Lifetime’s Project Runway Extravaganza

Posted on May 03, 2011

Not only is it coming back, kittens; it’s coming back in the biggest possible way. Hold on to your pincushions because we’re about to have a very Project Runway year.

Lifetime? Take it away:

“Lifetime’s Emmy-nominated hit series “Project Runway,” 2010’s number one competitive reality program on ad-supported cable among Women and Households, will return for its ninth season this summer. Casting is already under way across the country, looking for the brightest new talent in fashion design.”

BUT. That’s not all PR-philes!

“In addition to Season 9 of “Project Runway,” fans will be delighted to see the return of “Project Runway All Stars.” Eight one-hour episodes of “All Stars” will feature talented and memorable past contestants from the series, who will once again compete against each other in a series of challenges to show they still have the innovation, talent and poise that made them household names.”

WOW. EIGHT episodes of Project Runway All-Stars? That sounds like it could be fun, but it’ll depend on who the “All-Stars” are. You can vote for who you want to return over at the Lifetime site, although we have no idea if it’ll have any bearing on the show.

But wait! That’s STILL not all!

“A brand-new series, “Project Accessory,” will follow enterprising artists who will be put to the test to create the newest and hottest trends in accessories as they compete for a cash grand prize to help them launch their own fashion accessories business.”

What do the bitter kittens think? We’re ready for the main show to come back and we have to admit, both of the spinoffs sound fun. Is it Project Runway overkill? Are you maintaining your vow to never watch the show again?


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    • Brian Lipinski

      “Lifetime’s Emmy-nominated hit series “Project Runway,” 2010′s number one competitive reality program on ad-supported cable among Women and Households…”

      That’s a lot of qualifiers in there.

      But hell, I’m excited. I probably won’t watch Project Accessory, but I’m down for a regular season + all-stars.

      • TomTom

        SOOO many qualifiers! Number one out of Five other shows!

      • Lynn Landry

        i was so going to post snark about this line! Made me spit my coffee.

    • twc

      I don’t know about the Accessory show, but I will watch the other two Runways.

      Do you know if the Art show is returning?

      • MilaXX

        Work of Art was renewed for a second season. haven’t heard nay casting info or a return date yet.

    • MilaXX

      Sounds interesting. I’m guessing they took at look at the many permutations of Top Chef and figured they could do a few with PR. The All Stars could be fun, and I’m definitely interested in the accessories show. I just don;’t know if it will hold the audiences attention as a show on it’s own.

      • Mac

        I agree, mostly because I don’t know if someone that makes hats can make belts, clutches and boots the way a dressmaker can make a jacket… I’m vaguely interested but dubious.

    • Anonymous

      I’ll probably check them all out…but I’m drawing the line at Project Tchotchkes.

    • Paige Mano

      I’m still kind of bitter about how the last season of PR ended, but I’m definitely up for the All-Stars series.

      • Lisa

        I’m with you – as long as last season’s “winner” isn’t in on it!

    • Anonymous

      I think I would rather watch the new Chris March show. When does that start.

      I do hope they bring back Laura Bennett (love her) and the lovely Wendy Pepper. Classic TV.

    • kbryna frogboots

      The accessory show sounds a bit peculiar. I can see that going vastly awry – whenever other reality shows require contestants to make an accessory, it usually gets ugly. But I’ll be watching PR on – so I can keep up with TLo. I’d like to watch the All-stars, too; if they post those episodes online, and it doesn’t coincide with some kind of dissertation catastrophe of work, I’ll watch. I wish I could afford cable so I could watch for real. :( TLo, you ought to be special guest judges for All-Stars!! For the All-Star Finale!

      • ask

        “I wish I could afford cable so I could watch for real.” I feel for you. At the beginning of the last season, I was staying in hotels – traveling for work, so I could not see the show live.

        As with most, I have concerns about how well they will do accessories. How about a whole season of designing for “real women”. Multiple challenges with extremely short/petite, tall, model plus size and real plus size? Because i have been watching the last couple of rerun marathons and want to smack those folks who don’t get that “regular.avg women” want pretty – just bigger (to fit)

    • Gin Peck

      Project Accessory?! Please, please, oh please, I’m begging, there has to be a Royal Wedding Hat episode! Princess Beatrice ain’t got nothing on that.

      • suzq

        Aug 18, 2010, Project Runway, Season 8 did a Philip Treacy challenge, “Hat’s Off to You.” Designers were to make a dress that went with the various hats Treacy provided.

        To do actual milinary takes a bit of time and effort. You’ll recall in Season 4, Jillian Lewis made the hats for her final show and there was quite a bit involved. Could be interesting.

        • Gin Peck

          Yep, building from absolute scratch would be time-consuming and not very interesting television. (Here’s designer X, steaming a brim. And still steaming. And a little more steam. :snore:) I could see being given a selection of pre-shaped, pre-dyed buckram frames to use as bases.

    • Devin Christopher

      OMG my DVR is gonna be hard at work this year! I will be watching all 3 shows. Gotta love the original PR, loving the idea of an accessory’s show and LIVING for the All-Stars….in which I hope Mondo will be back in action. <3 Overkill? I think not!!! Life without Project Runway this past year has been DREADFUL! I need my fill plus interest!

    • Shannon Stewart

      So excited!!! I’m not too sure about Project Accessory, but I’ll give it a try for the 1st season. All-Stars will thrill me to no end, providing that it isn’t all people from seasons 6 and 8. (Wouldn’t that be an irritating little twist?)

    • Stephanie Rosalie Polizzi

      i like all stars, although they already had chris march, who i love, so there’s that. accessory… overkill.

    • Jessica TallGirl Freeman

      It just depends on who they bring back for the All Stars, but I have no doubt they will pick a good mix! SANTINO!!! AUSTIN!!!

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        Lifetime did an abbreviated Project Runway-All Stars, and Santino appeared on that show, so whether they would bring him back again is questionable. I’ll watch the PR, and probably PR All Stars, but don’t find the accessory show appealing.

    • Lauren Jean St. Martin

      Psh, of course we’ll be watching! Maybe not accessories, but that all sounds FANTASTIC!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Anything’s gotta be better than D.C. Cupcakes.

      • Rebecca

        Is that the one about the 2 sisters who quit their jobs to open a bakery, but have no training? They just took their grandma’s recipes?

        • MilaXX

          yep, that’s the one. I watched 1 ep last season and gave up. These women are too dumb to live. How they manage to run a business is beyond me.

          • Anonymous

            It’s awful, isn’t it? I watched it a couple times. They’re so aware of being on camera. Your cat grooming herself does sound more interesting–and I’m totally a dog person.

            • Rachael Dickson

              Agreed! I love cupcakes and I love Georgetown Cupcakes (I live nearby) and I loved them being these intelligent entrepreneurs who launched this crazy successful business….but their show makes them both look like major idiots who are really really out of their league. I was so disappointed in it!

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            Amazing publicity, and do not underestimate the twee factor of cupcakes for the Washington D.C. crowd

          • Rebecca

            Okay, yea. Bad. I tried to watch a few times, thinking ‘okay, this was just a boring episode.’ But no. They are all like that. Heck, I don’t expect high drama from a show about a cupcake shop, but I do expect to see interesting things and interesting people.

        • Anonymous

          I guess so. I don’t know the part about no training, but it’s two sisters and their “Mommy,” and everything they say sounds scripted.

      • MilaXX

        watching my cat groom herself is more interesting than D.C.Cupcakes.

      • Anonymous

        I keep seeing promos for a show about a woman with a manicure salon.

        There are no words.

        • Anonymous

          Oh, no. There’s already one about people who shop with coupons. Maybe Milaxx’s cat can get a show!

          • Rebecca

            I know! The coupon people freak me out…is it worth the loss of 15 hours of your personal time every week to get 50 bottles of soda for free? You should be more worried about your need for that much soda. I’m all for savings and getting a good deal, but I also want to have a life and not have bottles of detergent and zip-lock bags decorating my living room.

    • Shelf Afterlife

      I’m there, I’m SO there, and I’m there too! I hope Mondo is one of the All-Stars!

    • Katherine Pisarro-Grant

      I have to say, this is really exciting. I miss PR, and I’ll take all I can get!

    • Anonymous

      Type your comment here.
      Project Accessory sounds a bit shady. However, perhaps I could get some cool ideas to DIY my own stuff. I am, however, quite excited about another All-Stars show. I hope they bring back some of the more classic characters from past seasons and have interesting challenges, or maybe some of the more memorable challenges.

    • Anonymous

      Mondo is #1 in voting so that’s good. I really like accessories, so I will definitely give it a try, the others are a definite addition to my DVR line-up!

    • tom

      Project Runway? Yes, I’ll have a senior moment and forget I screamed at the TV, “Gretchen?! GRETCHEN!?!? I will NEVER watch that show again!”. It’s not on tape, nobody can prove anything. The All Stars sounds fun, count me in. Accessories? Eh, maybe not so much.

      • tom

        In a related note, Sunday, I was watching bored tv and ran across season whatever form 2006, the one with Laura Bennett. Anywhoo, Rachel Zoe was a guest judge and I almost didn’t recognize her! She was fresh faced, full of cheek, healthy looking. What happened between then and her last couple of seasons on The Rachel Zoe Project? It wasn’t that much time….

        • Anonymous

          I watched the mini-marathon as well as was totally freaked out at how “normal” Rachel looked way back when.

        • Anonymous

          I’ll tell you what happened: her husband had an ovary bomb.

    • Natalie Chalabi

      I’m more interested in the spinoffs than the regular show, which I would totally quit but for feeling left out on the TLo goodness.

    • Nels P. Highberg

      2010′s number one competitive reality program on ad-supported cable among Women and Households.

      When you have to add that many qualifiers to a statement, it’s almost not worth making.

      • Anonymous

        Except, perhaps, to advertisers looking for a cable show that attracts Women and Households. Which seems an oddly desperate way to announce a couple of new spin-offs.

    • Jill

      Not watching. But then, I didn’t find this show until last season. And even though I went back and tried to catch up by watching seasons 1, 2 & 3, it was in such quick succession that I didn’t foment an addiction to this show over time like many here have. I’ll just rely on your recaps, which have always been more entertaining than the actual show, anyway.

    • Miss Heather

      Shouldn’t that be “talented OR memorable”?

    • rachelmed

      I’ll probably tune into the all-stars depending on who they get but unless you boys convince me that judging has changed or the cast is too amazing to miss, I don’t think I will be tuning into the original or the accessory spin-off.

    • Mel

      I wish I could put my finger on what made me lose interest in PR.

      • ask

        GRETCHEN winning?

      • Anonymous

        I was just thinking that, then I saw other people saying, “GRETCHEN won!” and I was like, Oh yeah! That’s why I was so bored last season!

      • Victoria vvonbiel

        I think the word you’re looking for is “Gretchen.”

    • Anonymous

      Mondo *has* to be one of the All Stars. Actually, Mondo needs to be in every season from now on.

      PR:Accessories could be tricky. I can see it having a lot of bugs to work out. However, as with Top Chef, I’ll watch, or at least give a chance to, every iteration of PR. There is no PR overkill. I would be happy if TC and PR were always on in some way, shape or form.

      I’m not a fan of Laura Bennett or Wendy Pepper, but having both of them on All-Stars sure would be a trip.

    • Anonymous

      Sounds interesting, but it seems like that Project Accessory will be the toughest to cast since there are so many different skill sets needed to manufacture different accessories – seems like it will be tough unless the designers are going to have helping hands.

      And I agree the all-stars could be great – BUT (big but) it depends on who they consider the all-stars to be. Do I want to sit through another season of Jeffrey, SweetP, Vincent, or some of the others (whose names I, fortunately, can’t remember) who were there for drama rather than talent.

      I hope that PR itself will return to basics. It’s been interesting watching reruns of the early seasons recently on the Style Network. Those early seasons put the last few to shame. PR lost its mojo somewhere on the move to Lifetime (they must have used the same Man With Van guys I used to move me into my last apartment.) The stuff those mover lost, I never got back. Hopefully PR will be luckier and someone will find and return its mojo.

    • SQ

      OH. MY. CHER! I can hardly wait!

    • Suzie Vazquez

      Sounds wonderful to me! Can’t wait :)

    • Lori B

      Was I angry? At who, for what?…Seriously, Mondo lost the battle but won the war, that’s clear. And so yes, I’m very excited about a new regular season.
      All-Stars, all depends on who they get. Please let them go heavy on seasons 1, 2 and 3. Santino, Austin, Laura, Uli. Not sure if Mondo should do it again so soon.
      Accessories, an entire hour of people making earrings sounds weird and boring,, but if I’m wrong I’m there.

      • Anonymous

        Laura! The return of Bad Mommy! I loooove her, l lurve her, I luff her. She would rock my socks.

    • vmcdanie

      I dunno about the Accessories show. I don’t know about any of it. I am waiting for the T Lo green light first. The show was SO bad last season. Plus, I heard a rumor they are back in LA. Is this so? No likey.

    • Klguminski

      OMG! I’m so excited, I think I just pee-peed a little bit!

    • Linda Harris

      I just hope they have more two or three day challenges

    • Becca Knox

      If Project Accessory gets Nina to stop harping on stying and focus on the clothing in the regular PR I will appreciate it.

    • GSK

      Honestly, I burned out on PR a couple of seasons ago and just completely lost interest. The thought of all these variations just exhausts me, but I’ll definitely read all about it on TLo Central!

    • Anonymous

      Not sure about project accessory. But I had to go over and vote for our gal Laura Bennett!

    • Rroseselavy

      “In addition to Season 9 of “Project Runway,” fans will be delighted to see the return of “Project Runway All Stars.” ”

      So in addition to Season 9 of Project Runway being delighted about the all-stars show, fans will also be delighted? Fire that copywriter.

    • gwyn

      Of course, I’ll watch PR and all-stars as long as Tim is involved (I swear, every year I expect them to can him). Unless it mostly consists of the creeps like Angry Little Peanut and Wendy. Then I’d have to apply my basic assessment rule: Is this taking up time I could be wasting online? But the accessories thing… that would have to be some spectacular TV to lure me.

    • mjude

      of course i will be there! hey scottyf, i am all about tchothckes!

    • Womyn2me

      I will not watch, but I will read your updates. Thus supporting the right people and not Lifetime and the terrible results from last year

    • Rroseselavy

      I may watch the All-Stars, but I’m probably done with the regular series and not interested in the accessories. Sorry, but Iman’s evil look of death has infiltrated the fear portion of my cranial cavities and forced my allegiance to The Fashion Show instead. Is that coming back?

    • Anonymous

      Sorry – this is a test to see if I got the profile settings right. TLo, feel free to erase it. Thanks!

    • Anonymous

      I’ll watch all of them…but the accessories show = trial basis.

      I would love to see Maya Luz come back and do really well! Some of her designs showed great promise, and it’d be fun to see what else she can do. She was very young; I’m sure these two years have been a time of personal growth for her after that dramatic PR dropout.

    • Eugenia Joyuen

      Two spin-off was the least they could do after the finale fiasco back then. Fortunately for me, I never voewd to never watch PR again. Tim Gunn is still there :)

    • Jen

      I’m in, as long as they don’t run all three programs simultaneously – that would be a serious case of overkill.

    • ShivaDiva

      I never vowed not watch the show ever again, but I have to say I’m a bit wary. I want the show to be fun again, and I’ll definitely give it a chance. But here’s hoping this is not a case of quantity over quality.

    • Judy_J

      I’m sure I’ll be watching PR for sure, and PR Masters or whatever they’re calling it. I’ll give the accessories show a shot as well. I just hope they’re scheduled for different nights.

    • Anonymous

      You know I’ll watch.

      Though (omitting the voluminous remarks made on this blog when it was first rumored, since I’m sure I’ll get to bloviate again when it’s actually airing) I don’t quite see how they’re going to make Project Accessory work.

    • Anonymous

      All day I am seeing commercials of Sir Tim arriving in a Cinderella coach to do makeovers on The Biggest Loser — and now nearly as many versions of Project Runway as there are Real Housewives……I am getting concerned.

    • Bergere

      Fabulous. Of course I’ll watch anything PR!

    • AntonijaM

      I am so excited about PRS9 I could spit. I could really get into the Masters, too, if all the good people come back…Or–what about a PR Mediocre?? They bring back all the people who were kicked off the first two weeks through all 8 previous cycles. (Remeber the cat who did the PR Serial Killer outfit with the yellow rubber gloves on PRS3? Priceless!)
      PR Accessories may be interesting. The designers woul need a whole bunch of different skills in order to make jewelry, leather goods, millinary, etc. I’d love to see them make shoes…

      • Anonymous

        (Remeber the cat who did the PR Serial Killer outfit with the yellow rubber gloves on PRS3? Priceless!)

        Oh, yes. Jerry, right? But, you know, I thought I remembered that his portfolio looked pretty good. There’ve been other like that, too – people whose portfolios looked decent-to-good, but whose first or second challenge entries get them auf’ed, so we never find out more.

        • ask

          Brooklyn Bomber, That is exactly what I thought. I remember liking Jerry’s portfolio., in fact I wasn’t sure he should have been cut at the time. If he had painted it or somehow added color, it would have been more wear-able than some of the others.

          I’d rather see some of the early ones – but not the truly crazy ones in the mold of Ari and Malvin (or have my fashion reality shows overlapped?)

    • Kathleen

      I am excited for all stars! That one is going to be good.

    • Anonymous

      Bring on the Runway! Sure, it all sounds a bit excessive (accessories? really?), but I’ll be right along side you boys for the long haul.

    • ShivaDiva

      Seems they plan on a loose interpretation of “All Stars”. By my count, 10 of the 15 designers listed for voting didn’t even make it to the finals during the own season. Two thirds! So it would seem that one’s about drama more than fashion. Could still be interesting with the right mix.

    • Jay Upinit

      “number one competitive reality program on ad-supported cable among Women and Households”

      They can’t be serious.

    • Anonymous

      I didnt’ think the Accessory idea would work when they were first noodling about it, but if Work of Art could work with such very different artists, I think this could too.

      Uch, Rami is doing too well. he was insufferable and not at all interesting.

    • AbbottRabbit

      But when will any of it START? I feel like I’ve heard about all these projects before, but when do we get to see any of them? It’s beginning to seem like they keep telling us “we’ve got so much coming UP” to distract us from the fact that they’ve got nothing coming OUT anytime soon.

    • Sara

      They should do a Project Runway Masters – like they did with Top Chef Masters.
      I think that would be really cool for people like Michael Kors to compete…

      • Anonymous

        Cool for the viewers, maybe, but as T Lo said awhile back, a lose/lose situation for designers. Most of them don’t want you to see the wizard behind the curtain, and PR doesn’t seem to have the support in the industry that Top Chefs does.

    • Philcycles

      Casting, casting, casting. That’s what these shows-and all entertainment, really-are about.
      ProjAcc could be interesting if other than fashion people-artists, knitters, blacksmiths (I’m not kidding about a blacksmith. That would be cool.)-were cast.
      Phil Brown

    • Anonymous

      I like it…anything to take the taste of Gretchen out.

    • Anonymous

      For the life of me… what was up with the last season. I remember hating it, but I don’t remember why? Did they make a coat from kittens or something? The only challenge I remember is the Phillip Treacy hat challenge and all I remember are the hats. HELP ME, is it early onset dementia or was it really that boring last season?

    • Anonymous

      Masters? yes. Accessories? Non. Over the weekend I saw a good chunk of Season 3, which happens to be my fave. This show used to Bring It. Yes, it was 6 years ago and yes, the format is used up, but the arguments over the sewing machines? Jeffrey shooting his mouth off? Angela? Seriously, people, the show was getting to its zenith!

    • MC

      I probably wouldn’t be able to resist All Stars, especially if it’s designers from early seasons. Otherwise, I’ll probably check out the new season but wouldn’t be surprised if I stopped watching early on like I’ve done for the past couple of seasons.

    • aussiegal77

      Masters? Not sure, depends on who is on it….Accessories? YES! I vowed never to watch again but they’ve sucked me back in!! Ok fine, it’s not like I tried that hard to resist…lol

    • Anonymous

      No to the regular season. Maybe all-stars, depending on the designers. The accessories show no. I’ll just be a voyeur.

    • Californiagirl

      I’ll tune in to the new season of PR and All-Stars, but they’ll have a lot of work to do to keep me. The All star casting will make or break it. If PR starts pulling the same BS as last season I’ll loose interest fast. Accessories? Interesting idea, but probably not.

    • Bitsy Carver

      Still never watching again!

    • Joe Marrazzo

      I started watching some season 5 on Lifetime the other day and I was surprised at how much I missed it. The All-stars thing could go either way – if it’s fun, talented designers that got overlooked like Sweet P, Valerie, Nick Verreos, Maya or Gordana then it would rule but if it is stocked with questionably skilled fame-whores like Jeffery S, Ivy or Vincent Libretti, then it would be cringe-worthy.

    • pdobiel

      I’m excited about everything and I’ve just voted over at the Lifetime website. I guess its all non winners from previous seasons….I would love to see Seth Aaron compete again but he wasn’t on the list =(

    • pdobiel

      I’m excited about everything and I’ve just voted over at the Lifetime website. I guess its all non winners from previous seasons….I would love to see Seth Aaron compete again but he wasn’t on the list =(

    • Anonymous

      I still love Project Runway… esp. because of the comments afterwards.

    • Mysti

      I’ll tune in first night to the main event, of course. But the reality-drama tricks have been more and more transparent. Some of us are actually watching to see new and interesting designers create fashion under pressure, and don’t care for winner/loser edits, manufactured drama, etc. That charming 19th century concept of Salon–where folks talked *intelligently* about their aesthetic AND their poetics…well, that would be more interesting. But maybe fashion designers aren’t as articulate as writers? I dunno….

    • Path

      OMG. I am dying here….for anything Runway at this point.

    • Laura Jensen

      All-Stars might interest me, but I’m done with regular PR and definitely not feeling an accessories show. I think I’ll just read TLo instead.

    • Camelichar

      There is no such thing as too much Project Runway!

    • Anonymous

      As long as Jeffrey does not pollute my television screen, its okay by me.

    • Eclecticanna

      After the last season, I am steadfast in my vow not to return to the travesty that was once the glorious Project Runway.

    • Marikanola

      Project Runway has me for life.

    • Kath

      I’ll watch Project Runway, and probably the All-Stars – depending on who the All-Stars are – but I’m not sure about the Accessories show.

    • Evan

      One does so hate to be a crotchety old queen, but this sounds like just possibly a bit too much of a good thing. I’d prefer they put all that production effort into upping the level of contestants and challenges on the main show.

    • Nariman Alkhatib

      I wouldn’t watch the accessory show .. i mean what are they gonna do, make a bracelet out of groceries, or car parts, or just accessories for events… I’ll probably skip that show.. all stars sounds good

    • JJ

      Me? Pledge to never watch again? Perish the thought. I’m not sure about Project Assessory (I’m a bio female whose idea of a handbag is pockets), but I’m down for the rest of it!

    • Anonymous

      I’ll reserver judgment on All Stars until I see the roster. Unless it’s filled with people who should have made to the finals or should have won, I’ll probably skip it. If it’s just the drama queens, I’ll definitely skip it. PR 9 will probably get a look, but it’s not destination viewing for me anymore. It has nothing to do with Gretchen’s win because I wasn’t particularly disturbed by that. All the stupid drama is what wears me out.

    • Laurieb1940

      Of course I’ll watch them, all of them. Will I ENJOY watching them? That depends. If it’s just reality-show manufactured drama, yawn. If there’s at least some of the interesting creative process visible, I’m on it.

      I’ll be SO glad when it’s back.

    • Other Michelle

      Thank you for fixing the colors. It’s much easier to read everything now.

    • Anonymous

      I’ll watch Season 9 and the All Stars. Not too interested in accessories — had a landlord who was a jeweler once so I’ve already seen that show.

    • maybe more

      I’m interested, but I honestly don’t think I’ll watch all of any of the series this year. I’ll probably tune in for a few episodes of All-Stars, skip most of the main series and see how Accessories goes.

    • Bratling2

      I foresee lots and lots of heavy use of the bleep. Sailors have nothing on artists for potty mouths! (I should know, I am one… only I deal in ceramics, not wearable accessories)

    • Sara Munoz

      “Project Accessory” is just such a horrible name. That’s really the best they could do?

    • Lilithcat

      I never vowed never to watch the show again!

      I’m looking forward to it. Wish I could say the same about your blog. This new site sucks. Now, I’m at home on my iMac with Firefox. But usually during the day I have to use Windows XP/IE8, and your site constantly freezes and it’s impossible to sign in to comment. I wonder how many bitter kittens you are losing.

    • Anon

      I am going to try my best to maintain my vow never to watch the show again, after how last season ended. I still plan on reading the recaps here!

    • cc

      return? Did I miss the first Runway All-stars?

    • Marisol B

      I am done…. unless… they have Laura come back for the all stars .

    • Scott Finley

      Hmmm…..count me out. Yes, Mondo was robbed and the whole last season was a huge farce, but beyond that, PR is just old and unimaginative now. It’s trying to make fetch happen, and we all know that never works.

      Time to let it go.

    • F. Eloy Vaughn

      Zulema… all I can say.

    • F. Eloy Vaughn

      Zulema… all I can say.

    • LogoG

      How would the accessories be modeled? My first thought was by models in black leotards – but accessories can’t be taken out of context of the whole outfit. Would the designers be given identical outfits to create accessories for? What are they thinking? I can’t handle the confusion!!! Argh!

      Like the All Stars idea, though.

    • RatGirlaGoGo

      Project Runway Accessories sounds like Top Chef Desserts – too limited and therefore kind of boring and exhausting.

    • PatBiswanger

      I love the idea of Project Accessory, being as I am a handbag freak.

    • Tomoly

      Please please please let Jay Mc be on the all stars. God almighty I miss him. LOVE the new website – you guys rule!!

    • SMM

      I want PING for the all-stars challenge! Ping would be brilliant! My favourite of the non-Finalists EVER!

    • ashley

      hahahha! PR-philes
      love that

    • Mary Nease

      I’m gonna watch all of them, but I am gonna watch the hell out of Project Allstars. Bring on the drama!

    • Anonymous

      Allstars? Maybe. Depends on the cast.
      ACCESSORIES? You’ve got to be kidding!

    • fafafab

      orgasms all over the place, here and there

      just minutes before this announcement I was crying on my bed after knowing that the Glee season finale is on May 24th, this definitely cheered me up

    • Emily Wilson

      it is impossible to have project runway overkill. impossible.

    • Rocknlox

      Yeah… I wish Korto would come back… but she wasn’t on the list to be selected. I’ll settle for Mondo.

    • Anonymous

      I’m not proud. I’ll watch ’em all.

    • Melanie

      Yay! We’ve had enough time off that I’m ready (and fairly excited) for PR to come back. All-Stars will depend entirely on the cast so it’s TBD whether or not that’ll be any good. And I’m very, very intrigued by Project Accessory. I have relatively little concept of how accessories are made, but I kinda figure that making things like shoes and hats is a quite involved and time-consuming process. So on the one hand, I would find it really interesting to be able to see that process and see how various things are done. But on the other hand, I don’t know how well one can manage to do those things in the timeframe PR is accustomed to. I really DON’T want to see them try to give the designers a half a day to pull it off and end up with all the accessories being sort of fake things that can barely survive to the end of the runway. Or just semi-handmade things where they’re starting with too many of the components made already.

    • Amy Hughes

      The Top Chef All-Stars was good TV. The ones they brought back were all like Top-5 so you knew them well and it was a full competition just like before.

    • Lisa

      It’s NEVER too much! And I voted for Laura and Nick – can you imagine those two teaming up? It would be like The Legion of Fabulous Snark!

    • Anonymous

      Ill definitely watch PR and PR: AS and i’ll check out the accessories one but I can’t tell if that’s going to be an interesting spin or an epically boring fail…

    • Ferris3556

      TLo I love your blog. Adore it really. Can’t live without a daily trip to see what the buzz is, but you’ve got to change the font in your posts. It’s making my eyes hurt to read. I’m not sure if it’s a bolded text or what but it needs to be more “normal”. Sorry, I love you but I had to say something

    • Anonymous

      I do have to admit it would be interesting to see what Wendy Pepper would do now that everybody would be distrustfull of her.

      But I would LOVE for Laura to come back.

    • Littlerainbowcomics

      Luv that show! I came in during Season 7 – loved it – but Season 8 was so awesome! I went back and found some posts of past seasons and I can honestly say – Season 8 was probably the BEST! I did love Season 7 but in comparing the two I thought the designers were pretty boring (personality wise) – hence the need for ‘Models of the Runway’ but Season 8 was so full of drama they got an extra half hour! Looking forward to Season 9…

    • Vic

      Still not watching it.

    • Olechka Milashka

      I am thinking about maintaining the vow…

    • Phylora

      Ixnay on the Accessories but definitely the other two. I never watched the Runway Models show either.