Cover Girl: Cate Blanchett for InStyle Australia

Posted on June 14, 2011

Saint Kate of Giving Good Face fixed her Blue Steel on the lens of an InStyle Australia photographer for the July 2011 issue.

Gucci Fall 2011 Collection/Model: Anabela Belikova

Lovely. But Cate? If we may…? We wouldn’t normally give advice to she who is rock-solid in her fierceness, but our beliefs were shaken when she showed up on a red carpet recently looking a bit dowdy and worse, normal, that we feel the need to speak up a bit and make sure the goddess is on the right path. You see, Cate, the above picture is lovely and you are in fact giving good face. In fact, you’ve done the one thing we always secretly implore Michelle Obama to do: find your best face and lock it in when there are cameras on you. That way, there are far fewer pictures of you sucking on your teeth or scowling. It’s something a lot of people in the public eye learn to do. Look at Laura Bush. Eight years of pictures and her expression remains exactly the same in every one. Boring, sure. But there are hardly any bad pictures of her floating around.

And that works well for most people in the public eye. But when you’re an actor and sometimes model; when it’s a normal occurrence for you to see your face staring back at you from the magazine rack every month, then we would suggest you find more than one face to put in your facial repertoire. In other words, Cate, you look great, but this looks like most pictures of you. This is your standard fashion face, but it’s gotten a little stale. You’re charismatic, you have great bone structure and the camera seems to love you. It’s okay to loosen up a bit. In fact, we think you take a much more interesting picture when you do.

But we still love you, doll! You’re still our diva goddess! Mummy wanted you, sweetie!

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  • MilaXX

    I’m just happy to see St. Cate back in form.

  • Lisa

    TLo love-bugs, honestly!  After that last travesty she was in, you’re criticizing her face?  She’s fine, I’m just so glad to see her looking fab again, I don’t mind that she has same-face!

  • Anonymous

    Hair, makeup, top, perfect!  Hope she wasn’t wearing the grannie panties

  • Anonymous

    Does she rock short hair or what?

  • hannah

    Eddy: Mummy wanted you!
    Patsy: However, the day after-
    Eddy: SHUT UP!

    One of my favorite lines from AbFab! But I agree with your assessment of Cate, but even with the one face, I think she’s still more interesting than 99.9% of Hollywood stars.

  • Anonymous

    i am back to BOWING DOWN. 

  • Anonymous

    I get what you’re saying TLo. But I think she looks fabulous.

  • Vera

    Cate’s back.

  • Anonymous

    Total amaze-balls!!  If that is her go to face, I say GO TO IT!!  It’s an amazing face, quite your bitching queens!!

  • Anonymous

    You’re right TLO. There is something boring about this cover.  There’s no life in her eyes. It’s almost like she’s not even there. In fact, it’s ALMOST like Cate didn’t have time to go to Australia for this photoshoot so they did a FRANKENSTEIN where they found/ bought an old picture of her, a throwaway shot from some other shoot and pasted it onto the body of a model. 

    I mean where did her neck go? That’s not her neck!  

    I don’t think that’s her neck. Australia issue is epic FAIL

  • Anonymous

    When you look like that, why would you want to change?  She’s beautiful.

  • Erin Riley

    Not so keen on the fact it’s the Australia issue, yet she’s wearing Gucci…

  • Madison Chua

    Oh dear, she looks really hagged for her age. She needs to eat a bit more.

    • Anonymous

       I agree – I swear she looks like she is in her late 50s 

  • Anonymous

    her hair is fierce!

  • Style Intel
  • Anonymous

    I love the hair floating on top of the type. In Your Face nasty cover headlines!

  • Heather

    She looks great and I also love that they chose her as the icon of Australia.

  • Anonymous

    Yes she does look good, but there is something kind of boring about the shot. Boring in that we’ve seen so much before from her kind of way

  • Anonymous

    She looks wonderfully herself. Beautiful, elegant, sophisticated and fierce.
    A different backdrop however, would have made this absolutely fabulous.
    That awful beige thing over her head would’t help anybody!!!
    It’s the standart instyle format i guess but maybe it’s time they changed it. I mean if it doesn’t work with Cate looking her best and wearing Gucci, who in this world has a chance?

  • olivia

    Cate looks great but I think it’s a pretty decision not to have Cate in an Australian designer for the cover of their Australian issue.

  • Anonymous

    bitch..bitch ..bitch…Sheesh guys!