Gerard Butler’s Latest Body

Posted on June 07, 2011

Gerard Butler presented the Menswear Designer of the Year Award to Michael Bastian at the CFDAs but all anyone could talk about was his latest look:

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Almost immediately after he made a big splash with his steroid-provided muscle body in 300, he slimmed down considerably to what might be referred to as a slightly beefy but nowhere near musclebound look. We thought it suited him well. Granted, when we saw him in person last year at the Versace Whitney gala we were surprised to see that he was actually quite thin and much smaller than he looked in pictures. Seeing him like this, he must look positively tiny in real life. But it can’t be said he doesn’t look good in a suit. Of course, that’s not actually surprising since most fashion is tailored for the very thin. We don’t love the hair, though. It looks too much like a wig. And we don’t know if it’s true that Deneuve said it, but it’s still a truism that after 40, one must choose one’s ass or one’s face and to be perfectly blunt, we think he looked a lot better when he had a slightly chubbier face. But kudos on the suit, Gerard. It looks wonderful on you. A shame the shirt’s all screwed up around the collar. We wonder if that shirt isn’t pinned in the back to be as tight as possible and that’s why it’s all askew in the front.

[Photo Credit: getty, wireimage]

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  • Wow, I would have never recognized him!

  • Wow, he doesn’t even look like himself. But he still looks incredibly yummy. No complaints here.

  • Anonymous

    He looks like he’s been crossbred with Bradley Cooper!

    • I would like to see this crossbreeding.

      • Amen, Terence. Amen.

        • And if the pairing doesn’t result in a new species, they can feel free to repeat the procedure as many times as needed until it does.

          • …in the name of science, of course.

    • I’ve been saying that for years. I always confused Gerard Butler and Bradley Cooper.

      This time, though, I thought he was Robert Pattinson.

    • Anonymous

      That’s exactly what I thought! He looks like he did back before he was super famous. Like he did during Reign Of Fire. I wouldn’t’ve recognized him in that film, either, if it wasn’t for credits!


    • I was thinking the same thing!  He’s a mix of Gerard and Bradley 🙂

    • he looks just like bradley cooper!!

  • Anonymous

    When you guys posted pics through twitter last night my first thought was “Wow, he looks terrible” (not in reference to the fit of the suit). Something I thought I might never say about him. I will agree with you that his post 300, “muscled but not freakishly so” look was to die for. His hair is atrocious here and I don’t know why he looks so slimmed down. But I don’t think it suits him much at all. This is not to say that the suit itself doesn’t fit him nicely, because it does. It’s just physically, there’s something off.

    • Anonymous

      Totally agree, that hair has got to go and he needs to add about 20-30 pounds. Hopefully this is just for some role and he will revert to my beefy Gerard in the near future!!

  • That suit is TOO TIGHT and everything is almost the same color. He has no idea what so ever how to wear a tuxedo. He is OUT OUT OUT

  • Anonymous

    This physique looks like he’s back down to the size he was when he played Dracula-I hated that long black hair, but I don’t like this hair much better.  I think that first pic in the slideshow is hysterical…is he twirling? 

  • Anonymous

    As others have said, he doesn’t even look like himself.
    Not digging the hair; he’s a little long in the tooth for that look. The suit looks good, though.

  • Anonymous

    Forehead down SWOON.

  • Anonymous

    Shazaam!  He doesn’t even look like the same person as the guy in ‘300’.

    And am I imagining, or has there been lots of styling with that ‘top button, nipped-in waist’ look?

  • Lauren Schneider

    UGH.  He looked SO much better before.  Plus that hair is horrible.  He looks like an older version of Bradley Cooper now.  Boring.

  • Guess I’ll have to check TMZ to see if they’ve got a comment on this.  They did have a special song for him — “couldn’t be any subtler, because heeeeeee’s Gerard Butler.”  Now I’m going to get him and that other DB Bradley Cooper confused.

  • Gerry, is that you?

  • Anonymous

    Too thin for my taste.  I did like (VERY,VERY much!) his look last year, post “300”.  Not bulked up to Arnold land but definitely some meat on the bones.  And that hair is awful.

  • Something about it is saying Andy Dick to me. Ewww. Maybe it’s the hair? And what’s with the over the shoulder look? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a guy pose like that before!

  • Actors change their hair and weight at random for movie roles.  It’s possible the “new” look is for a part he’s playing.  I think he looks good no matter what and I LOVE his accent.

    • Anonymous

      He’s got a very affected American twang on top of his accent which annoys the hell out of me. That doesn’t bother me with people like Craig Ferguson who’ve been there a long time and just adapted slightly, but his is more exaggerated and he really sounds like he’s putting it on.

  • bswartz

    He reminds me of Josh Holloway from Lost, all cleaned up.

  • Carolyn Warfield

    Ew ew ew ew ew.  Skeezy.

  • Hair is awful.  I do love the suit though.

  • Tamara Hogan

    Unrecognizable, but…yeah, I’d nibble. 

  • Anonymous

    Laughing at the snarky comments!  G is way too thin for many of his fans (mostly but not all female) at the moment, as he just lost a lot of weight to play a soccer player.  They routinely do not look like Leonidas, more Greyhoundish.  He is about 6’2″, with a very tiny waist for a man.   His legs are very long, and thin for the moment.  He changes his body regularly depending on the role.  He will be bigger in Coriolanus and Machine Gun Preacher coming out this year.  Most of his fans love the hair, and call it hair porn….For those who think he is “out”, you have no clue about the number of fan clubs around the world, and I suggest you go into Youtube, type Gerard Butler and take a look at the hundreds of video montages dedicated to him, with new ones daily!  His every move is tracked!

    I like him a little beefier myself, more like Rocknrolla, but he is an outsized personality with a chameleon body.  He will be different yet again this time next year. 

    • Anonymous

      no offense, but to those of us that think he is out, his fan clubs really don’t make any difference. i have never been a fan, he doesn’t do it for me but he reall does look better a little beefier. and i just think he is kind of skeevy since all those photo ops awhile back where he kept putting his hands on jen aniston’s ass in public.

      • Anonymous

        There was just one such photo op of his hand and Jenifer, and no one could verify that it was real and not photo shopped…but G is a jokester constantly, and well known for it; he has a very outsized personality.  You either like that or not, sorry you do not!   but he has two movies coming out this year, one with Ralph Fiennes, a Shakespearean movie, Coriolanus, as well as  Machine Gun Preacher, a movie based on a true story of a biker dude building an orphanage in the Sudan.  He just finished an Indie, directed by Gabrielle Mucino (Pursuit of Happyness director), and moving on to another Indie film.  He likes indie films and did several before coming to the US.  Dear Frankie, about a deaf child, is excellent.    Having fan clubs does not mean he is “in” (rather provincial using terms like “in and “out, and perhaps naive, but …oh well) or out of course.  He is liked because he is interesting, and quite intelligent (a lawyer in Scotland, before he got fired!), outgoing, extroverted and very soft hearted.  There are lots of handsome men around, but only a few are interesting and intelligent. 

        OK, done with my Gerard Butler soap box!!!!  Best to all… 

  • Anonymous

    I prefer him like this actually. Prefer the hair, prefer him thinner. But he has always creeped me out a bit to be honest, much as I loved 300. 

    • Anonymous

       Not sure why he creeps you out, interesting comment!  On set, he is routinely described as funny, a teddy bear, generous and kind.  He loves animals, is great with kids, and super patient with fans.  He is loving with his family as well.  He does have a way with women, over and over, and over…LOL.  However, much of it is just his nature to flirt and keep on flirting.  He is loud, and boisterous, and pretty entertaining on talk shows.  I enjoy his antics as if he were my randy nephew!  You go, kid!  

      • Anonymous

        I come from the same neck of the woods as him, so perhaps I just read him differently to you. Also, as I mentioned above, there’s something weird going on with his accent these days!

    • Anonymous

      I love his accent, but am sad he is losing it.  I know that as a younger man, he was a drinker, and often in trouble.  He has not had a drink for about 13 years (like Ferguson), and after a struggle, also gave up smoking.  Lucky for his fans (like me) he was fired as a lawyer, and went on to be an actor!  Last week this time, he was on a broken down rented Harley in Arkansas and actually stayed at a camp ground there, very grounded dude, not snobbish.  Very shortly he was in Malibu on Thursday, with Jessica Biel on the back of his own Harley, then flew to Hawaii and there are numerous pics of him surfing this weekend, prepping for his next film, where he plays the mentor to a young surfer( based on a true story).   Next he shows up in NYC on Monday for a fashion show.  From Arkansas to Malibu, to Hawaii to NYC in a week.  Apparently he never needs to sleep.  I seldom pay any attention to celebrities, but his outgoing personality and funny stories (Leno, Conan, Kimmel, Fallon) make me laugh.  I would probably like your accent as well since you say you are from his area!  LOL…

  • Anonymous

    oh dear. His waist is so tiny he looks like he’s wearing a corset. And I am not digging the Englebert Humperdink hair

  • Say what you want, but I LOVE THE HAIR! mmmMMMmmm
    I just adore guys with good hair and tasty accents. *rowr*

  • Rand Ortega

    The best I’ve ever seen him. Usually he looks like some rugby hooligan. The slimmed down visage could be for a role (he’s slated for a STARZ series about Allen Pinkerton & rumored to be the 1st choice to play Richard Burton for the Scorsese biopic of “Le Scandale”). Whatever the reason, this is the 1st time I’ve even remotely found the guy attractive. 

  • Anonymous

    I saw a series he did about 6 years ago (“The Jury”) and his body was perfect. Somewhere in between this look at ‘300.’ Several times he was shot w/o a shirt on. Very toned, flat abs, not beefy, the right amount of facial hair – just yummmy.

  • Shannon Twigg

    He reeaaaaally looks like Josh Holloway 

  • Anonymous

    I think he looks pretty good and younger.  A little euro gigolo, but better than the bloated face/gut that he has sported previously.  The hair is a bit poofy though.

  • Bridget Dierks

    Sad face.  I miss moderately beefy Gerard!

  • I suppose I’m the only one that thinks he’s channeling an 80’s version of Michael Douglas – a la “Romancing the Stone”.

    • *giggles* I don’t know if I agree but I love the observation!

  • Amanda in Austin

    If you hadn’t told me it was Gerard Butler, I never would have guessed it.

  • I have to wonder if that shirt is choking him!

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I think he looks the best he has been since Phantom of the Opera.  IN

  • aussiegal77

    That hair is awful.  I can’t stomach this new look.  OUT.

  • aussiegal77

    I hate his hair – I hope it is a wig.  The bod – always good.

  • His foundation looks a little too light in color for his face!

  • I hate the way he looks here. And I used to think he was hot. Hair needs to be darker and less poufy. He looks like Liberace’s assistant.

  • MilaXX

    He looks good, but I prefer him a little heavier. The hair works with the new body, but I think it’s a bit young on him.

  • YUM

  • He looks so much like Bradley Cooper here. Too much, I think. The lighter hair is bugging me.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve never really noticed the guy before, but I think he looks waaay hot here.

  • Anonymous

    what’s up with that last shot? “do my stocking seams look straight?”

  • Anonymous


    I’m going to have to go watch PS I Love You to forget this.

  • Lisa

    Too thin!  And that hair – ugh!  The over all look is like Mr. Schue and Edward Cullen had a baby and it’s this guy!

  • Anonymous

    Sexy!  Quite a drastic change from when I saw him last.  I prefer him a bit heavier…but he still looks mighty fine here.  Perhaps the suit is a tad too tight…but I don’t mind. 😉

  • Anonymous

    If I had seen these pics without the headline/captions I wouldn’t have known who it was. Seriously fabulous suit, the fit if the jacket is a bit odd though and gives him a very high waisted look. Personally I think he looks better with a bit more meat on his bones but what I really dislike is that hair. Bugging. Much. Don’t get me wrong, he looks good…except for the hair.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not crazy about the hair, but he is always gorgeous to me.  I loved him in Dear Frankie.

    • Anonymous

      Yes. Dear Frankie is so touching  –that’s the quintessential Butler for me. I almost feel as if he’s had a personality change with that hair. 

  • Anonymous

    Waaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh. Where’s the beef?

  • Joy Laughter

    He looks much more like the hunk I swooned over in “Timeline” – a bit of 90s sci-fi/medieval froth from Michael Crichton.  That Gerard Butler could definitely swing a broadsword, without the uber-beef!

  • Anonymous

    Is he serious with that hair???

  • aaaaah, I beg to differ on the “too tiny”.  That, my friends is just about right.

  • Hello Gorgeous! Long as he doesn’t get too thin. Love his suit too.

  • Tania Gilchrist

    Me? I like a skinny white boy…and Gerard is bringing it. Plus the hair is perfect for tangling one’s hands in so…works for me. As for the suit…heart did do a little skippy skip at how fine and stylish he looks, strange shirt-front wrinkles notwithstanding.

  • mcarlson

    Without the normal beard and short-ish hair he’d been sporting, I didn’t recognize him.

  • I’ll be one of the contrarians who say they like him better this way. Nothing against his “300” abs, but he did nothing for me before. Now? Slimmer and blonder? Yes, please!

  • Wow, he must have lost a lot of weight!  I kind of like him a little heavier and darker.  Still, I wouldn’t kick him out of bed for this look either.

  • Anonymous

    Miss the muscles and/or the paunch, but the Matthew McConaughey hair, circa “Contact”, is making me swoon.

  • Anonymous

    I think his face looks good and agree that he resembles Bradley Cooper, whom I think is dreamy!  But I do think that the suit is too tight…

  • Jaeda Laurez

    is he wearing one of Beyonce’s old Lacefronts?

  • What happened?  He looks a thousand times better.   He went from beefy, boring, average man to gorgeous. 
    Also, doubtful the shirt is pinned.  That is what tailors are for.

  • I don’t think that’s really him.  It looks SOOO different.