Cover Girl: Emma Stone for Vanity Fair

Posted on June 29, 2011

Emma Stone gives both great face and great bod on the cover of Vanity Fair and suddenly, we want to head to the beach and look fabulous.

Emma Stone covers the august issue of Vanity Fair in a striped bikini by Marc by Marc Jacobs photographed by Patrick Demarchelier.
Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring 2011

On paparazzi: “[One] stands up while I’m walking to my car and is like, ‘Hey, Emma! Listen, I’m going to delete these pics. Here’s my card. If you ever go to the beach with your friends or walk out of your house in your pajamas, call me.’ He’s like, ‘But I’m deleting these pictures, see?’….These guys try to strike up a deal with you so you feel like they’re your friend. I didn’t even know that was a thing – that people would call them.”

On her private life: “Talking about this stuff is pretty new. The only solution I’ve come to when it comes to things like that – the health of my family or dating, really personal things – is not to talk about it.”

On working part-time at a dog bakery: “I think three people called my specific cookies inedible to their dogs. I’m not a super-talented dog baker.”

We continue to find her charming as hell in interviews. The dog baker story is cute. She’s built for picture-taking; although the last time we saw her, we were less impressed, but that’s because it wasn’t really her milieu. This All-American pinup style is perfect for her.

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  • Anonymous

    First?! Beautiful shot but the lipstick is scary. Not as scary as the model, but still scary. 

  • Shopgrrl81

    I really disagree. This cover feels like a knock off of the white bikini cover they did with Lohan. Not to mention the makeup is so heavy. So not feeling this cover, though I like Emma Stone. 

    • Heather

      Reminded me of that too… let’s hope she doesn’t go down the same path as poor Lindsay.

  • Jamie


  • Meghan Young

    Why did they photoshop away her freckles??? 

  • Mariah J

    Score one for pale girls this summer. Tans are so OUT

    • Anonymous

      Especially the orange “tans”.

  • Anonymous

    It is a pretty cute cover. The paparazzo story reminds me of Carl Hiaasen’s “Star Island.”  I’m telling ya sista minions, if you need a fun summer read, “Star Island” is it.

  • Anonymous

    Terrible makeup.

  • MilaXX

    I like her. As much as I love a red lip, I think it’s a bit too much for the All American girl feel of the bathing suit.

  • amanda crow

    I am not a fan of what they did to her face. At all.

  • Celia

    Scary makeup, but cute bikini.

  • Anonymous

    Not feeling the makeup. She has Disney!evil villainess brows

    • Lisa

      I was thinking the makeup’s a little too Sharon Stone, but you’re right too.

      • Anonymous

        I LOVE Emma Stone don’t get me wrong but in both of her covers she not only wierdly blonde but it’s like “what happened to her neck?” and when I saw her face just now I TOTALLY thought Sharon Stone and how incongruous “that” is with her soft pale nubile virginal looking body. Did they just PASTE her head on the the body? I mean, really photoshoppers? 

        I can guess she went blond because that’s what the beautiful sexy girls in hollywood do, but in truth the blonde ages her. I mean you have to do a double take and go, “who is that old woman?” 

        Wahhhh… Give me my red head Emma baaack!!!

        • Anonymous

          She is a natural blonde, and her role as Gwen Stacey in the Spiderman film calls for blonde hair. I believe she is back to red now.

  • Emily

    The pinup style is awesome — that suit is awesome.  Great cover.

  • margaret meyers

    Her body is beautiful — so young and soft.  Her face?  She looks 40, all hard and frozen.   

  • NesTtor Chocolato

    i like her!!!  jus like her

  • Anonymous

    Once again the homogenizing of American women. They take a gal with a slight overbite, personality, red hair (or maybe brown) and spunk and dress her up like Barbie, dye her hair, put her in a bikini and make up her face to disguise any suggestion of her natural nonperfect, perfectly wonderful look.

    • Anonymous

      I understand she’s actually a natural blonde, but I agree, she looks better with red hair. And I kind of hoped for better things for her than a cheesecake shot on the cover of VF, but I suppose that’s still a big deal for starlets on the way up.

      And here’s something weird: I always thought she was English. Huh.

  • katie

    I hate this cover- she doesn’t even look like herself, and she’s adorable! why put a shovel full of makeup on her? I liked the other cover better, and I’ll like it even better when she’s on a cover with red hair again.

  • Catherine Rhodes

    Remind me again, who is Emma Stone?

  • Laura Ann Springer

    Here is a lady who can change her hair color and change her entire appearance. Loved her in Zombieland, Easy A, House Bunny and she has a new movie coming out called The Help and I personally can’t wait to see her in that. The cover is a little to heavy in the makeup but blame the bitter kittens at Vanity Fair for being so jealous.

  • Anonymous

    I think she looks awesome! Best she’s looked with the blonde hair. I like the strong brows and crazy lips- most humans would not be able to pull off what basically can look like those fake wax mouths, but Miss Emma is just better than the rest of us. I also want that bathing suit.

  • Anonymous

    Cute shot. A bit heavy on the dark lipstick and I like her better as a redhead, but overall it’s a really cute shot. Let’s hear it for us pasty white folks! Make sure to wear your shades while gazing upon our pale loveliness in the full sun. Don’t want to blind you. 

  • Delysia LaFosse

    She looks cute, but the makeup looks kind of aging on her. Maybe she just needs a shade adjustment? I thought she was Renee Zellweger when I first glanced at the thumbnail.

    No complaints elsewhere; she seems funny and charming and that bikini is freaking adorable.

  • Delysia LaFosse

    She looks cute, but the makeup looks kind of aging on her. Maybe she just needs a shade adjustment? I thought she was Renee Zellweger when I first glanced at the thumbnail.

    No complaints elsewhere; she seems funny and charming and that bikini is freaking adorable.

  • Anonymous

    Better her than Lindsay Lohan. I think the makeup is part of a 50s vibe the stylist was going for. The girls wore a hell of a lot of makeup back then.

  • RMJ12345

    She’s gorgeous and charming, but I saw this pic and said OUCH. Between the overbleached hair, the RED lips, and the heavy eyebrows, it’s coming off very harsh.

  • Anonymous

    She looks completely unrecognizable here. If you asked me to guess, I would have said some European model. Why did they do this to her?

  • Anonymous

    This picture looks nothing like her, so I actually googled her to find out if I really knew who Emma Stone is.  I do, although not in this picture.  But I was amazed to find out from Wikipedia that she has been cast as Skeeter in The Help.  Why, I wonder, when Mamie Gummer was born to play that part.  

  • Shannon Stewart

    She looks great.  Of all the young actresses around, she’s one of my favorites.  She’s funny, she’s smart and she picks great roles.  But I’m also very impressed with how versatile she is as a cover model.  This is one of many covers I’ve seen of her where she looks completely different than my mental image of her.

  • Anonymous

    She looks absolutely vampy.  I love! And she seems quite sweet and down to earth too.

  • Anonymous

    I think the word is DAYUM.

  • Anonymous

    Wow–she makes that swimsuit look much better than the model does.  It’s not just her–it’s also the pose and the photography.  But altogether, that cover is selling the heck out of that swimsuit.

  • Glen Coleson

    Oh my. I’m sorry but i can’t see anything past that travesty on top of her head. Why did you do it Emma? Blonde? How could you?

  • AC

    I just CAN’T with those lips! And I know she said she was originally a blonde, but did it always look so bleachy?

  • Anonymous

    Love her!

  • Anonymous

    Absolutely flawless. I even gasped a bit when I saw her. Gorgeous girl, adorable bikini, and flawless hair and makeup. (Though I do prefer her with red hair. But the blonde fits in well with the rest of the look. And seriously, I really love the makeup. I don’t know what all of you are on about, because she took my bloody breath away.) She pulls off the pin-up look very well. To me, this is probably the best she’s ever looked. I wish she’d start dressing in that pin-up style more often, because she was made for it.

    • Kathleen Coyle

      Totally agree, especially with missing the red hair. 

  • Anonymous

    I really like what I think they did with the cover, even if in the end I think the red lipstick on the cover is a little dark & out of balance with the rest. To me it looks like an intentional mash-up of new and old: a traditional pin up pose, a contemporary bikini with broad stripes which (to me) recall a 50’s swim suit, a more contemporary (though it never really disappears completely) hair style and heavier, more visible make-up than you’d see in a swimsuit shot since at least the mid-60’s.

    ETA: I like the shorter hair better on her. I think it suits her.

  • Anonymous

    She’s a beautiful girl and she looks great here.
    Love that cover and love that they didn’t make her put on an orange spray tan for it.
    That bikini is adorable and the red lips really give that pin-up feel to the whole thing.

  • Judy_J

    Her makeup is too harsh, but the bikini is awesome, and she looks great in it.

  • Anonymous

    I love how incredibly pale she is.

  • Jessica TallGirl Freeman

    I think she looks a lot like Amanda Seyfried.  She still looks beautiful, but they should have toned down the lipstick a bit

  • Anonymous

    I’m kind of happy that they let her have porcelain white skin, and that the model is pale, too.  Just a random thought.

  • Anonymous

    I like her a lot, but I’ve been sorry to see her take the Hollywood blonde route. She was so charming and distinctive in Easy A.

  • Anonymous

    Ugh, make up is terrible. I really don’t like her as a blonde, I think the red was so much better for her! Please go back to being a red head, Emma! 

  • Anonymous

    Ugh, make up is terrible. I really don’t like her as a blonde, I think the red was so much better for her! Please go back to being a red head, Emma! 

  • Hildegerd Haugen

    Who is she?

  • Russell Brightwell

    Horrifyingly unrecognizable. Who makes these hair and make-up decisions?

  • Anonymous

    I had to wikipedia her (yes, I’m verbing & proud of it) to find out who she is and I’m still not sure. But yes, she’s quite pretty.

  • Anonymous

    Her makeup is a bit much but she looks great in that suit!

  • Marissa

    Her body looks banging (if not awkwardly photoshopped) but her face looks awful! She’s such a pretty girl and they covered it up with all that goop. 

  • Anonymous

    Too much photoshopping.

  • Suzie Vazquez

    hello lipstick!

  • Randy Noak

    I love her and think she’s amazingly beautiful, but I’m not feeling it here. She doesn’t look like herself. It’s like a Maxim shoot.