Cover Girl: Leighton Meester for L’Officiel Maroc

Posted on June 08, 2011

Leighton Meester graces another L’Officiel cover and attention must be once again to stylists in far off lands who know their shit.

Yves Saint Laurent Spring 2011 jumpsuit. Altuzarra belt. Ben Amun Necklace. Rodrigo Otazu earrings.

Leighton Meester for L’Officiel Morocco, May 2011 Issue
Styled by Peju Famojure
Photographed by Alexey Yurenev.

YSL Spring 2011 Collection/Model: Freja Beha Erichsen (IMG)

Just like the last time L’Officiel got their hands on her, we channeled our inner Samantha Jones and exclaimed, “Oh, honey! You’re a model!”  Then we realized this picture is from the same shoot and we were kind of disappointed. We still love the way she looks here. It’s a little bit early ’70s Ali McGraw with a modern feel to it. At first we didn’t like the underplayed makeup, but we changed our minds. She looks fresh and chic and even if this is a recycled pic, the girl needs positive reinforcement so she can take these lessons out into her world of red carpets and photocalls. Study, Leighton. Learn. Make us proud.

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    • MilaXX

      She looks good & that color really works for her

    • Laura Ann Springer

      It does kinda scream 1970’s however, and as much as I don’t like Leighton, this look works for her. 

    • Anonymous

      Girl looks good, please continue this trend Miss Meester!!!

    • Taija HU!

      She looks good. But I can’t help but think that her facial expression makes it look like she could not care less, and whoever is photographing her bores her to no end :/ 

      • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      She looks pretty, much prettier than that angry-looking model.

    • Brian @ PWYJudges

      Love the color, and that belt is fantastic!!!

    • Trevor Burroughs

      You don’t think her hair looks a little severe?

    • Anonymous

      She looks great, but how tight does that belt have to be to give her a belly roll?

    • Anonymous

      She looks amazing in that shot. The outfit is gorgeous.

    • Anonymous

      What does she actually do that warrants putting her picture on the covers of magazines?

      • Helen C

        Star of a fairly popular TV show (and was generally considered the one who carries the show on).  Being considered one of the few actresses of her age group who can actually act.  Star of several movies that did fairly well. 
        Her co-star Blake Lively got on the cover of Vogue for much less.  

    • erin l.

      I love the way in which the cover looks. Clean, chic, and catches the eye. Go Leighton!

    • Anonymous

      She looks good. Love that color.

    • Maev Mac Coille

      I think Leighton Meester suffers from Christina Hendricks/January Jones syndrome.  Her TV character has an incredibly distinctive look (especially in the earlier seasons) that I think she often tries to get away from it in her public appearances, which…doesn’t always end well.  I do think she looks good here though.

    • Anonymous

      I love the color and the fit of this on her, but I don’t see what all the excitement it about on the girl’s ability to pose. That said, I’ll take this GG over the blonde one any day.

    • Marissa

      I think she looks great (and looks so bad normally) I actually really like this a lot. I guess it shows how good she can look when she doesn’t dress herself. 

    • Anonymous

      Wow. That is HOTT. millions of love for this look.

    • Emily

      She looks good.  Love that cliquot orange.