Burberry Prorsum Spring 2012 Menswear Collection

Posted on June 27, 2011

Designer Christopher Bailey says he wants to “celebrate the idea of craftsmanship” with this collection, which is loaded with rich sumptuous colors in tribal patterns and ikat prints, with beaded collars and crocheted trim, giving the whole endeavor a multi-cultural, heavily layered, textural vibe that looks gorgeous. Definitely for the young, bohemian types, this collection looks oddly more fall than spring; not just in the palette, but with the addition of raffia hats and sporty coats and jackets paired with sweaters. There’s a Missoni and Prada feel as well, in the prints and the slightly unusual shapes and proportions. We have to give Bailey credit here for diversifying the Burberry Prorsum look considerably.



[Photo Credit: burberry.com]

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  • Anonymous

    I want the green sweater and the t-shirt with shapes around it. 

  • Anonymous

    Okay, I’m sorry but those hats are ridiculous. Lose that and I really like everything else, even if the coats do make it scream more fall than spring. I love the shoes.

    • I agree about the hats. I hate them

    • Anonymous

      My thoughts exactly re silly hats and very cool shoes.

  • Anonymous

    The sweaters are gorgeous and I love the deep dark colors.

    But you’re right, its more fall than anything spring or summer.

  • Terence Ng

    “Definitely for the young, bohemian types…”

    I find this funny. I doubt any true bohemian would wear any of these unless they happened to fish it out of a second hand store where some fashionista had dumped it.  Or, you may think that they’re wearing it, but they’ve actually either made one that looks like that style (without trying to) or they’ve purchased one from somewhere where it won’t cost hundreds of dollars.

    This seems to be more for those young and wealthy types who want to dress bohemian.  Not bohemians themselves.

    Still, I love those sweaters.  Good thing I’m not so granola that I wouldn’t buy one, but too bad I’m not so affluent as to rationally afford one.

  • Anonymous

    I would love this as a womens wear fall collection.  As mens spring, not so much.

    • was just going to comment that it looked a little too girly for a menswear line

      • which is partly why I love it so much. I’d love to see more men in “girly” clothes – if that means fun, cute, colourful, interesting. The range of looks that’s allowed for men is so limited and the limitations seem just silly and artificial to me.

        • sadams

          I like men in colors and bold patterns and I like this collection. My boyfriend loves wearing bright, funky clothes and he’s not girly. But I still have to agree with tomstl that there is something rather deliberately women’s wear about this collection – it’s not androgyny, it’s women’s wear. The green sweater and purple pants show it most – cover up the face and look at the silhouette. The way the stripes cut across the chest to emphasize the breasts (or breast like curve) and the way it flares over the hips after hugging the waist suggests a woman’s figure, not a man’s. Add in the sleeve length and the model’s delicate arms and it really looks like a woman’s shirt.

          That said, I like the colors a lot. Hate the crotch cut on the pants. Love the coats for the most part, though the green and blue triangle one looks a lot like a jacket my grandmother would have worn for a nice evening out.

  • very very very very very kansai yamamoto.

  • Anonymous

    quite androgynous

    • only two sorts of customers could pull these off:  Sweet young gay boys and Women.

      • And frankly, some of them are for women in their fifties. #3 in the second row and #2 and #3 in the 9th row are a bit dowdy and “woman of a certain age”.

  • Anonymous

    Now that he’s done it, let’s not do it again.

  • Anonymous

    Now that he’s done it, let’s not do it again.

  • Anonymous

    Now that he’s done it, let’s not do it again.

  • A load of men’s clothes that would look fine on women

    • Lisa

      I was just thinking the exact same thing!  I thought, it’s not the most masculine collection, but I’d like it for myself, to be quite honest!

  • Anonymous

    I’m sorry. Men’s fashion like this is just completely foreign to me. Just who wears this stuff?

  • Anonymous

    Perhaps few wear the whole look but many people wear bits of it? Or the collection knock-offs. 

  • Anonymous

    This is a spring collection?  With the exception of the T-shirts and the one pair of shorts (or is it a skirt?) the rest look heavy and hot and make me sweat just thinking about wearing this in the spring. 

    Cool colors and prints and silohuettes but a HUGE disconnect for what people wear in the spring unless they live in the Artic.

  • Anonymous

    did anyone else get a wonderful jay mccarroll vibe here? color stories, geometric shapes, and a handmade feel? no?…. okay.

  • Anonymous

    I say it a very clever ploy to get fall clothes on the shelves during fall.  Which is good for those of us who don’t shop for clothes 4 months ahead.

  • MilaXX

    I like the colors, but this definitely reads more Fall than Spring. I also question who will wear those hats outside of the runway.

  • Anonymous

    Looks like a road company of Mother Courage.

  • Sara__B

    The slacks/pants/jeans are every single one ugly due to the strange fit. It’s a nice collection of fall/winter coats, jackets, and sweaters, though.

  • A few terrific pieces but most of the collection is over the top.

  • Is it just me or are there some major Crotchcrepancies all across the board?  I like it for the most part tho.

  • Yep, I want all the sweaters for myself (particularly that one with the open, almost shawl collar) and that olive coat with the orange trim, also for me. So I guess I agree with others that it doesn’t seem particularly menswear-y. And the crotches on those pants are INSANE.

  • Bill Curtis

    It looks a little bit like “Oliver!” in Peru.

  • Anonymous

    I spent more time seeing how many models were wearing hats than I did checking out the clothes.

  • Anonymous

    Do they make these in girl sizes?

  • Those sweaters are incredible.  I am a bit scared of how bad the high street knock offs are going to be, though.

  • awww, look at them so cute in their little hats! 

    And. Um. My first thought upon the first guy? Wasn’t “tribal”. It was “Tiffany lamp”.

    Still, I love the collection. It’s fun and colourful and there’s a couple sweaters to die for (menswear schmenswear). Thumbs up!

  • margaret meyers

    I don’t like the tightened leg with the low crotch.  Picture after picture we have an ugly fold across the upper thigh when the model walks.  It’s not attractive — it’s what you see in cheap clothes, not expensive ones.

    The ridiculous hats undermined a lot of looks here.  Why would you go with that hat as a theme?  It’s an accent, use it sparingly.

  • Anonymous

    OMG, my eyes!  The hats!  

    And I agree that a lot of this stuff looks more like women’s wear (is that a reverse trend? Women’s wear for men?), thanks to the cuts of the jackets/sweaters (sweaters???).  The bags don’t help, either.

  • Hey, wasn’t Anna Paquin just wearing that yellow coat in her editorial? Maybe that’s why it didn’t fit her.

  • Megan Sullivan

    Love the use of color and shapes and stripes. 3rd row from bottom, middle sweater, I want for myself.

  • I’d get it if it was a women’s collection, but it’s a little busy for men, IMHO

  • Anonymous

    Is there a living human male who would wear the shrug-coat in the first row?

  • Anonymous

    Wow. I like/love a lot of the sweaters and coats and yet also find a fair number of them to be unattractive or just a tad too much like women’s clothing to be worn by most men I know..  The pants are SO useless to anyone except really, really thin, young men. And even then, I don’t like them a lot, and I don’t like them with these particular sweaters and shirts.

    All of which sounds really negative, and yet I think most of these looks work – I just don’t know very many men who’d want to wear them and even fewer with the figure to look good in them. I think there are some stand-out individual pieces that will sell well.

  • kim i

    third look, second row?  my mom used to wear that sweater to pick me up from school.  in 1965.

  • Anonymous

    This feels to me like a great line for boho-leaning lesbians. I can see several of my gal pals totally rocking these pieces, but they don’t work for me on male models. The hats are beyond dumb.

  • narita_rayna

    a lot of this collection is great, but some of it is just lady clothes on cute boys. >.>

  • Anonymous

    There is much silly and much pretty in this.

  • Anonymous

    I like a lot of this and I’d want to wear some of it myself. Nix the hats and you’ve got a fabulous collection here. Seriously, I want some of these pieces for myself and I’m digging the shoes.