Usher (and Son) in New York City

Posted on May 03, 2011

Okay, ladies. We’re warning you now. There’s an ovary bomb in this post and it’s set to go off.

Usher leaving his tour bus with his son.

We WARNED you, didn’t we? Fashion-wise, there are only two things worth discussing here: the sunglasses, which are fabulous (although we doubt he’d describe them that way) and which we could never in a million years pull off; and the cardigan, for which either of us would cut a bitch.  Hate the pants. We realize it’s customary for a lot of African-American men to wear their pants large, but we look at his upper body, which looks drool-worthy in that clingy-tee and cardigan, and then we look at that lower half, which looks totally Barney Rubble to us. We’re hopelessly white, we guess.

But he looks good; cool, casual, and put together. We think the bag in his right hand is a bit ugly, but that accessory hanging on his left hand is pretty much perfect.


[Photo Credit: WireImage]

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  • le sigh.

  • MilaXX

    I hate the baggy pants, but man the best thing to come out of that trainwreck of a marriage are his kids. They are simply too cute for words.

    • Anonymous

      Who’s he married to?
      – BB, apparently living in a cave

      • MilaXX

        Girl talking about his ex is a whole ‘nother drama. He started dating this older woman Tanisha something. Both fans and if the rumor mill is to be believed his mother *HATED* her. Usher fired his mom as manager, married her and had 2 kids. The album that came out during that period bombed. She nearly dies after sneaking ff to Brazil for a “secret” tummy tuck. Shortly thereafter they divorce which got ugly for a minute. He rehires mom and begins making hit records again.

        • Anonymous

          Oy vay. Thanks, Mila.

        • I think it was Tameka. Tameka Foster. Her and his mom never got along because they’re both controlling bitches who fought for control of his career, which was on a downward slide during this time.

          • MilaXX

            Yes, that’s her name. All I could recall was people saying she looked manish and calling her “Manika” instead of her proper name.

        • Man, now I’m going to be spending a giant chunk of time looking this story up on Google… 🙂

          • Jen

            Pop some popcorn first – it’s quite entertaining. So I want to know if that cute little tot is actually Ben Vereen’s grandkid?

        • her name’s tameka…supposedly his former stylist, i think.

      • MilaXX

        he was married to a woman named Tameka Foster. They’re divorced

  • tee

    That kid is soooo cute!!

    I’m black – I don’t like the baggy pants thing. And I’ve seen plenty of blipsters wearing skinny jeans…I think it’s less of a race thing than a trend that some people just haven’t let go of quite yet.

    • dana

      I totally agree. Its not a race thing bc I’ve seen a fair share of non-African American men with baggy pants. Its more of a trend that I think is slowly disappearing….or at least I hope!

  • I’m not one of those girls that’s yearning to push a watermelon through my favorite place, but is it just me or is his kid the cutest thing about him or what?!

  • Anonymous

    Also, from my cave: what does “ovary bomb” mean? A kid?

    • tommytimp

      An “ovary bomb” is an expression meaning anything cute-kid-centric that would, when taken to the illogical extreme, make a woman ache to have her ovaries stocked with fresh eggs so she could have a child thatcute rightnow!

      • Anonymous

        Thanks for the explanation. And also, eccch.

  • TheGirlInTheAfternoon

    I would hit it and never quit it.

  • oooh, that CARDIGAN!!!! it’s wonderful. I’m kind of surprised to see Usher wearing a cardigan. That bag is hideous. I’m pretty sure I see it every time I go to goodwill. The kiddo is cute for sure, though no ovary bombs have gone off in my vicinity. Just not interested in spawn of my own. I like the way the kid is dressed, too – nice little preppy but still totally kid-clothes. [lots of celebs dress their kids like crazy-ass monkeys. I don’t love this. Jennifer Garner wins Mom-stylist-of-the-century for the way she dresses her girls. They don’t look like celebrity monkey-children; they look like any old kid]. Well done, Usher, on the cardigan AND the little boy!

  • OnlyMe

    I never really got the Usher appeal – but that kid is cute as anything.

  • Anonymous

    I KNEW there were men of color on the street! I’ve SEEN them!

    I love the top half (I too would kill for the cardigan and the glasses). And I think if he had on a pair of pants which more closely matched the color and fit of his little man, the ensemble would be perfect.

    But I DO understand why he’s wearing his pants that large. We need a lot of room down there.

    • Anonymous


    • MilaXX

      Pick up a copy of Essence featuring the men of Jumping the Broom. Lots of chocolate goodness in there.

      • Anonymous

        MilaXX said…
        “Pick up a copy of Essence featuring the men of Jumping the Broom. Lots of chocolate goodness in there.”

        Damn. And I was just about to start a diet! Oh well… 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Yes, indeed. He looks fine from the waist up. I’ve seen him look better, but this is passing. Cute little one, too.

  • Momzilla

    I’m hoping that haircut is a transitional thing and next week he can get it cut the way it’s supposed to look.

    • Anonymous

      Agree and Dislike. It would’ve taken me a while to recognize him if TLo hadn’t identified him.

    • Anonymous

      yeah it kind of looks like it could have a design cut into it, which would be fine. I’d just say go in one direction or the other, but I’m a bigger fan of his usual, more conservative look.

  • Kit

    Both are cute but I know I’ve worked retail too long when my first thought is thankfulness over how tight he’s holding his kid’s hand.

    • Anonymous

      No need to link that to retail. Anyone who has ever gotten o the subway car with a hyperactive kid on board will agree with you.

      • I’ve never done either, and I appreciate it. Because a kid that age doesn’t always remember why it’s a bad idea to run into the street and the kid shouldn’t have to suffer because some parents don’t want to do their job!

  • Claude

    Any info on the glassesÉ Couldnèt pull them off, but BF might…Bday coming up…

  • Nary a stroller or nanny in sight.
    CUTE KID!!!!!

  • ApexGDS

    What’s going on with the weirdly wide domed mowhawk-ish business going on up top????

  • Anonymous

    Too Much Cute. Though I dodged the ovary bomb, there’s not enough Cute in the world to make me want to raise that age child again. I LIKE being able to let my attention wander.

  • tom

    I don’t get the “Usher is so hot!” thing. Granted, smoking hot abs and bod but not so much in the face for me. And I’m not sure about the wierd detail across the shoulders on that cardigan. I suspect that on almost any other man, this would look like a womans sweater. (Truth be told, it looks like a girls sweater on him bit I’m pretty sure he could beat the crap out of me so…)

  • I totally get the Usher appeal. Guilty as charged. But that hair and facial hair has go to go. He is far to attractive to have his head looking this messy. I took me until after I read TLo’s description to even notice the clothes.

    • Jen

      Usher’s really low hairline permanently took him out of my hot category. I kind of like the height of the hair on him, but the fauxhawk is seriously messy.

  • Whitney

    When that man dances…..

    (fanning self)

    Nnever mind, I’m a work.

  • dee

    I don’t even consider those baggy, but as someone who constantly sees black guys in what amounts to Jeggings for men(and saggy ones at that!)???? Oh I’ll take a baggy jean any day.

  • Kimmeister

    Usher is the quintessential buttaface for me. Not particularly loving the shades either. I wouldn’t have issue with him in baggy pants if it weren’t that these appear to be TAPERED??? Next step, jodhpurs!

    I don’t intend to have children but I have to say that little black boys are the cutest kids ever.

  • Mac

    I would cut a bitch for that cardigan too. Cute kid.

  • Abby

    You know, the thing I notice most in the “Man on the Street” posts is the luggage. I have serious luggage envy, and these rich folks have gorgeous bags. Also, men don’t seem to do the rolling bags. I guess it looks wimpy or something?

  • Anonymous

    I have to say, it does look like if he lost the shirt and sweater, he might cause traffic to stop.

  • Long Island

    Usher has his serious Dad face on. The little one looks like he is ready to go.

  • Anonymous

    Very Marshall Fields on top.
    Very Macy’s from the belt down.

    Children do make the most wonderful fashion accessories, don’t you agree? This kid is worthy of the Disney channel.

  • Anonymous

    He looks really good here. Some skinny jeans and he’d be print+tape-to-the-wall good! 😉

  • Nancy

    I think he looks great except for the pants. It’s OK that they are loose-fitting, but they pooch out in the front. JLo made the same mistake in a recent post, although hers were sparkly, and I believe there was some mention of a trapped fart. Same thing here. Little Usher makes it all OK, though. He is adorable and so is Dad.

  • Anonymous

    Meh. I can’t stand that guy.

  • Candigirl1968

    Love that Usher’s little boy has a ball and he’s clutching it for dear life, as if to say, “I have an accessory too!” The problem with the pants is that they are sitting on his hips. If he pulled them up (as he has done with his child’s trousers) and had a belt, they might look less “yech.” Also, love that Usher has the “seems like a loose grip, but kid this hand will snap closed like a vice if you try to take off” daddy hand-holding thing going on.

  • Anonymous

    Too funny because I was thinking the only things I like about his look is his sunglasses and sweater…then read the TLo comments! 😀

    I kind of like the necklace too…couldn’t wear it nor the shades either..oh well.

    He looks comfy casual though…and what a cute & happy little boy.

  • Anonymous

    The pants aren’t baggy they are hanging off his ass. How can you wear a tapered leg and belt your pants beneath your butt.

  • boweryboy

    scottyf said: “But I DO understand why he’s wearing his pants that large. We need a lot of room down there.”


  • cc

    There is something completely ridiculous about these men having stylists to prep them for a walk in public

  • I love his hair. And yes, his son is adorable.

  • Anonymous

    oh my god so adorable. cutest kid ever. Also I love his outfit, minus the bagginess he looks gooddddd

  • pooj


  • Anonymous