Chris Evans for GQ Magazine – Full Editorial

Posted on June 24, 2011

Chris Evans, a nation of nerds turns its lonely eyes to you because Captain America is coming out and Ryan Reynolds ruined our childhoods with that Green Lantern crapfest. You better get this one right, or we can’t predict what will happen in nerdvana if you disappoint them.

We showed you the cover the other day, but the Mario Testino-lensed pictures on the inside of the latest GQ were just too delicious not to feature. In them, Chris portrays a gorgeous, rich douchebag who hangs around his mansion all day in tight, multi-thousand-dollar outfits, completely alone except for his loyal canine companion. No one wants to have a Bud with him or work out in his private gym or watch him get undressed, it seems. It’s a lonely life, being a rich, good-looking douchebag. But Chris, if you’re lonely, we’ll be happy to stop by and watch you model clothes.

Turtleneck, $895 by Giorgio Armani. Jeans, $215 by Armani Jeans. Loafers, $1,390 by Tom Ford. Sunglasses by Dolce & Gabbana.

Three-piece suit, $1,995, shirt, $125, and tie, $75 by Polo Ralph Lauren. Shoes, $850 by Ralph Lauren. Pocket square by Robert Talbott. Watch by Omega.

Trench coat, $1,595 and tie, $140 by Burberry London. Shirt, $295 by Burberry Prorsum.

Sweater (with shirt collar), $750 and pants, $590 by Bottega Veneta. Loafers, $1,290 by Tom Ford. Watch by Omega. Bracelet (in front) by Cartier. Sunglasses by Kenneth Cole Reaction.

Jacket, $898 and shirt, $60 by Tommy Hilfiger. Jeans, $630 by Dior Homme. Watch by Omega. Bag by Louis Vuitton.

Coat, $1,050, shirt, $295 and tie, $135 by D&G. Jeans, $295 by Bally. Belt by Tom Ford.

Tuxedo, $1,395 and shirt, $224 by Boss Selection. Bow tie, $115 by Band of Outsiders. Shoes, $545 by Gucci. Pocket square by Brooks Brothers. Watch by Omega.

Track jacket, $1,150 and pants, $755 by Prada. Tank top, $33 (for three) by Calvin Klein Underwear. Sneakers, $60 by Adidas Originals.

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  • Anonymous

    Cans of Bud in a LV tote bag?  Clueless eurotrash douche.  LOL!  But very handsome.

    • Sara Munoz

      My first reaction is that he’s trying to sneak them into the movie theater (in what my stepmom would call a “movie purse”).

      • Anonymous

        Screw tops only for movie smuggling. Pop tops are too loud & recognizable.

  • J. Watt

    I’d be happy to help him get dressed/undressed. It’d be a hardship, but I’d push through.

  • Anonymous

    He pretty…..but is all alone. I enjoyed your commentary. He looks like a major douche both in the gym pic and the dog cage pic.

  • Anonymous

    I love that sort of trashy douchey hotness. Great looking pics. Great looking model. I’d totally help him undress.

  • Richard Harris

    What’s with the 4th picture? He’s got so bored he’s reduced to dismantling a trolley?

    • Dina dV

      Dog pen…which I think goes a long way to explaining why he’s so very alone.

    • Violet Flame

      Gotta giggle at the dog pen–his companion Dane with the lovely natural ears, will just step over it.

  • Erin James

    Hey, I’m getting the impression that you maybe don’t approve of the Green Lantern movie?  It’s hard to tell.  You guys really need to come out of your shells.

    Re: the editorial: the douchitude is blinding me to everything else.  Pretty can only overcome so much.

  • Robin K. Osterberg

    suddenly Captain America sounds like a fascinating movie….  Is it just me or does he kind of look like Gary Cooper?

  • Glen Coleson

    who on earth is going to spend 1200 dollars on a track jacket?

    • Anonymous

      Incredibly rich but lonely douches apparently.

  • Betsy Wasser

    TLo, please go see X-Men: First Class. I promise it’ll make you feel better.

    • Anonymous

      Michael Fassbender
      That is all.

      • Isadora Paiva

        That is not all. Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy! They are one hell of a team. Plus, the rest of the movie is actually really good xD

        • Anonymous

          Oh, most definitely!  Don’t get me wrong: X-Men’s one of the few comics I’ve ever actually liked, and I think they’ve done a truly lovely job with this film. I’ve also spent the week since first seeing it eating every bad word I said about McAvoy – who I feared would be a dull and ineffective Professor X. Not so. Not even slightly so. But the thing is: strip all of that away, strip away the stunning soundtrack, the nazi-hunting, the great effects, the unskinny romantic lead, and zomg Michael Ironside – 

          and you still have two and a half hours of Michael Fassbender being fucking magnificent.  :)

        • Violet Flame

          Ditto, Isadora.
          The lovely scene at Xavier’s mansion with the satellite dish…

  • Anonymous

    I like the expression on the dog’s face.

  • Dina dV

    I love the idea that a Prada track suit is worth almost as much as a Lauren three-piece suit…and that neither is wildly overpriced.

  • Anonymous

    What have they done to his hair? Why do they stand up like that?
    Well, he’s hot even with bad hair.
    That Ralf Lauren suit is perfect.

  • Carolyn Warfield

    $1150 on a track jacket, but they couldn’t spare $15 for some Ikea lighting?

  • Anonymous

    Interesting.  That’s a lot of looks from one face. 

  • Anonymous

    Budweiser in such a posh environment should be a capitol crime.  

  • Teresa Rebecca Cunningham

    Why does editorial mean depressed asshole to magazine people? Light the room so we can see the clothes, let models smile so we think they like the clothes and let them have friends so we know other people will like the clothes. 

  • Anonymous

    He’s starting his douche career by reminding me of Nicholas Cage.

    • Heather

      He reminds me of Nic Cage too!! Wild at Heart period, before he became the random crazy he is now.

    • Anonymous

      Ahh, but when he was really young, skinny and had lots of hair, Nicholas Cage was a very attractive young man. But he’s the unusual man who peaked very young and (IMO) is not improving with age.

  • Anonymous

    I am so impressed by Evan’s ability to change the way he looks. I know f4 was a million years ago but I always do a double take when I see his name to his face. Remember The Losers? Yeah, I didn’t see it either. But I remember the ad campaign and I refused to believe it was the same guy. Just, impressive. Hope he pulls off Cap, or the tar and torches shall come out.

  • Anonymous

    I will be glad when the editorial world swings back to natural looks.  He looks like a claymation figure.  A really hot one, but clay none-the-less.  (ps. I still say his brother’s the better looking.)

  • MilaXX

    a) That’s a BIG dog.
    b) Chris is looking all kinds of hot here.

    • Anonymous

      That was my first reaction too – HOLY CRAP that is a huge dog!

  • Lauren Jean St. Martin


  • mcarlson

    That picture with the open coat? It’s all, “So, like what you see…..?”

  • Anonymous

    For some reason these editorials don’t do it for me. 

  • Anonymous

    For some reason these editorials don’t do it for me. 

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Zoe, Legs, other starlets take note from this guy. He keeps his mouth closed, can stll look hot and sell the clothes.

  • Fifi LaRoux

    I’ll somehow find the strength to hang out with him. Especially if his shirt is off….

  • Anonymous

    I’d vote for watching him *change* clothes, not just model them. By and large, darn nice clothes as well.

  • Sara Munoz

    Thanks for the laugh. These pictures are hilarious. His pose in the first pic is especially ridiculous. Sure is handsome though!

  • Anonymous

    I’m guessing he drinks Budweiser ironically.

  • Anonymous

    Turns out I find the splayed-crotch shot just as skeevy when it’s a man doing it. However, I am clipping this editorial because my bro has similar coloring and body type to Mr. Evans here, and he would loook FAB in most of this.

  • Megan Sullivan

    He is beautiful. Love the three-piece Ralph Lauren suit on him.

  • Shana Carter

    In the first picture, he’s one gold chain away from a Lonely Island album cover.

  • Anonymous

    Damn, he is one handsome dude. I do hate the first shot though I love the dog.

  • Anonymous

    That crotch shot is disturbing.

  • kittenmasks

    GQ is not meant for straight men.

  • Anonymous

    My dreams are usually TOTALLY messed up, but hopefully I’ll be cut some slack and they’ll center around that open-shirted pic tonight.

  • Celia

    I’m loving the over-the-top euro-douche thing going on. He really pulls it off (it’s a compliment–really!). Love the touch of absurdity here, the saturated warm neutrals, the lighting. Almost look like illustrated ads from the 60’s. Well done.