Metropolitan Gala Red Carpet, Part 2

Posted on May 03, 2011

Second verse, same as the first, kittens! Round 2! Electric Boogaloo! This time it’s personal!

Alicia Keys in Givenchy

Alicia apparently rode through the streets of Manhattan on a horse, side-saddle, fighting off orcs with a sword. Sweetie, we’re enjoying Game of Thrones too, but that’s no reason to raid their costume department.

Ashley Olsen in Vintage Dior

We kind of love it. Yes, it looks a bit like something an 80-year-old socialite would wear, but that’s her schtick. She looks like she’s ready to beat up the first cater waiter who stops by with a tray of potato puffs, though.

Barbara Walters

… is batshit insane. She looks like she fashioned her dress out of a tablecloth on a cruise ship.

Blake Lively in Chanel

We get it. We don’t love these overtly goddess-y gowns, but we get it. And she’s suited for it. It’s not our taste, but she looks really good.

Cassie in Rag & Bone

Looks like somebody didn’t get the memo.

Christina Ricci in Zac Posen

Bow the fuck down, peasants. Wednesday Addams BROUGHT IT. If she’d worn this to the Oscars, we’d almost certainly have a field day ripping it to shreds, but the Met Gala is the one night where you’re expected to go for dramatic, impractical looks. Frankly, we’re a bit disappointed everyone else is dressed so conservatively.

Dianna Agron in Michael Kors

Case in point. It’s pretty and all, but it’s as plain as fashion gets. Don’t like the Wonder Woman cuff with it either.

Elle Fanning in Valentino

Crack-smokin’ fun! Well, we’ll give her this: it’s not boring. It is, however, quite ugly and ridiculously unflattering. And confusing. How would you describe this? Victorian/Puritan chorus girl?

Emma Stone inLanvin

Lorenzo opined that bold floral prints like this don’t look right at events this formal. Tom wouldn’t have thought of that, but he tends to agree.

Eva Mendes in Stella McCartney

Kinda love it. It’s a bit too body-obscuring, which is something she seems to be exploring lately, but we love the drama of it.

Florence Welch in Yves Saint Laurent

Fabulous. Lorenzo’s goddess. It’s got a perfect 1930s glamour to it. We know it’s her thing, but we wish this time she’d done something with her hair.

Ginnifer Goodwin in Topshop

This girl is seriously disturbed.

Topshop? At the MET GALA?!

Isabel Lucas in Louis Vuitton

Love the dress; hate the color; the Temple of Doom accessories have got to go.

Isla Fisher in Tory Burch


Jennifer Lopez in Gucci

It’s ridiculous and over-the-top and attention-getting, but ultimately, we don’t think it’s very pretty. The shoulders and the giant thing tied around her neck are too much.

Jessica Chastain in Emilio Pucci

We like to call this one “saloon girl secretary.” We also like to call it “hideous.”

Keri Hilson in Atelier Versace

Lorenzo doesn’t think she’s working it enough but Tom thinks she looks gorgeous. Beautiful dress and a fantastic color on her.

Kristen Bell in Tory Burch

Enh. Boring.

Lea Michele in Escada

It’s a great dress, if not a very exciting one. Love the purse, though.

Livia Giuggioli in Stella McCartney and Colin Firth in Tom Ford

What an amazing-looking couple. We love that pewter shade on her. The shoes: bold choice or too much? We’re thinking, as much as we love a pop of color, they’re a bit much. Especially since they match her earrings. He looks divine, as always.

Madonna in Stella McCartney

FINALLY. We KNEW you had it in you, girl. After YEARS of watching her stuff herself into trying-too-hard looks and holding on to her past, how fricking refreshing to see Madonna looking fresh, glamorous, and straight-up gorgeous.

Maggie Gyllenhaal in Stella McCartney

A bra would have been a good idea here. Even so, it wouldn’t have corrected that unflattering neckline. We love the rest of the dress, though. Fix the neckline and hoist those girls up and she’d look perfect.

Maggie Q in Tadashi Shoji

Pretty, but it would have been so much prettier in a color.

Patricia Clarkson

Too plain. Too WASP-at-the-country-club-gala, which is her look, but she should have stepped it up for the night.

Serena Williams in Oscar de la Renta

Oy. Because of the Royal Wedding, you’re going to see a lot of American celebrities foolishly trying to make crazy hats happen for the next week or two. Celebrities. They’re such silly things, aren’t they? The dress is gorgeous, but putting that hat on took the whole look to “lip synch for your life” territory.

[Photo Credit: getty, wireimage]

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  • Isabella

    First! I hate admitting when Blake Lively looks good, but I suppose I can say that she doesn’t look like herself in the pic (and therefore, good?).

  • suzq

    It’s the best Madonna ever looked. Hands down, full stop.

    And the dress…in fact, many of the Stella McCartney dresses, are making me like Stella McCartney as a designer.

    I know it was McQueen’s night, but Stella was the belle of the ball, design-wise.

  • Anonymous

    Wouldn’t be funny if Serena had started to belt out “Champeeeeon”? Oy what happened Barbara Walters. Yikes

  • orangeagogo

    Usually I think Madonna looks awful, but here she looks fantastic – that color is beautiful and beautiful on her. It’s too bad that Maggie Gyllenhasl’s dress is so ill-fitting because it has so much potential. Florence always looks appropriate, but I can’t help feeling like I’ve seen this before. And if I saw Colin Firth in real life, I think I might have a heart attack.

    • Momzilla

      He’s looking as slim as he was for Single Man, which makes him extra yummy. I love the missus, but would that be even nicer with some sort of ornament at the waist, like a dress clip or maybe just something like one of her earrings sewn in at the fold.

  • I love how you can catch a glimpse of all the shedded feathers in some of these shots.

  • Anonymous

    Blake Lively does look beautiful, and Madonna – yes, brava! Is that Carolina Herrera behind Maggie Q? Wearing checks?

    • Brilliant

      I think so. You can tell by the hair (which never changes) and the long sleeve, a-line skirt (which also never changes).

    • Anonymous

      LOL from that pic it looks like Carolina Herrera wearing a sequined gingham a-line shirt dress gown.

      • Anonymous

        sequined gingham a-line shirt dress gown.

        I know! That’s what jumped out at me.

  • SQ

    Christina Ricci LOOKS F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S!

    • mike-ecuador

      totally agree.. BTW first time i post in more than 2 years ive been reading!! 1) THANK YOUI!! 2) CONGRATULATIONS!! 3) <3 Christina Ricci.. definately the best of the bunch imo.

  • I’m still perplexed by Elle Fanning’s shoes…what is going on there? Livia looked great, except there are matching pants under that skirt and I didn’t love that. Jennifer Lopez literally looks like she is choking. Barbara…maybe if they would have lost the green fringe with whatever that blue thing is….maybe? And when in God’s name is Gennifer Goodwin going hire a stylist?

  • Leave it to Christina Ricci to show em how you bring it to the MET Gala! LOVE HER! The dress was to die for. <3

    Is it just me or did anyone notice how a large majority of the celebs are wearing Stella? Hmmm interesting….

  • Leela

    what was up with all the Stella McCartney dresses? And I really would love to see how Lulu Guinness ultimately brought the McQueen crazies.

  • Okay, but can someone explain to me what is going on BEHIND Serena Williams?

    • Ed

      Her giant ass?

    • plucked chicken

    • DottyMantooth

      Ha! I actually just spent AGES on Getty trying to find out the same thing. (I was mesmerized!) And it seems it’s some model called Mariacarla Boscono. That dress is… truly something!

  • I know you guys already do everything on the planet but if you recapped game of thrones it would make my life <3 <3

  • fafafab

    Madonna makes me wanna go straight so she can use me as her boy toy

  • Anonymous

    That dress is giving Gyllenhall a tit-screpancy, but she is lovely in that color!


  • Hated Blake Lively’s look, one of the worst dressed in my opinion. Christina Ricci, Florence Welch, Madonna were all fabulous. That’s how you do the Met Gala. Diane Kruger, Evan Rachel Wood (slightly boring dress though but her attitude was fantastic), Liv Tyler were some of my other favorites. It’s a shame you didn’t cover the models, I thought Doutzen Kroes, Lily Donaldson, Jessica Stam, Miranda Kerr and Gisele Bunchen looked really stunning, much better than a lot of the ‘meh’ celebrities

    • Anonymous

      I loved ERW’s gown – the color was stunning on her.

  • SarahM

    Temple of Doom accessories EXACTLY!! LOL!!!

  • Anonymous

    You have to grade Maggie Gyllenhaal on a curve. Not wearing a housecoat. Not wearing rags. Not looking like she’s atttending an anti-Free Trade rally. Therefore: A frickin plus.

  • Mirakel

    Gasped when I saw Christina Ricci, very dramatic. JLo – please shut your mouth before a fly buzzes in, you look silly! Love the color and dress on Livia Giuggioli, but the green is the wrong accent color, I think.

  • Laura

    Madonna or Rachel Zoe in 5-10 years? She looks great though, JUS SAYIN

  • Anonymous

    well I kind of stopped caring after seeing “I put the Christ in Christina” Ricci. Oh. my. goddess. Poor Diana Agron. As the next one up, she looked like she was dressed in a school uniform.

  • Nancy

    You may think Diana Agron’s dress is boring, but I think she is one of very few women here who look sophisticated. Many of them don’t even look sane. Colin Firth and his beautiful wife are fabulous as always.

    • Diana looks absolutely gorgeous, and I think on a normal red carpet she’d be getting rave reviews, but I agree with TLo that the Met gala warrants a bit more drama and/or uniqueness.

  • Thank god for Ricci. She looks like an avatar of Lolth.

  • Deusxmac

    i love the expression on the girl to the left of serena. she’s all, “get that mf’ing hat off your mf’ing head.”

  • Jill

    Colin looks freaking HOTTTTT.

  • OhBeeKayBee

    Who is standing behind Eva Mendes and is she wearing a top?

  • MilaXX

    Now we’re getting to some of the crack. 🙂
    Alicia Keys – I get that not everyone drops their baby weight immediately, but honey this is not the way to conceal it.

    Ashley Olsen – I like it. For starters it fits and if you google a side view she giving good leg.

    Barbara Walters – she wearing upholstery.

    Blake Lively – I guess the girl that is the new face of Chanel is going to be doing the goddess dress thing. Eh’ it’s okay.

    Cassie – dressed fo the wrong event

    Christina Ricci – She brought it! I love the drama of it. It reminds me of Kiss of the Spider Woman.

    Dianna Agron – Another safe & boring MK look.

    Elle Fanning – Show girl up top, school girl down bottom

    Emma Stone – Liek the fit, not crazy about the print. Flowers are supposed to be big this year. Not sure that’s a good thing.

    Eva Mendes – very 70’s but I like it.

    Florence Welch – It’s the same style she’s rocked on previous RC’s but I like it.

    Ginnifer Goodwin – Honestly I like this look on her and I really love her hair and makeup.

    Isabel Lucas – Nice dress, but she overworked it with the hair and jewelry.

    Isla Fisher – Safe and I hate the little ruffle at the top.

    Jennifer Lopez – I like it. It’s loud and bold and everything I expect JLo to be.

    Jessica Chastain – Looks like something Dolly Parton would have worn in the 90’s.

    Keri Hilson – Girlfriend can turn it out when she wants to.

    Kristen Bell – zzzzz

    Lea Michele – I like this color on her and I thought her makeup was really pretty.

    Livia Giuggioli – I think she looks good even with the matchy shoes & earrings. I do wish she had gone for a lighter less shout-y shade of green on the shoes. Colin looks good.

    Madonna – Madge this is how a woman your age should dress. The back of that dress is beautiful.

    Maggie Gyllenhaal – get a bra. This could have been a homerun if the boobs weren’t going in opposite directions.

    Maggie Q – eh’s it’s okay

    Patricia Clarkson – Standard issue, but she’s never been one to take fashion risks.

    Serena Williams – Shame she has Royal fever because the dress is pretty. The weave and the hat take it into cray cray territory.

  • about topshop… according to there were other topshop dresses on that rc

  • Mari

    Diane Kruger is definitely the winner of this red carpet, though it helps when you are as genetically blessed a she is.

    Madonna looked fantastic! Colin Firth and his wife too, but that’s to be expected.

    Now, I spent my weekend watching figure skating Worlds (boys, please do a review – look for Elena Ilinykh, she was stunning). And I have to say, there seems to have been more tackiness and sparkle at the Met Gala than in Moscow.

  • tom

    A whole lot of crazy and some down right ugly with a few glimpses of pretty. BARBARA?!?! WTF!?!? Serena, honey, hats are for DAYTIME events sweetie.

    • tom

      Also, did michael Kors sit down this last year and say “Hmmm…? What should my inspiration be for the next season? Color? No. Elegance? No. I KNOW! BORING!! It’s hasn’t been done in years!”. Seriously, everything I have seen on the RC by him lately has been just as dull as dirt. Hiddy color pallette, plainer than plain patterns, unflattering style. BORING!

  • Ginnifer Goodwin is wearing topshop but she’s working the hell out of it! It looks expensive and the color looks fabulous on her. I honestly think it’s a perfect look from head to toe!

  • My god, can’t any of these women find a makeup person and hairstylist? SO many of them have just ghastly makeup (or lack thereof). Is it wrong that when I saw Alicia Keys (but before I saw the caption) I thought: “Alexis Mateo?” I cannot believe I’m going to say this, but Madonna looks fantastic. Love the dress, and she looks tremendous. Now: Is it just me, or does Dianna Agron have a freakishly long sternum? Or is it just the dress? It looks like the top of the bodice should be hitting her mid-boob, but she’s covered up – but there’s way too much flesh between the halter and the top of the bodice. Rumer Willis seems to have this, too – and I feel like I’ve seen it elsewhere. Is this some kind of fashion trompe l’oeil? Or have the Starlets of Hollywood actually mutated into having elongated torsos?

    • Kimmeister

      Some women in general, like me, just have really long torsos. Not all are blessed with long legs. 🙁

  • ask

    Now madonna seems like the – did you say the straight – body builders? Where they over-develop their top halves and underdeveloper the bottom half?

    If it weren’t for the hat, I’d say this might be the best I’ve ever seen Serena look! -Even if it could be a strapless princess-y wedding gown

  • Anonymous

    I actually love Jennifer Lopez’s gown — minus the feathered shrug frippery. The color is divine and the silhouette is kind of classic. I agree, lotsa Stella McCartney on the RC. Dad looked pretty proud in the background shot. Any more pics? These are great.

  • Anonymous

    Madonna just wowed me. It’s been a while.

  • I really like Madonna’s dress and its nice to see a dress in that material that’s not a wrinkled mess.

  • Magda

    Did you mean Baba Wawa “fashioned” her dress instead of fastened?

    She needs to do something with her hair other than what she’s doing.

    Why the high marks for Eva Mendes? She looks horrible.

  • Anonymous

    Oh My God. All these years, Ms. Madonna, ma’am. All these years you could have been dominating in this fashion! And you wore all. that. crap. instead.

    It may not show on the outside, but you’ve got Ms. Walters beat hands down on the batshit crazy.

  • Anonymous

    Oh, and Serena Williams is a world class athlete. Like Johnny Weir, I give her a pass on much which is questionable because becoming & remaining a world class athlete barely leaves time to practice basic social skills, much less figure out how to dress those finely honed and skilled bodies. All I require is that they look like they’re having fun. Accomplished.

  • Suzy

    Madge looks straight-up fab! Maggie Gylen-whatever’s wonky boobs are so distracting!

  • Ozer

    Love these multi-look posts. Love your comments. And I love to see quite a lot of sleeves around. Somebody’s been listening to Ms. Mirren!

  • Anonymous

    Geez, who started that open-mouth-smouldering-eyes pose, a Kardashian? I’m SO TIRED of seeing that on the RC. (Looking at you JLo.)

    Madonna looks amazing. That color is fabulous on her and really showcases her beautiful eyes.

  • TomTom

    Truth be told the reason I love this event is because models attend, and they usually come as the dates of designers (cuz let’s face it, not everybody can be Marc Jacobs and show up with your boyfriend in a kilt) and they usually BRING IT.

    Cases in point, Giselle and Karen Elson in McQueen and Mariacarla Boscono (whom you can see lurking in Serena Williams photo) in Givenchy HC.

  • Anonymous

    I love that little Olsen girl and Florence Welch , who is kind of showing Eva Mendes how the glamor bishop sleeve is done.
    Madonna of the Botox face, now looks more like Kate Winslet than Kate Winslet herself.

  • Vera

    Memo to Madge: There is no shame in dressing your age. It’s the best I’ve seen you look in years.

  • Madonna looks great!

    Wish Florence would stop with the full-body covering dresses in shades of ivory.

  • Anonymous

    I am pretty sure it is bad form to have your headlights showing in such a high brow event is bad form Maggie G. I think BLively looks ridiculous and I love Christina Ricci for embracing her inner Wednesday! That is the best Madge has looked in ages.

  • Anonymous

    BTW, Ms. Olsen looks wonderful. And even more exciting, she & her sister were photographed separately!

    I had a vaguely shirtwaist style dress for work in a rayon print very much like Emma Stone’s a decade or two ago. Lorenzo is correct.

    JLo is dreadful. It looks like a monochromatic take on a Freida Kahlo painting that went very, very wrong.

    Ms. Ricci brought it. I’m with Tom on Ms. Hilson. No time to call out everyone I liked, though I was more often impressed with this batch than the previous. Had Madonna done her usual, I’d have given the win to Ms. Welch, but I think the blue with stars edged her out.

  • kingderella

    lively: borderline tacky, but it works. which is remarkable, because im generally unimpressed by her, fashion-wise.

    cassie, lopez, williams: hahahaha

    ricci makes me think of hr giger, and thats not a good thing.

    welch: not quite. shes working it, but bringing the beast she slew this morning might have been a little too much, and the dress without it might have been a little too plain.

    lucas: gorgeous dress, tacky tiara.

    hilson: you guys are crazy. its overdesigned and ugly. i take saldana/agron/clarkson’s kind of ‘boring’ over this any day.

    michele: this dress is confusing. also, ugly.

    q: unimpressed, given that were talking about the fierce fabulous q here.

    (wow, that was a lot of negativity… all the fierce dressers were in part 1, i guess)

  • Emily

    I need to know who is standing behind Serena Williams in the nude mesh dress accented with sparkles and ostrich feathers. If it is not a world class figure skater then I am very worried.

  • Anonymous

    My favorite is Christina Ricci.
    Madonna looks beautiful (words I thought I’d never say together again).
    Blake Lively looks gorgeous, I love her hair.

  • Anonymous

    I disagree and actually LOVE what JLo is wearing, hot pink shoulder hedge-hogs and all. She is diva-fierce in this pic.

  • OK… So I think this whole post needs to be redone analyzing the dresses in the background!! Is that Liv Tyler(Keri Hilson photo) and did she get into a fight with a Canary? Also, some lady also clearly stole her dress before the seamstress put on the bottom portion(see Serena Williams photo background.).

  • Sexy Sadie

    Loved Christina Riccis dress.

  • Anonymous

    Madonna looks fabulous! And, while I am normally no fan of either JLo or the color pink….I love it on her! Yes, get rid of the excess strappage around the neck, but the shoulder embellishments kind of make the gown, IMO. It’s feminine and pretty, certainly better than the insane crotches she’s been sporting lately.

  • Gigi

    What the hell is up with Ginnifer Goodwin’s shoes? They look like Aerosoles.

  • Kimmeister

    That dress makes Alicia Keys look like she’s hiding a baby bump.

    Blake looks amazing. Not sure if I like the hair color, but the style is working.

    Wednesday looks like a Tim Burton character. That tiny waist!!!

    Florence’s feather wrap makes her look like she’s trying to look like a dour angel.

    Ginnifer’s dress isn’t so bad, but those shoes are so wrong for the dress and the event.

    Madonna looks amazing!

  • –M

    The woman in the back left of Serena’s picture looks like she’s gone all wide-eyed at the hat. I doubt she’s actually looking at it, but it’s kind of amusing.

  • MC

    I think Ginnifer Goodwin looks great. Totally agree on Madonna – Finally!

  • Finally,Madonna looks her age and much glamorous…u gotta give it to Christina Ricci,she sure brought drama.

  • You missed one of the best looks of the night. Liv Tyler looked amazing in Givenchy.

  • the main problem with almost everyone is the fact that well, this is the met ball honouring Lee Mcqueen. Did any celebrity bring ANY drama or real beauty to the event? Mostly not, and for that I’m so disappointed.

  • I kind of love Alicia Keys’ look. But she alone could pull it off.

  • Clapping for Christina Ricci who is rocking the shit out of that. Congrats to Ricci and JLo for “getting it”. I have to say, Ginnifer Goodwin didn’t do half bad. At least she tried. Madonna deserves credit only because she failed so spectacularly last year.

  • Can we talk for a second about the completely unnatural shape of Christina Ricci’s body?? What the hell is going on there? She’s all teeny tiny waist and then crazy hip bones.

    • totally agree with this. That’s one crazy waist-hip ratio she’s got going on. She must be wearing a corset or something, right?

  • Mel

    Ashley Olsen is wearing Frankendress! It’s obviously two dressed cut apart and cobbed back together!

  • Anonymous

    What has happened to Madonna. No wonder she uses all the uplighting in her music videos. Very South beach face lift look.

  • Anonymous


  • Hil

    JLo looks completely fabulous!

    and Blake Lively just seems so smug. Bleh

  • Berger

    Who is that woman behind Miss Crackedup Williams, and who is she wearing??

  • Anonymous

    I kind of love Serena Williams in that look. Over the top, but she’s making it work.

  • Anonymous

    Madonna looks gorgeous.

  • Greg

    Who is in the background of the Eva Mendes picture in white? She outfit looks gorgeous!

  • Judy_J

    Livia Giuggioli and Colin Firth are the most beautiful couple! 10/10. I personally love her shoes and earrings. Maggie Gyllenhaal looks like she’s making a statement, “I’ve never worn a bra, so there!” But you know, sometimes, Maggie, undergarments do serve a purpose, and a good-fitting bra would have done wonders for that dress.

  • Anonymous

    Ms. Ricci in a landslide! Exactly my sentiments guys – I thought the Met Gala was the one time you could bring the crazy couture and get away with it. And she is seriously bringing it.
    I am liking the Eva M’s look much more than I would expect.
    I love Livia’s green shoes.
    Madonna looks stunning. The Madge we know and love.

  • joyjoy

    THANK YOU for including Colin Firth and that smashing beauty, Livia Giuggioli Firth. God what gorgeous people, inside and out. I wish I could talk them into a group marriage.

    If you check the pic at, you’ll see that Colin’s tux jacket had some interesting texture to it.

  • Wow. I really like Madonna’s dress and was surprised it was buried so far down in the post.

    I actually kind of like the TopShop dress. Unlike the cheap black piece-of-shit dress in post #3, this one looks both pretty and interesting in both cut and color. If I wore dresses, I’d definitely consider popping over to TS to check it out.

  • Sarah

    My 2 1/2 year old was watching over my shoulder and she got really excited at the Emma Stone picture – I asked her if she liked the dress and she pointed to Dakota Fanning in the background and said “I want THAT one!”

  • SignLadyB _,,/

    And there’s the other Olson twin. What EVER Happened to Baby Jane? Oh, reincarnated as Olsons.

  • lucy

    Ladies, you don’t quite get it. Livia Firth only wears ethical fashion. She started a “Green Carpet Challenge” a couple of years ago to prove that she could compete with the best looks wearing reclaimed, ethical pieces. She even sourced ethically mined diamonds for the Oscars last year. All credit to her- she pulls it off. You can read about the dress in her green carpet blog

  • it’s very nice to have the comments on the same page as the article. that way, when i forget what someone who i can barely place is wearing, i can just upscroll.

    i think christina ricci, jennifer lopez, ashley olsen & the scarcely appropriate current face of chanel look very pretty.

    i actually like alicia keys’ jacket. she looks like she skinned a reptilian. the slow the tape down so you can see their eyes change crowd would be impressed.

    i do not understand what barbara walters is wearing, or why. after all this time.

  • Lela

    :O You guys like Game of Thrones?? You should totally blog it! Fruit up the dudely fantasy series! 😀

  • Anonymous

    Holy shit, Madonna looks great for a change!

    Most of these are snoozes or stand out for the wrong reasons (eh, JLo?), but I do agree – Christina Ricci got it right!

  • Clairehoog

    Colin’s wife wins the worst of the night. Had it been a dress, she would have been all good. But good people the woman HAS KHAKI PANTS ON UNDERNEATH HER SKIRT. AND SHE SHOWED PEOPLE. Like OMG. Did she just drop her kids off at school? Was there a PTA meeting and she simply didn’t have time to take her sensible mom pants on? This is the freaking Met Gala. Khaki pants, especially under a dress, are just a no.

    • joyjoy

      You’re going to have to provide a link for that info. Pretty please.

      • joyjoy

        Never mind, I posted the link on page 4 of this thread.

  • I love Madonna – just freaking love her, always have, no matter what she wears. So to see her in THIS? Just really vindicates me for all the times I’ve defended her when she’s looked silly.

  • Lee

    Ginnifer Goodwin looks really great. One of my favorite looks. Who cares if it’s Top Shop? The makeup, the jewelry, the shoes, the whole look was beautifully executed.

  • Gracie

    I wondered why Florence Welch got to go, but then I remembered that she looks so amazing in everything she wears that she just SHOULD be everywhere.

  • MarziRocks

    Ricci brought it TWICE. Holy cracktastic spiderweb dress, Batman.

    JLo’s dress would have been punched up about 20 levels if she’d gone with only ONE of the things around her face. Shoulder flower poufs or neck tie thing a ma jig, but both is a little much.

  • Anonymous

    Bravo Christina, Madonna, & Florence! Outstanding! 😀

  • Anonymous

    Christina Ricci WOW! JLo tacky and not pretty. Barbara Walters and Elle Fanning…is there a mirror shortage? WTH?

  • mskat

    Madonna seems to have stopped the terribly stringy-arms thing she had going. Maybe she had a sandwich? She looks beautiful.

  • OMG

    Nooooooooooo, TLo, it turns out Livia Giugiolli is secretly wearing PANTS. That’s not a dress, it’s a shirt and pants with a crazy wrap around DUST RUFLLE. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

    • joyjoy

      Will somebody please supply a link to a picture of this getup???

      • joyjoy

        Because in a way it makes me love Mrs. Firth even more.

        • joyjoy

          Pic link posted on page 4 of this thread.

  • I love seeing the people in the background. What’s with the lady all in black in the Serena picture, for example, with the jarring nude shoes? What is the yellow monstrosity on the butt of the woman behind Keri Hilson? Emma Stone got a bigger celeb that she is lurking behind her — yikes. But I’d like to get a full shot of the black-and-white number beside Isla.

  • tara

    LOVE Elle Fanning. I love that she chose to wear this cute, retro look. I don’t think women or girls (in this case) have to show off their body or wear something form fitting or body flattering (as you may say) to look good. This is just fun fashion. Yes, she looks like a doll, but I love that look. I knew you guys would hate it.

  • cc

    Maggie Gyllenhaal NEVER EVER wears a bra – the girls are always resting on her belly making her look like Sophia from the Golden Girls

  • NewtonGOTbeaned

    You know, I kind of like Alicia Key’s dress. Sure, it’s insane and the waist in too high and it’s too much brown, but I like the steampunk-ness of it and she’s kind of pulling it off.
    Blake look uncharacteristically great, She should do the goddess thing more often.
    I don’t understand why Diana Agron can’t dress herself. It’s not like she doesn’t have boatloads of raw material to work with.

  • alyce1213

    Now wait a second – “Sarah Jessica Parker in Alexander McQueen. When SJP really wants to impress people, no one can touch her. She looks flawless here. We love the pairing of the ice-blue shoes.”
    So what was wrong with Livia Giuggioli’s green shoes with her deep, neutral dress? (Is the color really pewter? On my new monitor, it looks like a cafe color, too much brown for pewter.) I think she and Colin Firth are both flawless. And he looks like he’s knocked off a couple of pounds, too.

  • Wednesday Addams looks like she fell down the basement stairs and brought all the cobwebs to the gala…

    That was MADONNA??? I thought it was Scarlet Johanson. RIGHT ON MADONNA! Best everything of the night!

  • oh god those hats are ridiculous. they were ridiculous even at the royal wedding.and here… just – GO AWAY. and yeah COULDN’T AGREE MORE ABOUT CHRISTINA RICCI!! first thing I thought when I saw her – wow, now THAT is how you bring it

  • rebecca

    Go Christina Ricci! Amazingness. Why are those bland Glee girls invited? ugh.

  • Anonymous

    The big question of the evening is where is all the McQueen???

  • Anonymous

    Elle Fanning = Eloise leaves the Plaza to audition for 42nd Street.

    I was wondering who left the feathery whisps all over the place. Glad the Serena shot cleared that up.

  • Anonymous

    It’s rather surprising to NOT see the Olsens joined at the hip….it’s about time they cut the cord. Dislike what each is wearing though. Ashely looks ready to grab 10 or so beer mugs, like an Octoberfest wench…

  • Anonymous

    I literally spent 10 minutes just staring at Christina Ricci. Perfection. Utter perfection. Also perfection; Florence Welch (as always) and surprisingly enough, Madonna. I really love that dress on her. I’d probably say they’re the three best dressed people of the night.

  • Madonna rules! Always has….always will. Serena – you are seriously crazy girl!

  • Madonna rules! Always has….always will. Serena – you are seriously crazy girl!

  • Nancy lee

    I love the looks some of the other guests are giving some of those being photographed. They are looking at them with what we are all thinking!!!

    Thanks for the laughs – very funny commentary!!

  • Lulu

    – Holy Shit, Barbara Walters looks crazy! I love it!
    – Christina Ricci – WERQ
    – Livia Guggioli looks so gorgeous.
    – Holy Shit, Madonna looks amazing! Why hasn’t she been dressing like this for the past 10-15 years?
    – Maggie G. is allergic to bras. I don’t know why, but this chick always feels she has to subject us to her droopy mammaries. Somebody in this woman’s life needs to say something to her.

  • joyjoy

    OK, fine, I went out and got the link to Livia’s Pants myself:

    The pants match the gown. Same fabric. People actually find this shocking?

    No hysteria from me! I probably would have done the same, since I’m not a dressygirl.

    I just wish the designer had made it a stronger design decision, making it fun, pairing elegant pants as the surprise element of a rather standard gown-skirt. Done with more commitment, this could be a fun variation on Make A Pretty Dress.

  • joyjoy

    OK, fine, I went out and got the link to Livia’s Pants myself:

    The pants match the gown. Same fabric. People actually find this shocking?

    No hysteria from me! I probably would have done the same, since I’m not a dressygirl.

    I just wish the designer had made it a stronger design decision, making it fun, pairing elegant pants as the surprise element of a rather standard gown-skirt. Done with more commitment, this could be a fun variation on Make A Pretty Dress.

  • Anonymous

    Livia Giuggioli, I love your shoes!!! They are eighty kinds of awesome…

  • Cdawnmitchell

    I have to speak up for little Veronica Mars! She’s such a wee little figurine of a person. I know TLo are looking for drama here but too much goin’ on and she’s lost. And the fact that she looks long and not stumpy is a miracle. I think the gold grecian dress is lovely on her.

  • Aaa_1188

    I love Livia’s shoes…. not too much at all. Mind you, this comes from a very jelous fan of Colin “mr darcy” Firth. I always think she’s stolen him from me 🙂

  • CityKid

    Madonna killed it. No one even came close