couldn’t be an in. There are women with greater presence and possibly a curvier figure who could do it.

       I’m guessing Ms. Paltrow herself might make it into an in with the right, perfect, bold accessory or even an array of them which made this into a “look” rather than a serenely odd little dress with potential.

    • Anonymous

      It looks like the lining of a coffin.

    • Svanhild Salmons

      The dress is clashing with her skin, which is looking very orange today.
      She tried to pull it all together with the drape of her hair echoing the drape of the dress, but its not quite pulled together.
      The root cause is the overall color palate: orange, pale yellow, grey, black.
      As you said, interesting, but not particularly flattering.

    • Anonymous

      Out. She looks like she’s wearing a toga over a tank top…it’s just wrong.

    • Anonymous

      Out. She looks like she’s wearing a toga over a tank top…it’s just wrong.

    • Vera

      With Gwynnie, I have to make sure my dislike of her doesn’t color my opinion. It’s not awful, but the draping does make her chest look weird and out of portion. Not feeling the shoes either. I’m really trying to be fair, and she’s OUT.

    • Jennifer Marie Wegmann-Gabb

      Out.  That is one ugly dress.  No belt in the world could help it. 

    • MinhDuc Le

      She’s always an OUT for me no matter what she wears. I just can’t stand her.

    • Anonymous

      First impressions are good.  Not flattering.  Out.

    • Anonymous

      Out. But she’s had good work done on her face.

      • margaret meyers

        eye lift, skin peel, botox.  chin implant?  She looks refreshed

    • angela rose sarno

       Any dress that makes one tall, statuesque blonde look like she has bad posture is definitely OUT.

      • Sara Munoz

        She has bad posture, period!

    • Grace Ritt

      This dress is so weird…the left side of her looks like she’s melting, and then the other half looks structured and flattering. But not really that flattering, you know? It seems like it’s taking away her natural shape and adding to her shape at the same time. It’s interesting but it doesn’t really add up to anything. Out.

    • G

      One thing is for sure.  She has an enviably lean and fit body… and you’d never know it in this dress.  I’d almost call it frumpy on her.   Saggy boobs!  Never thought I’d see the day.  Perhaps color would have helped, but sorry Gwynnie:  OUT

    • Shannon Stewart

      I like it, except for that straight hanging section on the skirt.  When everything is draped and curving, and then there’s a piece that just hangs down, it always feels unfinished to me, no matter how beautifully it may be hanging. 


    • Lisa

      Weird.  Out.

    • aussiegal77

      Why is Gwynnie wearing a singlet under that toga?  OUT.  Love the shoes though.

    • trijya singh

      This is my first post on your website, TLo (though I’ve been following your work for 2 years now). You have taught me more about fashion than Project Runway and my girlfriends combined. HUGE, HUGE fan! :)
      And this dress for me is a definite OUT. Very unflattering silhouette, drab color and she looks like she just went into her attic, pulled out an old curtain, draped it around herself and left the house. 

    • Anonymous

      oh man, another one that I’m torn over.  I always applaud the wearing of non-gynocological dresses, I like the gray on her, and her hair, spraytan and makeup look good.  The dress makes her look thick in the middle, nonono!

      Overall, IN.  just.

    • Tory Adkisson

      Slight OUT for me…I am glad to see her trying some interesting shapes, but the color is dishwater gray…

    • bookish

      I don’t love that dress, but she looks beautiful enough in it that I give her an IN.

    • Anonymous

      IN. I like the uniqueness.

    • Space_Kitty

      Gwyneth – What’s going on here? I love you. Get it together.


    • Amye

      The color’s all kinda sad, but I actually like it when she’s moving.

      So I vote in.  After all it is Gwyneth.  Baby steps, baby steps.

    • Krab Louse

      The way the wrinkles hang in the dress match the wrinkles on her face.

    • MilaXX

      Minor IN for me. I don’t hate it, but not 100% in love with it either. I think it would be better without the black parts, but her hair and makeup look better than they have in a long time.

    • margaret meyers

      Maybe the ugly dress and over-bleached hair are to distract us from the eye lift, lip plumping and possible chin implant.

    • Anonymous

      Out.  She looks like she has the boobs of an 80 year old.  Which she may very well have, but I would have assumed they were buried in her back yard or sitting in a jar, rather than on her chest …

    • Sorana Tarmu

      I like it. She looks graceful, cool and laid back, and her make-up is killa. IN.

    • Sorana Tarmu

      I like it. She looks graceful, cool and laid back, and her make-up is killa. IN.

    • Anonymous

      to me the color is morose.  it looks like she was on her way to a toga party (perhaps a toga funeral) but she was shy so she put on a high necked tank underneath.  or perhaps it is a designer baby carrier/sling, and the armholes in the tank are big enough to just pop one of the girls out and keep the kid happy.  it’ll be one depressed kid, though, surrounded by all that gray.  and she looks like she has a painful sunburn.  i’m not liking the no eyebrow look of the makeup either. OUT!

    • Patricia Miller

      Out. Despite any feelings I may have about her, I can’t deny that Ms. Goop is an attractive woman. That dress does ugly things to her, and the tank top only makes things worse. I can see the dress as a full length gown, in a rich Midnight Blue, with a more statuesque figure working nicely. She’s slouchy, so is the dress, and the gray-green tone of that drapy shiny stuff is just wrong.

    • Anonymous

      Not good. But, also, is that a dress, or a dress over a tank top? And, also, the proportions are wrong. The bottom half is too short for the drape to work.

    • Scubaotter

      Put on a better bra, but it’s an In.  I’m in Seattle.  We like gray.

    • Porter

      I like it, actually. I’m weird though.

    • Lauren Dorsee Dillon

      OUT. As hard as she works on her body (and lords it over us peasants), she should wear something flattering. Just because it’s draping doesn’t mean it should look like drapes. Which is does.

    • Anonymous

      She looks a little… blobby.  And orange.  OUT.

    • Anonymous

      OUT. I went into this prepared to look past my distaste for Ms. Paltrow and just look at the outfit.  But it’s still out.  It feels heavy and saggy, the color’s not right on her,and it just looks kinda morose.  But TLo is (again) right.  With some tweaking it might’ve been a hit.

      • Anonymous

        love your handle SWMBO!

    • Anonymous

      Out because she’s Gwynnie.
      But in all seriousness, that black accent is weird. It’s like a prude had a dress and said, oh, I can’t show that much skin, and put on a black tank top underneath it. It’s just weird.  I love the gray part, just not on her.  But of course, I’d probably say that about anything she wore.

    • Anonymous

      I like the shoes and i suspect the dress sans black tee would have been very fine, but like this, no! Out.

    • Anonymous


    • Shaylea Mckay

      Out, I guess.  Gwyneth has to look damn good for me to give her an “in”.  

    • Anonymous

      Looks like a bad Rami Kashou over a Gap tank. Bad. OUT. I’m still pissed she won the Oscar

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Out on principle….I can’t stand her. And what’s with all the bronzer on her forehead???

    • Sara Munoz

      Ooh, I’d be happy to help you decide. The dress is ugly as shit. Accessories won’t help. No “A” for effort. 

      • Sara Munoz

        And I promise, this has nothing to do with bias. I don’t care for her, but I’d be happy to give props when deserved.

    • Carrie L. Boram

      That’s one hiddy sad sack. The dress. Dear Goop doesn’t look so hot either, though.

    • Darien Nevulti LeDisko

      Uhhh, OUT.

      It just doesn’t go far enough with itself….too bad, because it does have WERQ potential. 

    • KatiI

      It flatters neither her upper half nor her lower.  It confuses me, but not in a way that makes me want to look at it more.  The shoes are nice though. 

    • Sammi M

      I hate her, but I like the look. Dammit. IN.

      I feel dirty.

    • Rand Ortega


    • Megan Patterson

      Hate it! Droopy and not particularly flattering and the saddest shade of grey!

    • Anonymous

      Out. For some reason I keep wanting to like it, but I don’t know why. It is droopy, and the black panel isn’t working.

    • Anonymous

      Out. It looks like an unsuccessful reinvention of the sari. I’d like to see a snap of the runway version to see if the belt is really part of the dress. Who belts a drapey dress? That’s just asking for trouble.

    • Anti

      So, I hate the dress, but… OMG is that a SMILE?  What happened?  There’s an actual picture of Paltrow that doesn’t look  like she just smelled a fart.  I’m gobsmacked.

    • heartbot

      Is she wearing clothes? I can’t tell. I’ve been blinded by her dayglo skin and hair. Tanorexia is an automatic out.

    • Jennifer Blais

      Oh this is not good. It just looks strange.

    • Anonymous

      In. Her face scares me, the hair is strictly from Malibu Barbie, and the accessories are blah, but it’s an interesting dress — not just its architecture, but that puzzling shade of grey. It makes me want to keep looking at it. 

    • L Harlan

      I’m gonna have to go with IN, but only barely.

    • Anonymous

      Close, but no. OUT.

    • Anonymous

      She’s got problems in the boobage area. Droopy and sad and that’s no way to describe your breasts. Out but makeup looks great.

    • Anonymous

      You know those ridiculous tops that are a t-shirt and vest sewn together so you look like you’re wearing two pieces but you’re only wearing one? That’s what this reminds me of.  I like the skirt. It has great movement and is a good length for Gwyneth. Also love the shoes. But the top of the dress is so bad it negates all the good stuff. OUT. So very, very OUT

    • Celia

      OUT. This has nothing to do with my contempt for her personally, because she’s often quite pretty and has an eye for style. This is indeed a Sad Dress, it’s droopy and the shoes are just wrong for it. She needs some fiercer heels. And what’s with the makeup? Why does she look like she just had a chemical peel and a “refreshing”?

    • Anonymous

      Pull a little bit of extra fabric up over that breast, and change the undershirt to something not black, and we’re good.

      As it stands, you’re right, it’s a couldabin.  Out.

    • Catherine Rhodes


    • Maria


    • Anonymous

      Out.  Unflattering draperies.  A bra might have helped, but not enough.

    • Sara Jenkins

      I do like her, but it’s a very sad dress.

    • Fifi LaRoux

      Sad dress is sad. I think if the hair and accessorizing had been more fun than it wouldn’t be so sad. Out!

    • Beth G

      Out – I know she has a better figure than that.  She’s completely lost her waist.

    • Tina O.

      OUT. It is like the dress can’t figure out what the heck it wants to be when it grows up.
      Do I want to be a casual frock? Do I want to be a slinky cocktail dress? Do I want to be a toga? I DON’T KNOW!

    • Tina

      out! sad, orange sally!

    • Margot Brose

      The dress is okeydokey, but her face is pumpkin-orange (she must have said something mean to her makeup gay and he is exacting his fabulous revenge) and I’m not digging the shoes. It’s not a huge out, but it’s still out. It’s a couple of inches from being in.

    • Veronica Diaz

      I am not sure about the dress, but GP did take a page out of the Xtina handbook with the orange skin and overbleached hair.  She is beyond out I am giving her a blout (Blech + out)

    • Anonymous

      She looks gorgeous and the dress is kind of cool but I hate the sports bra look of the undraped portion of the bodice. Also wonky boobage. OUT.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah.. I’d have to agree. She’s a beautiful woman, but that dress is plain old awful. OUT

    • mary baumer

       why is she so orange?

    • dkoselka

      Out.  The color is awful and it looks like she’s wearing a tank under her dress, which is not a flattering look at all. Perhaps if it were in vibrant colors — a bright orange with a contrasting bright color — it would be fun but this is blah. 

    • Anonymous

      She looks like she’s fresh off a commercial for “Mike’s Marbleopolis”.  OUT.

    • Erin Hines

      OUT.  Droopy gray does nobody any favors, and it gives her the shape of SpongeBob Sqaurepants.

    • Deidre Robbers

      One Grecian Urn, Two Grecian Urns…. and a fountain.

    • linda


    • Madison Chua

      I never knew how short her torso is. The outfit is okay. Nothing to rave about.

    • Mori Clark

      for me it’s exactly a draw. huh.

    • Anonymous

      She needs to watch out for things that make her look limper than she already does. OUT.

    • Anonymous

      OUT. The dress isn’t enough on its own. It needed a pick-me-up with some accessories, which she failed to provide.

    • Aly Light


    • Anonymous

      The only interesting thing I find about this dress/look is that you (TLo) even found it remotely interesting. Really?  I don’t get the black tank part under the toga at all… they’re a couple odd and disharmonious layers. Also makes her look wide/thick.  Nothing interesting to see here people…move along…

      OUT !

    • Anonymous

      I give it a 4 for interesting and a -2 for flattering. Total score -2. Clearly an OUT. I’ve never seen Fishstick look so bad.

    • Mary Nau

      TOGA! TOGA!


    • Anonymous

      Out. Sad. Quite sad.

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous


    • merrigator

      HELLLLLL, no!  “My toga’s showing too much skin so I’ll just layer it with my black tank top.”

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      interesting without being too weird. IN.

    • Anonymous

      OUT. Always go with your first reaction.

    • Anonymous

      Is the black bit part of the dress? It looks like she’s wearing an ill fitting gray dress with a black tank underneath for modesty. No dress should look like that. You’re out, Sad Sally!

    • Manon Eileen

      I like the bottom part of the dress, but the top is just absolutely awful. Out.

    • Katherine Lavender

      There is no point in this dress. It is dull. & miserable. & ugly. Those are three things a dress should not be, and especially not altogether.

    • Anonymous

      If I blur my eyes a little bit, she looks beach-y and happy and would be a definite in.  Unfortunately, I can’t live that way, and eyes unblurred, it looks like she’s wearing her cocktail toga over a rather frumpy bathing suit.  Out.

    • Melissa Della

      She’s a little orange and her hairstyle is not working for her anymore. The dress is interesting, but not right for her specifically. OUT

    • Anonymous

      OUT – it is interesting, but that’s the best that can be said. It is sad and the color does not help.

    • Vaniljekjeks

      I love the black/grey combo, but this dress does nothing for her at all.  Out.

    • Anonymous

      If it makes HER look thick in the trunk, then it’s not a good dress.

    • Alexander Peterhans

      Out. Looks like she’s wearing a black bathing suit under a toga.

    • Samantha Ritchie

      out. shes a tiny little celebrity with no waist.

    • Anonymous

      OUT.  to me it looks like part work out clothes & dress.  i dont get it.

    • Anonymous

      So Sad. So Gray. So it’s OUT!

    • Karen K.

      OUT.  Definitely a Sad Dress.  Could have been so beautiful but it just seems like everything’s somehow off.  The black layer is too contemporary for the classical draping, and I hate the shoes.  

    • Sau-Chih Feng

      Out. Like you said, it’s not a bad dress, but there are so many little choices that could have made it an In. If only it had color. If only it covered her shoulders (the lines there are weird. I also dislike anything that shows off the ‘baby boobs’) or had sleeves, or maybe just get rid of that black bit. Maybe if she’d worn silver shoes instead of black. Maybe if she’d accessorized with some amazing earrings to balance out the look, because honestly it looks a little heavy around the hips. 

      mostly, Gwyn, honey, it’s a beautiful dress, but I’m not sure it’s your dress.

    • Anonymous

      OUT. Dining room curtains!

    • Emily

      In.  It’s a little weird dress, but she looks good.

    • Anonymous

      Young lady, stand up straight.

    • Anonymous

      She looks pretty, except for the tank top and toga dress!

    • Anonymous

      OUT! The grey makes her skin and hair look haggard.

    • Rachel Lee

      Out. It looks like a cheap shiny dress that I can get off any local blogshop. I like her shoes though. 

    • Anonymous

      Hmmm…this IS a tough one. For me, she’s in from the waist down (LOVE those shoes), and in from the waist up (it’s an interesting top and I like the gray and black combo), but somehow the two put together just don’t work. Too much drapey droopiness as a total look. I’m also not really liking her hair – looks kinda fried and just…too blonde.

    • Anonymous

      Out.  Over and out.

    • Anonymous

      It looks like Rami’s museum dress, but in an uglier color and with a t-shirt underneath. A great big, “HUH???”


      • Damien Washington

        My thought exactly. “It’s a weak Rami Kashou with a Gap tank under it.”

        I don’t think that would look good on anyone over 14. Out.

    • Summer Born

      IN for interest. The hair and accessories could have used help, but overall, different! And not bad!

    • NesTtor Chocolato


    • Diana Martinez

      OUT!  Gag me.

    • Anonymous


    • Patricia Biswanger

      OUT.  It’s so drab, and the fabric makes it look cheesy.

    • Chrissie

      In. The criss-cross of the shoes match the criss-cross of the draping on the dress. It’s not the best look, but I don’t think she looks bad enough to warrant an out.

    • Carla Bueno-Sanders

      Psh, in! 

    • Jessica O’Connell

      i think it’s a definite OUT, it falls weirdly and is really unflattering. yuck

    • Anonymous

      OUT. It’s shapeless and everything’s too shiny — dress and face.

    • Anonymous

      barely an IN… has so much more potential!

    • Katie Lewis

      Its a good dress, but its a bad dress for her.  Out.

    • elzatelzabelz

      OUT- it is interesting, but not at all flattering. It is drapey in the wrong areas and poufy and weird. No.

    • Helen C

      The dress is nice.  She looks bad because she’s orange with white hair. 

    • Anonymous

      First thought, seen from the waist up: Hmmmm, could be interesting, maybe a bit of the classical, Grecian goddess sort of thing…. Second thought, head to toe: I don’t like her knees or feet. It looks frumpy as a short dress. It needs to be longer, with an interesting gladiator sandal, preferably not black, bracelets and a wider belt.


    • Sara Parker

      From the neck down, she’s in.  She could have played it better, but she’s still in.  Someone needs to have an intervention with everything that’s happening from the neck up, though.

    • Shannon

      Out, it’s a terribly shaped dress. I am trying to figure out what body shape would wear it well and I don’t think there is any. 

    • Anonymous


    • Lauren Bradshaw

      OUT.  Looks like something I made for my barbie dolls when I was 8.  Back then my medium was mainly bandanas and scarves. I do like the subtle makeup, but I am dying to see her with her natural curl or wave instead of this blown-out contraption.

    • Anonymous

      OUT.  And her face is looking lobsterish.  

    • Anonymous

      Gwynnie needs nice, encouraging words, y’all.
      This dress is kind of out of her usual element, and even though it’s a miss, at least she’s not tall, tight, and shiny/flesh-colored.
      IN, but just because I want to be supportive.

    • Anonymous

      No, I think she’s working it.  IN.

    • Michaela T.


      I have no commitment to encourage people to wear more interesting dresses. So I can just say it like it is. She looks sad and droopy – makes that slightly interesting dress into an ill-knotted curtain. In grey.

    • Anonymous

      She and the dress would look 100x better if she wasn’t schlumping.  Stand up straight, Mrs. Martin!

    • David

      Computer says, “No,”

    • Valery Lunar

      its her face. i cant get over it. OUT


      i don’t like her but imma give this look an IN as it just seems to work for me 

    • Brendan Foehr

      This isn’t just sad. This is Esther Greenwood in killer shoes.

    • Mags

      I don’t really know. Something about this dress is just off. I’m going to have to give it an out. It’s just not working for me. 

    • Meredith Piatt

      Sad Sally!  Would have been much better in a different color combo and different fabrication (not her fault-too shiny/weird).

    • Anonymous

      Out, out, out!  The black accents look like she was uncomfortable with the dress, and threw on a chemise underneath.  This is such a sad look.  It has potential, but the final verdict from me is that this is just wrong.  Get rid of the black, just leave the draping and fix it on top, and it MIGHT work okay.  I never thought I would say this… I hate the black!

    • Anonymous

      OUT.  ‘Nuff said.

    • aimee_parrott

      She looks good from the neck up.  The dress is a horrorshow.  OUT.

    • Anonymous

      Satin bed sheet wrapped over her sports bra.  No shape.  Out.

    • Anonymous

      Satin bed sheet wrapped over her sports bra.  No shape.  Out.

    • Anonymous

      OUT. Any dress that makes her look remotely rotund is a bad choice. Also, she’s orange. 

    • Shawn Hill

      She’s a lady who loves her monochrome.

    • dancinfool

      This is a clear case of droopy boob.

    • Natasha Ann

      Looks like she threw a drape over her gym clothes….. OUT!

    • Alexandria N

      OUT! hello Paltro honey, may I introduce you to a COLOR?!?! you are not in mourning!

    • Kary Barrie

      Out, and I’m tired of her. 

    • Dennis Scoles

      gwynnie can do no wrong.  IN

    • Samantha Irene

      sad sally for sure

    • A. W. Stevens

      OUT.  It’s like… little black dress wrapped in silky cave woman garb with a belt.  That thing wouldn’t be flattering on ANYONE…  Maybe Nathan Lane, but that’s IT…

    • Kate Gavin

      OUT, she’s always OUT!