Royal Watch: Princess Victoria of Sweden and Prince Daniel

Posted on May 31, 2011

In little more than a month, Bill and Cathy Cambridge will be sucking up all the air in the room when they tour Canada and make a pit stop in Los Angeles. The press will be epic and we will probably have bitchy things to say about half her outfits. Before that starts, let’s pay a little more attention to that other royal couple, who might be less stylish, but seem to have more personality.

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden and her husband Prince Daniel, Duke of Vastergotland, visit the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe on their Germany Visit.


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Oh, Vicki. Fucked it up on the details again. We like the print, the shape, and the length on her. The neckline is too high and to be perfectly frank, this looks like a dress that had sleeves and the sleeves were removed, rather than a dress that was designed to be sleeveless. The belt almost works, but would have been better in a darker brown or even a black. The shoes are too matchy and we don’t like that big honking wrist watch she favors. That’s fine with a suit or something a bit more severe, but it looks odd with a sleeveless day dress.

He looks impeccable, as always.

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden and her husband Prince Daniel, Duke of Vastergotland, visit the Berlin Wall Memorial on their Germany Visit.


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Okay, that’s a little better. Her clothes have a tendency to look a little home-sewn, though. You can see the darts at 20 paces. Still, we like the shape and color, and the neckline flatters her. We like the idea of a bold belt with this dress, but we’re not entirely sold on this particular belt. The shoes are clearly on loan from Queen Elizabeth.  The Swedish royal family obviously does not employ gays because some Swedish queen would have spit out her lingonberries by now and informed her that the ever-present ponytail isn’t always the best idea for a gal with a prominent chin. A fuller and shorter cut would work wonders for her.

He, again, looks great, although the jacket may be a skosh too tight and the lapels need pressing. Still, he must have quite the bod under those suits because they are fitted exactly and the small waist and broad shoulders are giving us the royal vapors.

[Photo Credit: getty, wireimage]

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  • Mmm…something so naughty about the hubby with those big-frame glasses…

  • The matchy snake dress with the shoes was pretty bad.  She manged to redeem herself in the orange dress.  Even if the shoes weren’t the best, they weren’t the color of her dress!

  • Anonymous

    He is simply fine. The picture of him with the big crinkly-eyed grin is wonderful, and the suit is perfection.

  • scottyf

    Soul Brothers T&Lo said…
    “The Swedish royal family obviously does not employ gays because some Swedish queen would have spit out her lingonberries by now…”

    Now that I’ve spewed my lingonberries all over myself, what the heck am I going to put on my crepes?

  • Anonymous

    “Tlo said: The shoes are clearly on loan from Queen Elizabeth.”

    I think Betty prefers the orthopedic Birkinstocks.

    As for these two; I prefer the second dress, because of the color. The first one is a bit too Lawn Guyland for my taste. And yes, the hubby does look nerdy-hot. The suit is so tight, you can almost see his allen wrench.


    • Anonymous

      Totally Lawn Guyland, except for belt, which should be gold.
      And on another subject, I have to wear orthotics. For years my podiatrist has been asking me if I’d like to order Birkenstocks with my prescription built in. He keeps asking. I keep ignoring.

      • Toni Mitt

        Oh my–I had to look up Lawn Guyland, being from fly-over land!  I had no idea it was spelled that way.  (vbg)  BTW–I agree.  From what I’ve seen of LG women, this should fit right in.

  • Well, of course he’s got a bod — he was a personal trainer before he was a prince!

    I actually quite like both of Victoria’s outfits, though I agree she could stand to lose that watch.

  • MilaXX

    He is seriously cute. She comes across as a bit bland. She needs to cut and style her hair & wear it out. It would open up her face a bit more. I love a chunky watch, but her acessories are always kinda of bland and beige looking

  • Anonymous

    Right about the darts, and they’re too high on her bust, but the color is pretty.

  • Anonymous

    The coral dress looks great on her, but the snakeskin print is awful. What is going on with the armholes?!? Clearly there are shreds or some type of distressing happening. I do believe at the last minute sleeves were forcefully removed from the dress. Wtf?

  • Ozski

    Am I the only one who thinks these two look like siblings? I do like the red number though, these two are so cute.

  • Anonymous

    She looks like someone who doesn’t give a shit about fashion.That’s not an insult. I just mean that she throws on whatever might be appropriate and doesn’t require much thought.

  • Gail Kwak

    I don’t care what she’s wearing.  Her smile is so beautiful it outshines every bad choice she makes.

    • Anonymous

      Glad I scrolled down – I was going to post the same thing! You can almost not even notice what she’s wearing when she’s flashing that killer smile.

  • Anonymous

    Relevant to royalty fashion:

    Just found this blog and I’m kinda addicted. Those royals and their (mostly) delicious clothes.

  • Anonymous

    Disclaimer: I would totally do both of them. 

    You can really tell which one of them has something to prove and MUST be impeccable at all times, and unfortunately for her, it’s the one of them that will always have an easier time pulling that off anyway because his gender’s spectrum or sartorial options is much more narrow and straightforward.

    That said, I think she looks pretty great in the second shot even if the accessories are a bit off. She wears coral a lot, and I don’t blame her, it’s a beautiful, bold color that suits her perfectly. 

  • Him, YUM. Always. 

    Her, well, she always looks a bit homeschooled, no?

  • Did you guys do a hit of PR Judge crack before writing this post?  Aside from my personal opinion that the python dress is GORGEOUS (I have a thing for deconstructed structure) how could you ever decide that she looks better in her second outfit?  Especially when the latter looks like one of those ‘surprise additions’ to a PR challenge where they have to create a RTW look to go with their original design. I mean, your description of each outfit even agree with me!

    I also like the belt–a darker color would have made that dress too ‘fall’.

  • Anonymous

    My Gosh, they both look so athletic –as if they would be just as or more at home in lacrosse gear or wearing a kayak. Healthy and beautiful. 

    TLo –I am so glad you are back!! I even re-read some posts.

  • Anonymous

    I do think you’re generally too hard on royal shoes.  These ladies don’t just trot down a red carpet. They actually have to be able to walk in these things and meet people  (see huge cobbled square above). 

  • Anonymous

    I don’t mind the snakeskin dress that much, but I question whether it’s appropriate for this occasion –  “visiting the Memorial to Europe’s Murdered Jews” seems to me to require something a bit less festive feeling, something muted.  It is a memorial after all.

    Otherwise, I think they’re adorable, and it’s nice to see them being touchy-feelie together. 

    • Anonymous

      I was also thinking that a python print was probably not the way to go at the memorial to Europe’s Murdered Jews. Truthfully, I’m not sure any print would have worked. It was a good time to break out a subtle neutral.

      • Anonymous

        My thoughts exactly!

  • Anonymous

    Wasn’t he her personal trainer before they married? He certainly has a bod, if that is the case. 

    • G

      Yes, he was her personal trainer – hence his fine bod and her tight tush.  Love them.

  • Anonymous

    I must respectfully disagree on a few details.  I love the python print dress AND I like the color of the belt.  The only issue is the matchy shoes – awful choice.  The orange outfit looks great and appropriate for this solemn and reflective occasion.  When honoring the memory of over 6 million people ruthless murdered, one shouldn’t try and look to “party ready” or “smart & sexy”.

    And to swing back around, I want to see him naked.  Or at least in his undies.  “SWOON”

  • I think she’s adorable! The snakeskin dress is not good – and really? is that really the right thing to wear to a memorial that is explicitly named MEMORIAL TO MURDERED JEWS?
    The coral dress is very good on her. As is the husband-as-accessory. Love his pinstripes.

    • Mmm…I don’t know if there is a “right” thing to wear to a memorial to murdered Jews.  I just don’t think you should pose for a photo with your spouse in the “Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe,” and you thereby circumvent the entire question of whether what you are wearing is appropriate.

    • Anonymous

      I went back to look at the location captions and saw that the python dress was worn for the Memorial to the Murdered Jews visit.  I agree, it is a little too “party” for such a visit.  I don’t think it is wrong to have your hubby at your side for the visit but a more subdued dress might have been a little better.

  • Anonymous

    I know you guys think he’s all kinds of fabulous, and I can see why except for that hair.  WTF???  Slicked back and weighed down with a pound of grease every time he goes out, how is that attractive?  Until he learns about modern-day hair care products he will always get a big ICK from me.  

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, the hair is bugging me too. Shame, he’s awfully cute.

  • She looks 10 lbs lighter in the red dress. 

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone think Prince Daniel kiiinda looks like he miiight have a boyfriend on the side?  

    • Anonymous

      Oh, you WISH, LOL!  Leave a few for us gals, honey! 🙂

    • I lived in Sweden for a year…the guys always come across as gay.  I explained this to a high school student and you could tell he was a little discomfited by that.  I told him to wear more ill-fitting jeans when he visits the U.S. if he wanted to have his sexual orientation correctly identified.

    • He does.  It’s me.  Bwaaahaaaa. 🙂

      • suzq

        But does he know about you, John?

      • suzq

        But does he know about you, John?

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think he is the least bit cute or hot or anything… he’s actually a little creepy looking to me. And her clothes suck.

  • Anonymous

    You’re right, a brilliant hair style would change everything for her.  He dresses well and while it might seem to us gals that it’s easier for the guys, I’m giving him credit because photographic evidence of male celebs would suggest that it’s not so easy as we might think.

    The snake dress might have been passable without the belt were it well tailored. If it fit funky through the midsection, a darker belt would be the way to go.

    Love the second dress on her, share belt misgivings. She’s just not a fashion plate and gives the impression that appropriate and serviceable are her go-to shopping adjectives.

    They look like they might have a brood of muscular little gymnasts, if they’re not too tall.

  • Samantha Jones wants her dresses back.

  • Anonymous

    Love her and think she’s the cutest thing, but I totally agree on the hair. Time to change it up, girl!
    She could definitely use a stylist. She has a great little bod, but she doesn’t always seem to know how to put herself together. I don'[t mind the first dress, but the neckline is definitely too high and that belt looks like it came from Strawberry circa 1989. The shoes are too matchy.
    The second dress is a little better and I kind of like the belt. She really needs to come to NY and let me take her shoe shopping and then out for a couple of Margaritas. She looks like she’d be fun to hang out with. Daniel has such a good sense of personal style. He’s really cute.


  • I think he was her personal trainer, so yeah, I’m guessing it’s QUITE the bod.  I also think he had his image seriously rehabbed to get the royal consent to marry her, so I think that’s why he is consistently impeccable (translation: he has stylish gays). I do wish she’d cut her hair, but I LOVE that orangey red dress.

  • Anonymous

    The  2nd dress has a retro first lady look. Like something Ladybird Johnson or Pat Nixon would wear. I like it , but she needs a more hopped up hair-do.

  • Anonymous

    He does look like he’s got a cute bod under those suits…but I really hate his hair and not a fan of those glasses on him.  I’d like to see him more casual sometime, with his hair mussed up…to see if he’s hot or not.  Right now I just can’t tell.

    She does seem to often not quite get it right.  The fit of these dresses does seem to dispel the baby rumors though, I guess, and she does have a really cute figure. The matchy shoes in the top pics really killed the outfit…and the neckline is a scooch too high.  I can’t imagine that dress with sleeves though…but do like the print and style for the most part.  The darts on the red dress and belt/shoes ruined it for me in the lower set.  I’m also not a fan of her watch.

  • Royal vapors!  Ha!

  • Anonymous

    He is a fine-looking man (love the glasses and the footwear), but what is with the hair product? It makes it look excessively greasy or crunchy. Neither of which does it for me.

  • diana jacobs komisar

    Is it just me or does using a Holocaust memorial for a photo op seem to be in shockingly poor taste??

    • i couldnt figure out whether it was in poor taste or commendable cos they were drawing attention to an issue that might otherwise have been swept beneath the rug, particularly when they are also visiting the berlin wall memorial.

  • Anonymous

    I think they’re both kind of fantastic in an awkward way. The ponytail must go though. I’ll never be convinced of a good “formal” ponytail. Either you’re lazing about the house and need your hair out of your face or not. In the immortal words of my mother, “take your hair down, you look like a Polish washerwoman.”

  • Anonymous

    Love the coral dress even with the beige shoes.

    Not fond of the snake dress. Hate the neck. I like animal prints but only used sparingly. An entire dress of snake then snake shoes is a whole lot of slithering going on.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know what it is, but Prince Daniel is completely nerdily sexy to me. Despite the 1950s hair. And he sure can hang a suit!

  • Anonymous

    He reminds me of Matt Damon in the movie, “The Incredible Mr. Ripley”.

  • Anonymous

    I could be wrong about this, and for her sake I hope I am, but I believe she battled eating disorders when she was younger, so her looking healthy is the best thing about the way she looks.
    I like the way royals and Mrs. Obama dress simply because, stylist or no,  their job is larger than being living hangers for stylists and fashion designers.  They look like individuals wearing clothes far more than most celebrities on the red carpet do.  Faults and all.

  • Anonymous

    She did battle an eating disorder in her late teens, I think, so the fact that she’s since then been able to embrace an athletic yet curvy look is a big accomplishment.
    You know who looks really good? Her younger brother and sister, Carl Filip and Madeleine. T Lo, see what you can find on them.

    • I haven’t seen her sister, but Carl is definitely quite fine!

      bitchybitchybitchy(aka Bonnie)

  • Anonymous

    I love these two! I think she looks pretty in both dresses. Also, love her long hair. Don’t cut it Vicky!

  • *swoon*

  • id say theyre more stylish! she takes more risks than kate, who always looks presentable but boring, and he is impeccable. wills on the other hand…meh. team vicaniel!

  • Vaniljekjeks

    I am Norwegian, so I always see these two on the cover of magazines (our own Prince and Princess aren’t as cute, apparently), and I noticed he just always dresses quite well, but for some strange reason I just see him looking a heck of a lot better without all the clothes.  

  • I really wish they didn’t have the same hairstyle.

  • I’m probably the only person who loves her watch!  I’m a devoted watch wearer (to the point where I feel off-kilter when I’m not wearing it), and it’s nice to see someone in the public eye who doesn’t rely on her iPhone to tell her the time.

  • Katherine Throckmorton

    Considering that Prince Daniel was a personal trainer before he got married, I think its safe to bet that he’s pretty ripped.

  • Really cute couple, but that snake dress gets a big hizzzzzzzz…….

  • In case you boys don’t know, but Daniel was her personal trainer before they got married so undoubtedly he does have a hot bode under those impeccably tailored suits.

  • Lisa

    They’re just so dull looking.  They look like the best dressed aunt and uncle at a college graduation.

  • I just love that Crown Princess Victoria married her personal trainer-I just have to love a woman who can pull that off!

    bitchybitchybitchy(aka Bonnie)

  • I just want them to go to the beach…

  • Anonymous

    Nice-looking couple. He has a nerdy/manly thing going on. She’s quite attractive and has a great body. It would be nice to see her step it up with the styling.

  • Anonymous

    Still not loving the greasy kid stuff but they both look buff as hell. 

  • Anonymous

    Darnit, that coral dress was almost making it. But the belt and shoes were blech, and she needs a stylist. Or a better one.

  • Anonymous

    If you hadn’t written “and her husband” I would’ve sworn they were brother and sister. Don’t they look so much alike?!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think I have ever seen him look even so much as slightly askew. She, on the other hand, is a different story, but Prince Daniel…hello, fine sir.

  • I just cant get past the “Kids in the Hall” look this guy has – I am expecting him to declare his head weighs ‘precisely 8.2lbs’ he just looks like a creep.l

  • Anonymous

    They DO like two people with exciting personalities, don’t they? I effing love his glasses so much.