In or Out: Christina Aguilera at “The Voice” Event

Posted on June 04, 2011

Poodles, you didn’t think we’d leave you for a whole weekend without giving you the chance to be bitches, did you? Here at T Lo Ministries, we are all about providing the public with opportunities to be judgmental. The sun may be shining and we may have places to go and people to see, but a celebrity wore something egregious and the call to arms must be made. Minions, it’s time to WORK.

Christina Aguilera attends NBC’s “The Voice” event at The Grove in Los Angeles.

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Every single time we feature her, we go to wikipedia to double-check her age because we’re convinced the birthdate that places her at exactly thirty can’t possibly be correct. We keep waiting for that correction that places her birthdate some time in the early ’60s but it hasn’t happened yet. So yes, it appears to still be true: we are NOT looking at an Xtina who traveled here from 20 years in the future; this is apparently her, in all her 30-year-old glory.

Y’know, we always say that she clearly needs gays, but we’re going to amend that. First, because we detect the distinct whiff of very tacky music industry gays (and any gay will tell you those music bitches are the tackiest gays of all) telling her she’s fierce and picking out her outfits. More importantly, we’re going to amend that because we think what she clearly needs is older gays. Put some gay under 35 in her orbit and he’ll fawn all over her. Put some 50-something gays in charge and they’ll be the first to tell her she looks like Ginger Rogers about ten minutes before she dropped dead.

But all things considered, this is actually an improvement for her. Oh sure, the proportions are all wrong, everything’s too tight, and most of it is just plain tacky, but she’s actually dressed. She’s not spilling out of it or risking an inadvertent gynecological exam; she’s pretty much covered up. Or at least as covered up as Christina gets. Still, that’s about the only kind thing we can say. The hair remains fried; the makeup remains harsh; the shoes remain hooker.


IN! She looks… she looks… She just looks IN, all right? I don’t have to explain myself to you!

OUT! Although it’s always nice to see aging burlesque stars let out of the home for some sun!

The Minion Opinion on Iman’s color wheel dress was a historic (and deeply disturbing) OUT. Iman wants to have a word with each and every one of you.

[Photo Credit: getty, wireimage]

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  • Aidan Bauernschmidt

    What the hell happened to her? I don’t understand how she’s aged this much. God, she needs some new help. OUT.

    • It’s the outfit. All the signs of the 60ish celebrity trying to hide stuff.

      High waist makes it seem as though her tits have fallen to within an inch of her waist, skirt shows off the cellulite on the back of her thighs, white hair, big glasses to hide the ravaged crow’s feet.

  • Anonymous

    I was going to say that she looks like a downmarket Dolly Parton, but “Ginger Rogers 10 minutes before she dropped dead” is fabulous!

    • Anonymous

      Downmarket, with none of the fun or wit of the great Miss Dolly.

  • OUT. No further commentary needed.

  • Anonymous

    Terrible. But on the bright side, these pictures make me feel a lot better about myself.

    • Anonymous

      bwahahahahhahaha!!!  I’m with you!!  Let’s have that extra sip of wine and pat ourselves on the back.  Success.

  • Anonymous

    How sad that an improvement still leaves us with this. I just wonder what she sees when she looks in the mirror. She is a pretty woman, but dresses like Pretty Woman in her hooker days. I vote Out.

    I do see the potential here: button up her fucking shirt, lengthen the skirt just an inch or so, and pair with funkier shoes. As for the face and hair, well that just goes with saying. She needs to dial Homer Simpson’s make up gun back from Whore a notch or two.

    P.S. Thanks for the weekend post! I needed a jolt of bitchiness to get my ass in gear! This is better than a third cup of tea.

  • WTF? OUT!

  • Anonymous

    OUT.  But thank you, Christina, for a good laugh.  

  • You know it’s bad when Dolly Parton looks better and younger than you

  • up with pod people

    So bad. SO bad. Out, but at least she’s smiling.

  • Just last year she looked way more natural now with all the bronzer and make up… it makes her look trashy; but hey, if thats her thing ok fine. As for the outfit OUT

  • She looks older than me, and I’m on Medicare.

  • Anonymous

    OMG! Does she own a mirror?! She looks like Mamie Van Doren and that’s an insult to Mamie. OUT!

    • Anonymous

      Ooooo, you’re so right. The OLD Mamie.

  • Her hair is horrible. She would look so much better with straight hair. STRAIGHT HAIR.

    • YES. If she’d do something with her hair, her whole look would improve SO much.

  • Not working with me. OUT.

    And her chin looks shiny.

  • Anonymous

    She looks awful, as usual. There is not a single appealing thing about her appearance – which is shocking considering she’s actually a very beautiful woman. Definitely an OUT!!!

  • In defence of my age group, I’m 21 and feel putting her through a carwash is the only thing that could save her now.

    • LOL. She needs to start from scratch.

  • OUT. And you guys are brilliant, as always…

  • Anonymous

    Remember when she got papped and looked kind of better and it turned out it was because she in costume for that stinky burlesque movie?  Only this one could put on movie make-up and have it be 90% less than IRL.  What’s your damage, Heather?

  • Anonymous

    OUT!  “she looks like Ginger Rogers about ten minutes before she dropped dead.” Fantastic.

    I thank the good Lord for TLo Ministries.

  • Because her clothes are always too tight, and her hair and make-up too shiny, she looks like an inflatable doll to me. With these child stars, my guess is that they build a protective layer around themselves because they have always been in the media. The Olsens do it with yards and yards of black fabric. If this costume is a psychic defense mechanism, then who am I to begrudge her it? (Note: not a psychologist  Just channeling Dr. Drew and talking shit I have no idea about). 

    • Anonymous

      I like my gossip with a side of psychology.  We’ll get along perfectly! xo

    • Not a psych ether, but she does dress like someone who really is not happy with herself right now–and is trying to hard to compensate.  We all know she’s going through a rough time, and unfortunately, this “Voice” show landed right in the midst of it.  She probably would have liked another 5 mos or so to get over her breakup and get herself back together before being in the limelight so much.  Just sayin’… 

  • Anonymous

    I like the skirt and the belt.

  • Shaun Shaun

    I seriously thought it was Betsy Johnson.

  • OUT.  It’s like Mae West meets Wilshire Blvd hooker…

  • Lisa

    OUT!  Holy crap, you’re right – she DOES need some older gays who’ll set her on the right path.  She’s about 30 seconds away from turning into Mamie Van Doren!

  • Anonymous

    I honestly don’t hate it. Don’t love it either.



  • David Albright

    For her age it’s amazing how good Mamie Van Doren’s older sister looks. But still shes out.

  • Anonymous


  • Out. I mean, come ooon..!

  • Judy_J

    Still channeling Mae West, I see.  Well, god love her, somebody has to keep the old girl’s memory alive.  But this outfit is OUT.

  • Anonymous

    The peek-a-boo red bra, the red nail polish, the $8.99 Hot Topic sunglasses.  So cheap looking, so out.

  • Carrie L. Boram

    Good lord, OUT! Her hair’s a Kentucky deep-fried disaster and, oopsy, did she know her BRA is showing? 

    PS – why is she so shiny?

  • Aly Light

    OUT OUT OUT… just like her boobs.

  • Anonymous

    Is her acting any good?  ‘Cause as long as she’s working this look, she might as well do the Jean Harlow, Mae West biopics.

  • Anonymous

    So…is she TRYING to look like that, or what?

  • O U T! I can’t say that any louder. She has a nice body and face (to say the least) and a great voice. Why the hell does she try to look like a sexually frustrated-high on drugs-desperate in any way Miss Piggy?

  • Anonymous

    She is looking more and more like Magda every day…

  • AWFUL.  Out.

  • Anonymous

    She’s really losing it, which is a shame. Definitely OUT.

  • Sara__B

    OUT. Enough said.

  • Anonymous

    She needs a hot oil treatment. OUT.

    And I specifically didn’t weigh in on Iman’s outfit because I’m afraid she will actually bite my head off and devour it whole if she ever found out.

  • Anonymous

    to a MUCH lesser extent – Brittany and she have Monroe / Mansfield dichotomy

  • Anonymous

    Further I love that she is not trying to be a stick and she is a beautiful girl but man oh man she gets it wrong oh wrong. THAT EFFIN HAIR!!!!!! or whatever it is. Cut that shit off! She should bang it down to a pixie-cut and start anew.

  • Elizabeth Denton

    It’s the hair. The hair just makes the rest so much worse. She could look AMAZING. sad. 

  • Anonymous

    i guess its ok for aguilera. her skin doesnt look quite as radioactive as it has in the past. her hair, while completely fried, at least doesnt show roots. the sunglasses are kinda fab. babysteps.

  • A much too easy OUT.

  • Oh, poor Christina.  I think the kindest thing to do would be to exempt her from in/out posts until she gets an intervention of some kind.  Because until then, we can just give her a blanket OUT.

  • No, no no. At first i thought she had a hideous pink top underneath, but then i realized it’s her bra, awful.

  • MilaXX

    I give her a small IN here. For once she doesn’t look like she’s putting a size 6 body in size 2 clothes. Yes as you mentioned the skin is orange, the hair is fried, the makeup is spackled on & the shoes look like she’s gonna start working the pole any minute now, but its an improvement. If there was ever a celebrity in need of being graded on a curve, it Xtina here.

  • Anonymous

    Out.   She is determined to look trashy.  Poor thing has terrible legs too.   She needs a style intervention.

  • Anonymous

    “she looks like Ginger Rogers about ten minutes before she dropped dead.”

    must anything else be said?


    (please god, Miss, if you only do one thing, just GET THAT HAIR FIXED)

  • Vaniljekjeks

    In for a 65 year old cougar, OUT for her.   She is so young still and has the opportunity to look so sweet and pretty, but she always makes herself look like a drag version of herself and not in a good way.

  • Out. And run down to the CVS and get some conditioner for your weave girl!!

  • That outfit just made me think ‘Ooohh I might be skinnier than Christina Aguilera now!’ It’s doing her no favours at all!

    (Can you tell I’m on a diet?)

  • Anonymous

    just…out, though the matching bra and fingernails was a nice touch.

  • out out out out out! What the hell happened to her?  She is seriously in need of some help. 

  • So sad because she would be quite lovely with the right clothing, hair, and makeup.

  • Anonymous

    The aging burlesque stars look *better* than Xtina. Out.

  • Anonymous

    goddamn it christina look in a flipping mirror.  that hair NEEDS to go.  i just dont get it???

  • Anonymous


  • Sabina Kallstrom

    ew. just ew.

  • Anonymous

    Speechless.  OUT.

  • she looks better than she often does.

    & w/ hair that color, it’s way less fried than it could be. i mean, i know, cos i used to have it. she’d be better if she’d ash it, tho, no pun intended, or darken it up a couple shades. also: i really dont need to see her bra. dont start me on the cheapest looking louboutins ever–why why–cos she DOES look better than she often does. & since she so often looks terribly unhappy, thats a good thing.

    • Anonymous

      Indeed. I used to have it too, and, while hair will always be damaged when it’s bleached out, it doesn’t have to look that bad. I mean, she has people, right? People to do her hair and make-up? They should know how to work with that hair.

  • She is so pretty – if she’d only let go of that failed Vargas pin-up girl shtick. It’s not classic, it’s aging and just plain tacky.  And while I appreciate that she’s more covered than usual, she should never wear anything that particular length again.

    Out, poor thing.

  • OUT 🙁 Oh, Christina.

  • Ted Kane

    I really want to give her an in, because the clothes are really fine for who she is and the image she tries to project, but I cannot get past the hair.  That’s the whole problem with so many of her looks.  Fix the hair, and the rest will follow.

  • Anonymous


    It makes me sad.  She’s a pretty girl underneath all of that dazzle camoflauge.

  • margaret meyers

    No. Daytime. Appearances.  Ever.  OUT.

  • Anonymous

    She is such a beautiful talented girl, what she is doing to herself makes me cry. Where are the 50 something gays? Please stage and intervention soon! If that skirt waist was dropped a bit and it was just above knee length and with more flattering hair, this could have been an IN.

    Out. PLEASE someone help this girl.

  • you know how we know this is OUT? it has the words “christina” and “aguilera” in the title.

  • Okay you can actually see her toes screaming in agony in the last picture…Christina darling i love you but really honey time to grow up.

  • Anonymous

    Oh, i wouldn’t recomend a new stylist just yet, i would start with a really good shrink!!
    I mean what other excuse is there for a young, tallented very rich woman to look like this?
    Other that or some self esteem classes? I
    O, yes.. OUT

  • Anonymous

    Hideous. Out.

  • Anonymous

    Hand-over-my-mouth-in-pity bad.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t say anything better than what TLo wrote after OUT.  O.U.T.

  • Anonymous

    OUT. She never looks good I have to say.
    Where is her gay?

  • Anonymous

    She looks less like she grew up in the Pittsburgh suburbs and more like she’s auditioning for Jersey Shore every time I see pictures of her.  So, so OUT.

  • oh, i forgot.
    i like her rings.

  • OUT. She looks easily a decade older than she is.

  • Megan Sullivan


  • Out. She looked so much younger in Burleqsue, it’s like the movie came out 15 years ago.

  • Anonymous

    Oh Christina, pet, I love you with the love some have inexplicably showered on the Lohan. I could forgive you the skunk-striped dreads and assless chaps, that horrifying fried afro and shredded velvet stage, but this…you make it so hard my dove.

  • Anonymous

    Mae West is looking remarkably well-preserved lately. OUT. 

  • Anonymous

    It’s the cougar-print top over the inflated boobs, plus I think she’s already starting to have the “turn-me-into-a-cat” work done on her face. All of which says, “I’m 50! Bring a young stud for momma-cougar to eat.” OUT.

  • Her cellulite makes me feel better about having to go to the pool tomorrow. I don’t mean that in a mean way, it’s just really refreshing to see someone famous and good-looking (styling aside) with it hanging out. Is it a good move for her? No, and she’s OUT! But still.

  • Anonymous

    This is not the first time I’ve mistaken her for Cindi Lauper. Not the 80s Cindi, but today’s Cindi.

    If I thought Christina was having fun with this look, I’d be all for it. But she looks sad and desperate. OUT

  • Anonymous

    OUT…this woman needs to read your blog for advice,its sad that her people let her be like this.

  • Anonymous

    The Hair, The Hair, The Hair! Poor little thing. I can’t bring myself to “vote” OUT.
    Please help her, someone…

  • Anonymous

    IN! I like this. Yes, I know I’m insane. But I like her style, and frankly, this is the best she’s looked in ages. I always get what she’s trying to go for but she always mucks it up somehow. This looks pretty good, though. I like the sweater, the skirt, the shoes and the glasses (though not all of it fits). Don’t love the hair or the fake tan. If she’d fix her hair and scrub off her tan, she’d look much better. But she needs a gay that knows how to fit her, and knows how to pull off 1940s/50s looks, which she clearly prefers. But for the most part, this is a massive improvement.

  • Anonymous

    …It’s not spilling out? Her shirt’s unbuttoned, everything’s way too tight, and her skirt’s faaaaar too short and high-waisted for her shape. OUT.

  • Anonymous

    If XTina wants to carry a few more pounds than Hollywood’s super skinny standard, it’s fine by me. But with everything so tight and shiny she always looks like she’s about to pop. And that hair…gawd.

  • Anonymous

    I want…it seems  I should like but I don’t. She is a mess.  It is too tight, too short, too orange and someone needs to kill her hairdresser.  Awful.  I just keep thinking with the outfit, if it fit right, it could be cute.  Not great, but cute…but it doesn’t fit right, so it is bad bad bad.

  • I definitely agree that she looks like an aging (or aged) burlesque star.

    I just happen to sort of like that aesthetic.

    I enjoy that she has fun with her look, and clearly doesn’t care what is “on trend” or what other people have to say about it. So… though individual elements of this suck, and the skirt, particularly, is a disaster… I am going IN, actually.

  • Candice Richardson

    It pains me to look at this woman. She looks like Peg Bundy goes to the Jersey Shore. Over dyed hair, animal print, tacky make-up, bright red lipstick. Just plain bad. What the hell happened to her? Is she having a mid life crisis at 30?

    Less is more Christina.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for clarifying her age.  My first though on looking at her was, “Wait – she’s young, right?”  Definitely out.

  • Anonymous


    She needs to start over with a clean slate.  Take time off for the tan and hair color to fade back to natural and if she has eyebrows they should be given a few months off too.  While she’s at it she should give away all of her makeup, clothes and shoes.

  • Anonymous

    HO-Kay X-Tina.  Enuf with the boobage. Aliens circling the Earth can see them from orbit.  Put em away for awhile or you’ll hurt someone.  I happen to be just the 50ish Fag to help you my dear.  Place yourself in my care and your gay buddy can make it all better. No more glow in the dark hair. No more micro mini’s, regardless of cut.  You are a lovely woman with a womanly shape.  Work it by not squeezing it all so hard.  Tantalize us all.  Don’t display it like its a porterhouse steak in a shrink wrapped styro pan.

  • kim i

    bless her heart.

  • Anonymous

    I want to give her an IN just because she looks like she’s actually happy to be somewhere, which is kind of rare in the pictures you post.  She looks like she’s digging the occasion and having some actual fun.  Good for her.

    But this is a fashion blog, not a celebrity attitude blog, and the outfit, hair, and shoes are all terrible, so OUT.

  • Anonymous

    Oh, and just on her hair–it looks like it would break off in a strong wind.  Sweetheart, coloring  your hair is one thing.  This?  Has got to be against some Geneva Convention rule.  I don’t know how hair can look like like it’s in constant pain, but this does.  I’m not usually a fan of short hair, but cut this off, grow it out with a break from the perms and bleaches, and pamper it with nice conditioners for a while as  you grow it back.

  • Anonymous

    Looks like she’s been hitting the sauce.  The least she could do is hit the martini shaker with a older stylish queen to give her pointers. Bleh! OUT!

  • Anonymous

    True the outfit is risable, but can I just say that last pic of her laughing, Xtina looks beautiful, it’s so rare to see any celeb really laughing. 

    Apparently the old girl likes working an extreme burlesque-y look, but come on girl, if you’re gonna do that really do it right!

  • I agree with the masses that this is an OUT.  Everything about this outfit is wrong.  Her undoubtedly expensive clothes and accessories look cheap. Clothes are too tight and too revealing, which does not flatter her at all.  The mountain dew hair has got to go. 

  • Anonymous

    She is a curvy woman, yes, she has some cellulite, but she should dress to hide it. If it bothers her. If it doesn’t, well then, she is dressed fine. But I wouldn’t like the world seeing my cellulite.

    She definitely needs some older gays. 

  • vmcdanie


    As you say, good for her. But, golly this poor girl. She is too young to be aging badly. I bet if she could just get the right hair color (not Clairol Wedding Cake White or L’Oreal Macbeth’s Weird Sisters Black), it would be a vast improvement. At least she’s less orange than usual.

    She does look genuinely happy at least so that’s good to see. 

  • Anonymous

    Hey! Ginger Rogers was completely fabulous, and actually had talent in spades, unlike CA; don’t insult her by comparing the two. No, she looks more like an Anna Nicole in training. This little outfit was very big at 1950s nostalgia dance parties in the 80s. 

  • Anonymous

    She looks like a blonde Snooki.

  • Kathleen B

    out. she look insane.

  • First, Bless Xtina for providing more fodder for my favorite gay bloggers! Second, I want to start with an intervention for her hair. That peroxide blonde is so cheesy. 

    And thanks, TLo, for the Ginger Rogers comparison…you’ve made my day! MMMMWWWAHHH!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Ummm….no. OUT.

  • spooki C

    GURRRRRRRRRL! This outfit is gross. Her makeup looks caked on as usual but it’s the least of her worries. Button up your shirt, hem the sleeves, ditch the hideous belt and get a skirt that’s at least 4 inches longer. A pencil skirt would have been much more flattering than this buffoonery. Those glasses make her face look wide and her nose look huge.

    She’s a pretty girl with a truck load of talent but she always manages to make herself look awful.

  • Out! OUT OUT OUT!

  • Joyce VG

    “…and they’ll be the first to tell her she looks like Ginger Rogers about ten minutes before she dropped dead.”  HAHAHA.  Poor Christina.  Her life is a mess and so is this outfit.  OUT.

  • After blinking a few times in confusion, I decided this looked like a Halloween costume.  Because all of the elements can be thrown together when you only have 10 minutes to get ready for a Halloween party you didn’t know you’d be attending, but then people look at you funny all night and ask you “so what are you supposed to be?”
    Yes, thats exactly the question she’s leaving me with here.  “What are you supposed to be, Christina?”

  • Anonymous

    this is so wrong, Christina honey, go home

  • my bf is seriously depressed that christina looks like this. he was around 16 when “genie in a bottle” came out so he has a much different mental image of his teenage crush lol

  • Anonymous

    I’m not sure that leaving all the buttons undone is the best solution for a too small blouse. Not even if your bra is pretty and it matches your lipstick. OUT!

    (However, taken on their own and without the silly studded bows, I think those shoes might be kind of fierce.)

  • Anonymous

    Out.  Poor girl.  She is by no means fat, but she’s not the stick-straight Christina anymore.  She has curves!  And it’s like she refuses to acknowledge them.  And when she does acknowledge them, it’s the way a stripper would. 

    And the hair!  It’s the stuff of nightmares.  While I kind of dig the shoes, they obviously don’t fit.  Her poor feet are being smushed!

  • aimee_parrott

    Seriously.  What the fuck?  So so so so so very OUT.

  • OUT! Her hair is about to snap off of her scalp! Nasty

  • Out.  Girlfriend needs a vacation.

  • Anonymous

    In. I’m grading on a curve. 

  • Anonymous

    Dear Christina,

    Once I loved you as an anti-britney. But now you need the same message she did at one point – a bra does not equal a proper top for going out into public.


  • Amanda in Austin

    “Ginger Rogers about ten minutes before she dropped dead” – BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
    Poor, poor Xtina.

  • You mean like this?

  • You mean like this?

  • Grrr, can’t embed video.

  • Christina Aguilera’s style reminds me a lot of the late Anna Nicole Smith. Maybe she hires Anna Nicole’s stylist, that explains her bimbo style.

  • Anonymous

    OUT. It’s the proportion of the skirt and the shoes that ruin the look. The top is actually quite good, but her legs look off.

  • OUT OUT OUT Of course it’s an OUT though. What else have we come to expect from Xtina?

  • I am a 28 year old gay and the first thing I thought when I saw her was “Charro goes grocery shopping.” 

    Sure I’d probably giggle and ask to hold her hand, but I’d also start a NO bonfire in her backyard. What she needs is a gay with the right balance of sass and style, that one. 

  • So far Out. What happened is right!

  • Patricia Biswanger

    OUT – except the shoes, which are awesome.

  • Anonymous

    I will never understand how such a beautiful woman can deliberately make herself look so damn BAD! You may be right about her music gays, but good lord–she’s got to have some kind of fun house mirror she looks in before she leaves for these things. Either that, or she never looks in a mirror at all.

  • Joan Roseman

    How could she have looked so great in those 1940s style videos and come to this?  At this point I’d take the Miss Arachnid of 1999 look she used to sport.

  • Joe Prince

    I teach at the middle school Xtina went to in Pittsburgh. I can verify her age… and I could track down a yearbook and see if she was dressing like a 30 year old when she was 12. That could explain a lot.