In or Out: Hilary Swank in Michael Kors

Posted on May 05, 2011

Kittens, that “Something Borrowed” movie, like 99% of rom coms, looks like crap, but we just can’t stop talking about what everyone wore to the premiere.

Hilary Swank attends the premiere of “Something Borrowed”  in Hollywood in Michael Kors.

Michael Kors Fall 2011 Collection/Model: Olga Sherer


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Time for us to put our money where our mouths are.

Hunh. How about that? Turns out some idioms sound really stupid when you try and convert them to first-person plural. Anyway, we’ve always maintained that there is no event where a woman is absolutely required to wear a dress. Granted, the more formal the event, the harder it is to pull off an appropriate look sans skirt, but a film premiere is a perfect place to bust out of the mold a bit. Frankly, we’re surprised more actresses don’t go to this well more often. Considering all the exhausting preparation for these public appearances, we’d have thought a lot of gals would jump at the chance to skip shaving their legs.

We’ll admit, our first impulse was to say that she looked a little dressed down. That wasn’t due to the pants alone; it had more to do with the pants coupled with the crew neck, not to mention our own preconceptions. But really, can anyone say she looks bad here? Her body is SLAMMIN’ and she can totally rock a look like this, which can be pretty unforgiving, what with the tightness and the high waist and the lack of color.

BUT, we have to find SOMETHING to critique or what’s a T Lo for? First: She recreated the runway look down to the shoes. We don’t like the shoes. We think something a little pointier and more fabulous would have dressed this up. See, that’s the thing with wearing pants to a formal event: a gal’s got to put the work in on the styling so the outfit reads as formal. That means the accessorizing, as well as the hair and makeup, are key. So yeah, a slightly more fabulous sandal would have dressed this up. We also think the casual hair is okay, but not the best choice. A tight, sleek ponytail with some killer earrings would have helped. Also – and this is really nitpicky but so what – fire-engine red toenail polish always reads to us as either a little tacky in the floozy sort of way or a little “mature.” Granted, the silver platforms aren’t helping in that regard.

All right, precious unborn fawns, you have your points. Make the call.


IN! Sassy, sexy, and sparkly, who gives a shit if she’s not wearing a skirt? Stop being so Victorian, bitches!

OUT! She looks like a park ranger at a disco!


The Minion Opinion on Ginnifer Goodwin’s surprisingly chic look was a totally unsurprising (and near-unanimous) IN.

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  • Sims

    In. She looks amazing!

  • Anonymous

    Park ranger at a disco. The pants look like those polyester gaberdine slacks that were so popular in the late 70’s. They melt if you drop ash on them.

  • anonymous

    My first thought: “Oh, she’s wearing pants!”
    My second thought: “Oh, this is why none of them wear pants!”

    She does have a slammin’ body, so if even she looks… off somehow, then you know it’s gotta be hard. (I think it’s a matter of bad posing in that first shot though, so I think she probably looks good in person.) I think a point and a pop of color on the shoe, say a deep burgundy, would’ve helped. The shoes, combined with her enormous rack, have her veering into Housewives territory.

    • Jess

      omg, that’s exactly the first thing I thought when I saw the pics.. she looks just like Kelly Bensimon!

  • PostsYouCanDanceTo

    She looks fresh and polished, and it fits her fantastically.

    Better accessorizing would’ve given this look more pizzazz, but she’s nailed the “outfit” part of the look.

  • mjude

    IN. i think she looks great!

  • Wow, I can’t believe I’m going to say this (formal pants, monotone), but she actually looks great. I agree with the other suggestions for tweaks to make it really top-notch, but it’s hard to argue with results – IN!

  • elleg929

    OUT. She looks like she is wearing a gymnastics leotard.

  • Anonny

    Did she get a boob job?

    Hate the shirt, not loving the pants. Out.

    • tom

      She has always had a killer rack, this crewneck top just accenuates the girls more than her usual plunging necklines. The only “boob job” she ever had was divorcing her lame ass, d-list husband.

      • Lala

        No she hasn’t. She was a perfectly modest B throughout most of her 20s.

    • lauren

      Crew necks not only highlight the bust, but they allow celebs to wear push-up bras where backless dresses do not. I’m a b-cup and even my rack looks slammin’ when I wear a crew neck shirt and a good bra.

  • Noelle

    Definitely IN! I sort of like that pop of red at the feet, but I get your point.

    • Anonymous

      I love the red toes. TLo’s “floozy” comment made me think of the time my sister told me only hussies paint their toenails. She was totally serious.

      I’ve said more times than I can count that HS always looks a little awkward when she goes glam. This seems like it’s so much more her style. She looks amazing here. While I think a slingback (love them!) would make this more formal, I like the shoes she’s wearing.

      But there’s one problem. She has VPL. It’s not glaring, but it’s there. Even so, she gets a big, old IN.

      (accidental housewife, AKA Maura)

  • Judy_J

    Interesting choice. I like the slacks, the fit makes her body look amazing, but it’s just all so plain vanilla. Wish she’d added some color somewhere….this reminds me of a bowl of oatmeal. I’m going to have to say out on this one. It’s just so bleah, even with the sparkly top.

  • Anonymous

    I like this look on her far more than when she goes all frou-frou. But, while I like a platform shoe, I agree that a dressier shoe would have been better for this occasion, as would more of a hairstyle.

  • Raurie

    In! I totally agree about the shoes, and I think the purse could have been a pop of color instead of just being blended in with the sea of beige, but she looks amazing.

  • In! I love it, even the shoes. The fit on the pants is great. I do agree on the nailpolish, though!

  • Nothanks

    So this is a Miichael Kors, eh? How is this different from what’s on the racks at Walmart?

    • squadratomagico


      Hate it — looks cheap — OUT!

  • Janicemuah

    meh, sorry not really doing much for me, it’s certainly not an out, but barely an in…while i agree she has a great figure, something about the combination here makes her look top heavy and not in a good way….all i see is boobs….

  • Jane

    Is that a leased or purchsed rack, ’cause that’s not the same smoking body of years past.

    • Anonymous

      I’m wondering the same thing.

  • Liz

    It’s daytime. It’s a movie premier. It’s a rom-com premier! She looks great.


    I have no trouble with slacks during daytime events. If this were any evening red carpet, I could see your point on the shoes and everything. But it’s bright and sunny, the color works on her, and I like the shoes and polish (sorry boys).

  • We-eeellll, first off i think her hair is really very pretty here. All soft and curly.
    But in my country, white pants and sparkly tight top and red toenails are AGEING. They’re what women past their prime wear to try to look young.
    On the other hand, pants! She wore pants!
    Ah what the heck, it’s summer, she can look dressed down if she likes, and her hair is pretty. And she wore pants. So IN, I guess.

  • JoyY

    Out…this does look like polyester gabardine from the 70’s. The color is also doing her no favors, making her look sallow.

  • Neil Young

    It would have been better with such a tight fitted top if the slacks were a bit looser like the runway model’s. So……out.

  • no. I don’t like the all-pale, and I don’t like the tucked-into-belted-pants here. It’s like the summer version of one of those awful always maxipad commercials.

    • squadratomagico

      kbryna, you nailed it.

  • Out – would be great for a night out at the movies, not a movie premiere.

  • LOVE the bag.

    **slinking off to look for a new manicure polish color**

  • Cheergirlie03

    In! A few details need tweaked, but she looks great.

  • in in in! more pants on the red carpet, please!

  • Verena

    IN! Yes, recreating the exact runway look down to the shoes is a bad idea and those shoes are indeed a crime. But this is only the premier to a comedy and it’s not HER film. There are different standards depending if you star in a film or if you’re only attending for some obscure reason. And oh my God, that body is amazing!

  • jbdc

    IN! She fills out the pant and top in a way that makes her look amazing and actually much better than the model. I agree that some pointed pumps would have brought up the look but I think the hair looks great. Tight pony tails just give me a headache looking at them.

  • OUT.
    I have nothing against the outfit, or it being worn to a premiere. I don’t like the shoes, but the fact that she recreated the runway look doesn’t bother me either.
    It’s the boobs. Sorry. They look stupid in that outfit. It doesn’t count as body snark if they are purchased. She bought them, she ought to learn how to dress them. It’s just awkward from the side. like an aging porn star.

  • Mr. Fancypants (Tom)

    IN! She does look amazing in that top, slammin’ body to be sure. My nit pick is the pants could have been hemmed a tad shorter. There is just a touch too much break for my taste. Agreed a pointy toed shoe would have been great but the silver ones look fine. IMO, a sleek ponytail would have taken the romance out of this and made it way to “over-dressed Mom out running errands”. The softer hair conter balances the sleeker aspects of the entire outfit. LOVE the clutch!

  • She looks awfully beige.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not loving the top; somehow it looks cheap. I also don’t think it’s a great color on her. She does have a rockin’ bod, but the top isn’t working for me. More OUT than IN, considering how she could’ve put it together.

  • Anonymous

    IN! I like monocromatic dressing to begin with and the clutch sets off the outfit. Agree with TLo on the hair and the want of chandlier earrings but Hillary looks great.

  • Anonymous

    IN. I love the outfit, but agreed on the shoes. I’m wondering, though: did she get implants?

  • Anonymous

    I think she looks terrific — even though she is being shot with a wide angle lens (which is no easy feat).

    And my first thought was, maybe too dressed down for a red carpet, but there are so many damn red carpets, what’s a girl to do?!?


  • Katie

    Out. The color is not flattering and the effect of the whole outfit makes her look cheap.

  • marlie


  • OUT

  • SMM

    NEAR-unanimous for Ginnifer Goodwin? Who the fuck voted her OUT?

    I supposed our Swankstress here will not unanimous either, since this is not quite as good as Goodwin, but I am still going with IN, even if it could be better.

  • MarFar

    Can I ask for a moratorium on the expression “pop of color”? It’s as overused as nude shoes, and therefore as tiresome.

  • MarFar

    Oh yeah, and IN for Ms. Swank here.

  • IN- with a qualification: the fit could be better.

  • Anonymous

    IN. Disappointing though that it’s exactly the runway look, but she looks great. Regarding the red nail polish, as other posters have remarked recently, I am just glad she had a pedi, there have been some ugly toes on the red carpet recently, yuck.

  • MissMissy

    You bitches are crazy–she looks fabulous.

  • marciekr

    IN! She looks amazing, even with the red toenails.

  • Laura

    In! It looks WAY better on her than it did on the model. Her make-up looks fresh and I love the clutch. It’s a great look for her.

  • Guest

    Out . The top is not right, the model is a much smaller breasted woman and on Swank its like shes smuggling two cantaloupes past the highway patrol. Also it is important to remember that the duchess once criticized Jay McCarroll for putting his model in what he though was too much fuschia. Here he has made both a model and Swank into a column of taupe. As between a column of fuschia and a column of beige, Ill go with the fuschia its much more interesting.

  • Anonymous

    In. She looks terrific.

    I like the red nail polish, maybe it’s because I’m closing in on “mature”.

  • Prisoner24601

    In. She looks awesome. Agree on the shoes though.

  • Anonymous

    Good: Love her hair and makeup, clothes fit her like a glove showing off her figure.
    Bad: Hate that the color is so close to her own skin tone and the matchy matchy handbag and the shoes.

    Overall I’d lean towards in, but she is really sort of in the middle for me.

  • I give it an in. Totally thought the same thing about the shoes and the hair, but she looks good in it! Little too matchy matchy with the purse.

  • Eh. I dunno. That top makes her boobs look inproportionally big for her body. And the pants are either too high or too low. It’s ok…but I don’t think it’s movie premier material. Regardless…it’s nice to see her in something that’s not super short, slutty, showing her body off too much. So by default, I have to give her an IN.

  • Lulu

    Huh. So that makes two bitches I can’t stand making me grudgingly admit that they look fabulous. Screw you, Swank and Hudson!

    She really does look great here. Her body is looking amazing and she’s really pulling off the lack of color fabulously. Matter of fact, that cream shade looks really great with her skin color.

    I don’t normally love red nail polish, but I think it’s really good here as her one “pop of color”.
    Plus, YAY for the fact that she’s even wearing toenail color, given the recent shitty trend of bare toenails.

  • KWhite

    In. It shows off her amazing figure really well and it’s different from the usual ruffly cocktail dresses. I think the platform heel looks a little weird with the pants, so I agree that she should have gone with a sleeker, sexier shoe. However, I totally disagree about your red nail polish comment TLo. I love bright red nail polish, I always feel great when I have it on my toes!

  • Anonymous

    In, although I’m with you on the shoes. I don’t mind the matchy clutch, though.

  • Sara__B

    IN. She looks polished and pretty, even if the outfit does read a little too casual, the shoes and nail polish are wrong, and the neckline isn’t as flattering as it could be. (I’m glad she didn’t wear a ponytail — her face looks prettier with a softer hairdo.)

  • Anonymous

    It looks a bit iceskater-changing-to-go-back-to-the-office. The bodysuit just isn’t working for me, and the fake tits make it look even tackier. OUT.

  • bookish

    Meh, I don’t love it or hate it. I think I would like it better if the pants weren’t the same color as the top; I’m just not into the nude column look.

    Also, I don’t get the hate for the red toenails. I thought they looked cute when I noticed them, then was disappointed to see the comments on them. Mature? I’ve had pink or red polish on my toes almost always since the age of 13 or so, and I’m not a floozy and only in my mid-20s. :/

  • IN. She looks gorge, it’s completely appropiate for a daytime look, and as you mention, she has the body to pull it off.

  • I’m a bit undecided on this look.

    However, red nail polish is always an IN for me.

  • Kathleen

    Out. I don’t like the color, the shoes or the bag. I wish it was a colored shirt her face looks older here because of the color.

  • andyleigh

    TLo, I can’t look at Hillary Swank without bursting into laughter and it’s all your fault! Every time I see her I automatically think of that hilarious piece y’all did where Hillary introduced her…assets…to Jon Hamm. You had me rolling in the floor, and it has not left me since.

    Okay, trying to straighten up here, I don’t much like this. I’m bored to death with the beige clothing, and this looks like something I’d have worn in high school. It’s just too bland. I’m going to have to go with an OUT!

    As to that red polish on the toes, my youngest son has 5(!) daughters ranging in age from 14 to 4, and he won’t allow any of them to wear red polish. He says it’s slutty and won’t let them use it, not even on their toes. And now I think I’ve worked myself back around to Jon Hamm and Hillary’s assets again and must stop now before the tears of laughter keep me from typing.

    • Anonymous

      Oh dear. I forsee terrible times in your youngest son’s household. He’s going to go grey early. Perhaps you can gift him with tranquilizers over the coming decade.

      • andyleigh

        It will be hard to tell if he goes gray early because he’s going bald early. It’s definitely a race in which he’s going to come out the loser, either way. I’d be far more sympathetic if he and his brother hadn’t tried to drive me mad in their teen years. 😉

  • Michelle

    Love it. Want it. Total in.

  • I’m glad she wore pants, and I think they look good, but it needs some… zushing (is that how you spell it?) up. I would have definitely con with some pointy pumps, perhaps in a dark green or blue. A clutch in a complimentary color and not a nude belt. I actually like the loose hair considering it’s a daytime premiere.

  • Anonymous

    IN. Love the look, but she could of dressed it up with pointy pumps in the same color palate, put her hair up and worn some killer earrings. Overall I still love the look.

  • In, although I totally agree about the silver shoes.

  • meaghan


  • Anonymous

    Park Ranger.
    I used to admire HS for her artistic ability, but my love has waned greatly and now I just find that I have an irrational dislike for anything she does and anything she wears. Regardless, this look is awful.

  • I dig the pants, and the idea of the outfit…but I wish the shirt was a bit different. Something about the skin-tightness of it and the color are irking me a bit. Bitchin’ shoes should have happened. I do like her hair and the clutch, though, so I s’pose I’ll say “IN”.

  • In in in in IN! Looks awesome and I love that she went there. So clean and sleek. Sure, it would have been interesting to see something other than the runway look, but it suits her to a t, and her body really is all that and some.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t like that neckline with boobs. She looks okay so I say a small “in”.

  • Kaycee

    In! I prefer the cut of the trouser on the model, where the crease is sharp the length of the leg, and yes, I’d pick a different sandal, but overall she looks great. As for the red toenail polish – classic. Love it. I think she looks chic.

  • pervy kitten

    Are her boobs really that big? They look…inflated under that shirt.

  • I think she looks great, but I wish she’d throw in a pop of color with the clutch and the shoes. IN.

  • IN! If only because I myself covet and want to wear this look.

  • Isabella

    IN! WOW! Agree with your gripes but they’re minor–best she’s ever looked. and comfortable, too.

  • Anonymous

    I wish there was a liiiiittle variation in the color of the top and the pants. Or maybe just a different belt? I feel like it’s super close, and since it’s a nervy choice, super close is good enough for an IN from me.

  • lauren

    Totally agreed about the shoes & the hair. I think that a different belt would have helped as well. Maybe use a splash of color or a metallic there to change up the monochromatic look.

    That being said, she looks amazing and I love a good pair of trousers on the red carpet. IN.

  • Anonymous

    Park Ranger. Sorry. I love her, but it is what it is.

  • madam wks

    I’m too traumatized by the skeletal arms of the runway model to comment about Miss Swank….

  • AmyB

    She looks AMAZING! Your nitpick about casual hair is ridic in the face of the bedraggled snarly messes some actresses have taken to wearing no matter the occasion.

    In in IN

  • Anonymous

    IN. and hot!

  • I’ll give her an in, but not loving the look. The panty-lines showing on her backside really bother me. Realize she may be wearing bodysuit but still, just looks bad. Also think shirt is a little too tight and makes her look like she might tip over i.e., she looks a little top-heavy.

  • MilaXX

    IN, I agree she could have done a different shoe, but I don’t think a high pony tail was the way to go. I prefer her hair loose.

  • MoreShoes

    In. She looks fantastic. (btw, love the new site, good that you got rid of the ugly grey letters).

  • AprilM

    IN! She looks beautiful!

  • Miss Fern

    I HATE this so much. Beige, beige, and more beige. Out.

  • TheGirlInTheAfternoon

    She looks great, full stop. IN.

  • Shortpplfedup

    she looks like one of those ‘well-preserved’ south florida retirees. plus she’s all one colour. OUT

  • Lulu

    Speaking of her enourmous rack…has it always been that big?
    Enquiring minds want to know.

  • IN!

  • Kd42

    looks like an outfit my barbie doll had. i applaud the idea of pants, but just not these

  • Beej

    With all due respect to Swank’s rack, all I see is forehead. With the long column of beige, and the long hair alongside her long face, it looks like a funhouse mirror effect. In theory, slacks are great, but this is just a little too Charlie’s Angels for me.

  • Anonymous


    The thing that makes it unforgivably informal is the way the shirt is tucked in. Don’t want to wear a skirt? Create something blousy and flowy on top, or wear a jacket.

  • Anonymous

    In! I think she looks great!

  • Breeze

    OUT! Sexy sandals and a sexy up-do would have made all the difference in the world. (But her body will always get an “in”.)

  • Shalia

    The whole thing feels a tiny bit like the Fug Girls’ “honey, just go up a size, no one will know.” The pants feel too tight, her boobs are too big for the shirt, and the shoes (and red toes) are decidedly unfierce. It’s one of those “so close, but… no’s”. Sorry, Hilary, slightly OUT.

  • Kimmeister

    IN. Would’ve loved a different color clutch, and she appears to have VPL, but no quibbles other than that.

  • Lala

    In, though there’s room for improvement.

  • cathy


  • Hmm…well, I hate that she is cream from head to toe, including the clutch – she looks like rather like a beige Barbie. And those shoes pain me – they really cheapen the look. But my initial reaction upon seeing the first photo was that she’s working it and this outfit is really doing wonders for her curves. So, a reluctant IN.

  • Sarita

    In. Because of the nail polish.

  • Anonymous

    You’re making sure to throw us some softballs on these IN/OUT posts, aren’t you?

    IN IN IN. Ms. Swank has always looked fabulous in pants, and in un-girly looks in general, in my opinion.

    The monochromatic-ness serves to “dress up” casual-ness more than the shiny, in my opinion. I think something obviously and elegantly soft-as-swansdown in cashmere would have been better than shiny polka dots, but that’s just me.

    I agree about the hair, could go either way about the shoes, but I think the bright red toenails work here.

  • Jean

    In. Love it. Agree about the shoes.

  • Frenchy

    she looks unbelievable!!!! i agree with the shoes, but minor complaint about an otherwise flawless ensemble.

  • Stephanie

    Great outfit for a morning show interview. Not for a movie premier. Out.

  • Vera

    Totally IN.

  • In!!!

  • Ninjac

    while she does look very good, and I’m happy she’s gotten out of her ‘show as much skin as possible’ phase, this outfit could use a color boost. She’s in, but she’d be mega-in if she had different shoes, different clutch, or hell, even different finger nail polish.

  • Judy

    At first I was confused, since this look does not seem to belong at the same event as Kate Hudson’s yellow dress. However, I gather Swank is not the star, just a supportive friend, and in that role I think she is perfect. IN.

  • OUT. She looks like a male ice-skater. Honey, no!


  • Dan in NYC

    I’m gonna go OUT on this one. The top looks WAY to figure skater to me and something about the pant cut and fabrication creams 70s in a really chip and non-fab way. I mean, overall it reads as expensive, but I still hate it.

  • Rebecca

    she’s had implants for years. i’ve hated them all along. this outfit is OUT–no crew necks with D cups, especially faux D-cups. But viva red toes.

  • IN.

  • Anonymous

    I agree with your criticisms but I still give her an overall IN

  • Jsrockga

    She looks great from head to toe. IN

  • Out. But I agree that if her hair had been in a pony tail and if she wore different shoes it would have helped a lot.

  • Lorelei


  • I think she looks fantastic. Those pants look better on her than on the model. I expected you guys to mock the matching clutch, but I like it. I can’t see the shoe well enough to criticize, so IN!

  • CAT


  • Guest

    I don’t love it, don’t hate it. At least she has pretty toes, unlike 99 percent of the rest of the population.

  • Mwightman64

    In! Pants! Who cares if they look like Bendover Jeans from Levi’s? She looks glamorous AND effortless, which is hard to do. Who cares if the boobs are real?

  • Trudy Blue

    The pants are pretty bad – even on her figure, but it’s the styling fail that takes this OUT. Casual hair, daytime makeup, silly shoes, matchy-belt, and boring clutch destroy whatever fun the top has going for it. Too bad, because Hilary’s giving great smile, but that’s about the only thing that works here.

  • Aly

    In. Woo.

  • RWD

    Yeesh. Out, definitely. It’s so WASP-y and mom-ish and not modern at all. The top is just so terrible.

  • Paige

    IN. I love this look.

  • Anonymous

    She looks like she’s sucking it in. However she looks hot and she’s NOT wearing a neutral color the same shade as her skin tone. Hooray!

  • The boobs look about the same size as always. I’m guessing it’s the bra that makes them look “purchased.”

  • jjj

    IN. good for her!

  • Anonymous

    I like the look better on the model because it doesn’t look like there are belt loops on the runway version (though admittedly it’s kind of hard to tell). I think if Swank’s pants did up in back and had a flat front with a slightly higher waist, the overall look would have been a lot more stylish and fitting for the event. Still, I think she should squeak by with an IN since her body looks so amazing and since she made an attempt to switch it up on the RC.

  • ask

    I think the look a lot. I like red (or other bright colors on) toenail polish. but I think there would have been better choices with this outfit – since the red is distracting.

  • NewtonGOTbeaned

    In. And I like red toes.

  • I say in

  • Anonymous

    It’s a close call, because she looks great for going to the office. But since this is a movie premiere…OUT.

    And I hate the pale monochromatic color too.

  • Guestie

    In. Fantastic look.

  • suzq

    She looks great. We have to encourage more pants at movie openings if women are to keep parity with men.

    If these are Kors pants, they could very well be a light cotton/spandex twill that looks amazing. I bought a pair of Kors pants years ago that are like butter. Paid a lot for them, but they fit well. Of course, they are not cream colored. I’m no fool. Had I been wearing Hillary’s outfit, it would have spots or smudges from something or other. How does she stay so clean?

  • Sara

    Out. I just really don’t like this on her.

  • Joyce

    IN! But agreed, points off for the platform shoes. A pointy toe would have been perfection.

  • IN.

    I think she looks great, even though I agree the shoes are just a little tiny piece of hell in footwear form. I actually like the hair – I think anything else would have looked too severe.

  • julie

    Out! hey guys, why not add a polling widget to these types of posts as well?

  • IN! She looks wonderful. So nice to see some pants on the RC

  • Anonymous

    Out. I can’t put my finger on it, but this look is not a good look on her. I “get it,” but just don’t love it.

  • Niandra

    This looks way to common. There are outfits similar to this at the local mall. It does fit her nicely, but I think it’s too informal for this occasion.

  • Vaniljekjeks

    In. But I agree, I really don’t like the shoes at all. Aside from that, it’s really the best she has looked in a while.

  • Totally IN
    She looks so fresh and full of the joys of spring.
    There are not many stars who could have got away with this ‘pure’ look,
    Even those boobs look sexy but not slutty!
    She also looks really happy and that just adds to the look.

  • Totally IN
    She looks so fresh and full of the joys of spring.
    There are not many stars who could have got away with this ‘pure’ look,
    Even those boobs look sexy but not slutty!
    She also looks really happy and that just adds to the look.

  • looks great, i love the shoes. i actually like her, which is odd, i dont often care for celebrities. i wish she didnt do a romcom. i hate them.

  • OUT. She’s too dressed down.

  • Ali

    It’s outside, the sun is shining, she’s not the star of the movie…I think she looks great! IN!

  • GSK

    Park ranger at a boring disco. Kors has got to be the single most unimaginative “designer” ever. Out.

  • Anonymous

    IN. I agree on the shoes point. A pointed toe would look much better here, but, overall, she looks hot.

  • Anonymous

    IN, stunning and chic! I would have liked the ponytail but her hair looks lovely the way it is.

  • Jrittenberg

    I respect the risk, but I hate her back, toes, and shoes. She looks put together, though, except for the hair. What is wrong with Hollywood’s hair?

  • Anonymous

    I like her hair. She needs a trim, just like almost every other woman in Hollywood, but I love the waves.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve always been critical of the way she dresses for the RC…generally too sexy & glamorous for her looks/personality. She’s not really an attractive woman and also is a bit on the butch side…so sexy/glam doesn’t fit her, imo. I think this look suits her more than almost anything I’ve seen her in, and I think it’s pretty close to being dressy enough and appropriate for the event. A little something extra is needed though, and killer shoes like TLo suggested.

    Her boobs are looking over-inflated though..don’t look natural at all.


  • OUT!
    It looks super dated and like something Dolly Parton would wear

  • 1969

    IN! Hooray for the Duchess. Between this and the Met Gala, he has had lots of looks being shown.

  • Katie

    Not a fan of the shoes but an overall IN!

  • Momzilla

    The actors came to this premier dressed everywhichway. One of the male actors was in jeans and a plaid shirt.
    She looks very good. The clothes are perfectly tailored. The problem is it is another super-smart, super-careful, super-safe look from Michael Kors. Monochrome bland color? check. Simple proportions and pared silhouette? check. Familiar styling? check. Little bit of flash tastefully done? check. Except for the expensive tailoring there isn’t much going on here.

  • Anonymous

    IN. You can get away with pants when every detail of your outfit and styling looks this freaking flawless. And she fills out that top much better than the ‘fresh-from-the-refugee-camp-where-they-were-starving-me’ model.

  • elgoose

    Out. She looks like a suburban matron, especially with the matchy clutch and shoes.

  • Anonymous

    IN. It may not be perfect but this is the best she’s looked in a looooong tim.

  • Anonymous

    I think she looks great but not for a premier. Pointy-toed heels, hair up in a loose bun, a little lipstick color, maybe she could have pulled it off. This is too nice dinner/date.

  • sass

    OUT. The top looks tacky on her- would have been nice to see a contrasting colour because I think those pants are actually great but as a whole when the colours are exactly the same, they can’t be separated from that terrible ice-dancing top.

  • Lisa

    Hey, look, the new secretary wore a glittery top with her work pants for when we all go out for drinks after work! Now she doesn’t have to change her clothes after she shuts down her computer! OUT.

  • Ben

    You couldn’t be more right about the styling, but still…IN

  • IN.
    Did she get a boob job?

  • sunny

    In. This is the best look I have ever seen on her!

  • Anonymous

    This would be a good woman on the street look, but for the RC? Out. With the exception of a handful of sparkles on the top, she looks like she’s out shopping at a fru-fru grocery store.

  • Maghan

    In. It looks great. The one thing I don’t like is the matchy matchy purse. And I wish there was some color somewhere.

  • Anonymous

    IN. She looks great, if monochrome. I don’t like that the clutch is exactly the same color as the outfit, though. Think her hair looks pretty.

  • TrueT

    In. She looks like a modern Mary Tyler Moore.

  • Lsw 1 Shopping

    Fire engine red tacky? No way! Jackie O. always said, Ballet Pink on your fingernails and Cherry Red on your toes. It’s classic chic.

  • Lauren

    Absolutely IN. She looks fantastic!

  • Sabrinz

    IN!!!! She looks fab. I agree she that a sleek updo and jewlery would set it off, but I think she looks amazing.

  • fashionablylate


  • Prunella

    Hey, she’s covered! No naughty bits about to pop out! IN!

  • Nami

    While T Lo, as always, raise valid points, I’m going to have to go with my first reaction, which was an appreciative, “Damn…”


  • Leah

    In black or a dark plum, I would like it, but not this color.

  • Out. She needs some color. It’s too boring.

  • In! Love the pants, it’s super flattering, she just looks sleek and gorgeous AND comfortable. That’s a winner for me.

  • Anonymous

    Out. too much nude. way too much. Cheap polyester pants, the way the fall over the shoes… the way they make her hips look from the front. Maybe glammed up hair, color in the purse, better shoes or a skinny fit pant – this is alllmost working. I can see what she thought she saw…but no. the details make or break this look and this is not working.

  • Margot

    In!!! It’s flattering and simplistic, but different in a good way, and that’s HARD to spot on the red carpet any more, honeybears!

  • Bridget KD

    In! We hassle women for not wearing pants occasionally –I say she gets an IN for giving it a go and doing a pretty solid job of it.

  • Anonymous

    Eeeek! That color is just too much. She looks like a makeup compact sponge. It looks like something Cheryl Ladd wore on Charlie’s Angels. out.

  • Anonymous

    Eeeek! That color is just too much. She looks like a makeup compact sponge. It looks like something Cheryl Ladd wore on Charlie’s Angels. out.

  • therightpeople

    i like the bag
    no comment on the rest

  • Gogoldbug

    IN. Although it makes her boobs like a little saggy bagtastic. Also not loving the hair. Still if I had that @ss I’d never wear anything but a thong bikini.

  • Tartu

    Totally IN for a quick run to Starbucks

  • deslonrox

    Frankly, I’m just wondering if she got a boob job. I never noticed she had such a rack before.

  • Rebecca

    I’m glad she skipped the runway look of ‘sans bra.’ Nipples are NOT an accessory.

  • Anonymous

    In! I love the creme head to toe and the pants look great on her. If she were going to just about any other event I would say that she was too casual but for something like this I think it looks great and I truly love that her shoes aren’t swallowed by the pants even though I agree that a pointy heel would have done wonders.

  • yan

    In. And hells yes to pants.

    (no to the shoes, though)

  • slagheaps

    IN. totally.

  • Um…I had polyester pants like that in the 80’s. Fresh and modern, I don’t think so. Park Ranger all the way (snort). And just between us girls, she could use some better underwear (perhaps a size larger that doesn’t cut in so much?). Just sayin’, with that terrific butt (and it IS terrific, the VPL is distracting.

  • guest

    I don’t understand you TLo guys sometimes, this looks so cheap that it’s not even funny, and it’s not really the clothes (welll maybe the top is inherently cheap looking) but how she is wearing the pants, which it is obvious from the model picture are made of ebautiful fabric. Her thighs look lumpy and too low on her legs and I am sure they’re not, but the lack of drap in the pants around e crotch area is why they don’t look right. if she had just worn them a little looser, so they could actually hit her waist without camel toe, than they wouldn’t make her look aweful.

  • Totally Out, very lazy effort.

  • MaryInBoise

    I think Hillary looks fabulous. The model, on the other hand, has sticks for arms, and looks like she’s swimming in the outfit.

  • blue.roses25


  • kvlm

    Out. Wth? Is Xanadu being rereleased? I just do not buy her as buxom bombshell….boobs or not she does not have the look to carry it off. And the color matches her way too much. Not IN.

  • OUT.


  • OUT.