Mark Ruffalo for Blackbook Magazine

Posted on May 09, 2011

Dear Magazine Editors,

We thought perhaps the last attempt at doing this would have woken you up, but apparently we need to spell it out for you.
BlackBook May 2011 Issue
Photographer: David Roemer @ Atelier Management
Fashion Editor: Christopher Campbell @ Atelier Management
Grooming: Gita Bass @ Exclusive Artists


For God’s sake, stop pointing a camera at him. He looks miserably uncomfortable.

You’re welcome.

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    • MilaXX

      Is this a joke? The first two are merely bad, but the last two? In the first one he looks like someone found and old ad from Miami Vice and the last one? No words. The sum total is just awful.

    • Miggy!

      Wow, it’s never a good sign when your first reaction to a photo spread is “HAHA!”

    • Miss Heather

      Also, the last one makes him look seriously hairy.

      • Sara Munoz

        And the problem is… ?

        • QitKat

          Back hair??

    • Mirakel

      What is going on with his crotch in the third picture??!

      • Anonymous

        Ha haha! Now all I can see is that insane crotch! What is going on?!

      • tom

        I suspect he is going commando. Rumor has it that he has a lovely apppendage, I think that is wait you are seeing to the his left.

        • Anonymous

          It looks like he’s got a concrete mixer in there and it’s twisting his crotch all to hell.

          • Len

            Your comment made my day and just hope I will never have to encounter a concrete mixer crotch in my real life.

      • twotonepeeper

        OMG, I didn’t even notice! It’s a vortex created by borrowing J.Lo’s pants!!!

      • Johnny Heffernan

        All I see is a camel toe.

    • Jmissinmass

      Looks like a 2 inch rise in pleated pants. Not good.

    • RyRyRy

      Blech. In that last pic he reminds me of George Michael having faitha faitha faith-a

    • tom

      I will agree, he is not a model. But he is a very sexy man, in my opinion. I woul dtake his looks over 90% of all proffessional male models any day. He’s not coiffed, waxed, tweezed and primped to death. Very, very sexy……
      Should he be modeling clothes in a fashion magazine? Probably not but that doesn’t seem to stop many, many other celebrities and their PR agents form making it happen.

      • scottyf

        Well said.

        Mr. Ruffalo can always count on getting a “RUFF!” and a “WOOF!” from me. 😉

        • tom

          I hear you and give you a big “A-MEN”! :)

        • Anonymous

          Yeah all I saw was damn this man is hot. like real man sexy hot. I think I started dating my current bf because he had a sort of similar look.

        • scottyf

          All through The Kids Are All Right I kept thinking: “yeah, he’s hot enough to make a gay person turn straight for a minute.” :-)

    • C.Jean

      I don’t know or care much about this guy, but I admit that this sad and uncomfortable shoot makes me feel really bad for him. He looks to be pretty attractive–why are they stuffing him into these ghastly outfits and making him so unhappy? Surely he deserves better?

    • Izzy

      I really don’t see his appeal at all. He’s not bad looking, just….not my type. These pictures are not helping his case.

      Although, on the second to last pic, despite looking like he stepped off the set for Miami Vice, he seems to be channeling Warren Beatty in his face.

    • Emily

      They made him look terrible — old and like John Mellencamp.

    • Jessica TallGirl Freeman

      His face just looks strange in the 3rd pic…and now the previous poster has me fixated on what is going on with the crotch area…

    • Wendi126

      He looks pissed off. Third pic looks like he has gigantor cameltoe . I do find him totally sexy and hot, but not in these pics.

    • judy brown

      Wow, an arm so hairy, they had to shave his hand from the wrist down!

      • StaceyJ

        Had to take another look at the photos after reading your comment. Yup. The first pic has a hairless hand and wrist and the last one is au natural.

        • Gerry

          There is hair on the back of his hand in the first picture. The angle of the arm and the size of the massive paw in the first pic do suggest photoshop was involved.

    • Jessica TallGirl Freeman

      His face just looks strange in the 3rd pic…and now the previous poster has me fixated on what is going on with the crotch area…

    • Mac

      The clothes are hideous, INSANE crotch, and the last pic is just atrocious! He’s kinda hot though, with all the hair and scruffiness.

    • halley

      I love it but only because the comments are making me LOL at work!!

    • DH

      Yech. I find him horribly unattractive anyway, but this is just pathetic.

    • Miss Fern

      Don’t care. Still hot hot hot.

    • Anonymous

      But damn he’s wearing/ruining the look of some pretty clothes in that first photo.

    • Sara Munoz

      Seriously, the picture with the acid-washed jacket. Those clothes are horrible. Take them off. Now.

    • Lori G

      He needs to fire his publicist. He’s a great actor, but…no. Just no. The very first thing I thought, when I saw these were, “Oh honey, you’re NOT a model!” Samantha Jones would be apoplectic! xoxo

    • Vera

      He looks so hot on screen. In these photos, not so much.

    • Booksontheavenue

      I think he’s extremely hot and probably the best actor working right now in his age group. You can see his “appendage” in “In the Cut” and it’s very nice, I must say. He’s very intelligent and very sweet and hotter than Georgia asphalt. Now, TLO, I don’t understand your obsession with cutting the man down, but PLEASE STOP! I want more and more and MORE photos of him. (preferably showing off all that beautiful body hair)

    • { edi } ilovetrash

      why is he showing us his armpit?
      why does he have the bottom of his jacket pulled out in such a way that, on cursory glance, it looks like a stiffened version of what, on further inspection, seems to be missing?
      why did i think he said he ate a banana, then peed in a grave?
      i’m tired, i think, but the whole business lends itself to these questions.

    • Mark Talsma

      I feel like he’s really hot, but you’re right – not a model. I prefer him when he’s acting on screen than when he’s posing in magazines.

    • Vickie Lord

      He’s a hottie though!

    • Michelle Zaengle

      I’d still let him hump my leg.

    • Michelle Zaengle

      I’d still let him hump my leg.

    • Anonymous

      Please make it stop! That said, I do find him kinda sexy even though he has no modeling skills.

    • StL K

      He looks handsome. The clothes, such as they are, look fine on him. I don’t get why everyone’s panties are in a twist over this shoot. He looks kinda bored, but men’s fashion is boring. Good for him.

    • Guest – NO WIRE HANGERS!!!!


    • Anonymous

      He can be pretty sexy sometimes.. esp w/short hair and a 5’clock.

    • Momzilla

      T and Lo: women really get a vibe off Ruffalo. He looks like a very fun and uncomplicated fuck. And yes, he’s no model but he gets asked to do this. The photographer, the stylist and the editor are the ones at fault, not Ruffalo. The clothes are dreadful, the lighting is unbelievably bad, they seemed to have done the opposite of photoshop, and that picture with his trousers bunched over his goods is, it’s like they were pulling a trick on him.

    • QitKat

      In that third picture, he reminds me of Billy Bob Thornton. Not thinking that’s a good thing.

    • Sarah

      I totally disagree – I think he looks gorgeous, and sexy as hell.

    • Celia

      I don’t care. He looks hot as hell to me.

    • sky_shannon

      Stop photographing this monkey. Just not attractive. Period. And I usually dig a hairy guy.

    • Anonymous

      This is the Mark Ruffalo “HOW YOU DOON” editorial, sponsored by Blackbook Magazine.

    • twotonepeeper

      I just look at the last photo and think “he really needs some freaking chapstick”

    • Denise

      I used to be hot for this guy but he has worn out his welcome. Stop with the Miami Vice posing and pursed lips. He should have done this when he was a kid. Now it just seems like a mid life crisis.

    • Johnny Heffernan

      All I see is a camel toe.