Cover Girl: Lady Gaga for Madame Figaro

Posted on May 23, 2011

Lady Gaga vogues on the cover of Madame Figaro and it might be the best she’s ever been styled by a magazine.

Dress from Irina Shaposhnikova ‘Crystallographica’ collection and sunglasses by Mercura

Lady Gaga for Madame Figaro, May 2011
Photographed by Mariano Vivanco
Styled by Nicola Formichetti
Hair by Bob Recine; Makeup by Billy B.

It’s the kind of dress that everyone looks at and thinks of Gaga. A lot of her more mainstream editorials had her in fairly conventional looks that were styled to Gaga levels, but this is something that’s already at her level without any styling at all. Love the sunglasses, too. Like the dress, they’re just so Gaga. Kudos all around to the styling team, who seem to have recognized that the best way to style Gaga is to style her like Gaga; not like an Anna-Wintour-approved version of her in couture gowns against classical backdrops.


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    • Paige Mano

      It’s the same wig she was wearing in one of her other recent editorials you guys posted…

      • Anonymous

         You’re right. It appears to be a more polished version of the one from her ID Magazine shoot.

    • Anonymous

      I was favorably impressed with her sense of humor on SNL this week.  She seemed more willing to make fun of herself than i would have guessed.  

      • Terence

        In what way?  That “What’s That Name?” skit seemed designed to be a vanity piece to play up how great she is with her fans.  There was nothing self-deprecating about her humor on the show.

        That isn’t to say that she wasn’t funny, though.  I thought seeing her head spinning as she watched the helicopter dicks was pretty hilarious.

        • Anonymous

          Called to defend!!!  OK, In this way:  First, to set up the context, I am neither a fan not hater of Gaga.  She seems like a talented performer.  that said, i guess that i assumed that she would be a bit more diva-ish with regard to her image.  She was in three different skits. Not all of the musical performers either choose to (or are given the opportunity to) be in skits in addition to doing their musical performances.  

          She was in the liquor-club (or whatever they called it) skit in a costume that was quite silly but somewhat reminiscent of some of her costumes (and therefore IMHO) making a bit of fun of herself.  She was in the threesome skit looking pretty ridiculous in some of the costumes. (Chrissy?) And since the “What’s that name” skit was done at least one time before on the show in pretty much the same vein, i disagree with your characteristic of its design.  

           since i had no expectations of her sense of humor or willingness to be silly, she impressed me favorably.

          • vmcdanie

            I just want to chime in with “Yeah, what you said.” I agree she was funnier than I expected and game to jump in. I am mostly pleasantly indifferent to her but I like her a lot more after the SNL appearance. She was actually kind of hilarious in the Liquorville/Too Much Merlot-low-low sketch.

      • Cakewalk Yarns

         I was too.  I had no idea she had an actual personality. 

        As for the cover – its a fun dress.  If you don’t mind sporting vagina-boobs. 

    • Anonymous

       That eye-catching juxtaposition of gilded baroque and shimmering cyberpunk angles is pure Gaga. Bravo.

    • Anonymous

       She looks great. Props to my favorite drag queen judging makeup artist, Billy B, for those crazy cheekbones.

      • suzq

        I was thinking the same thing.  It captures the angles of the dress perfectly. 

    • Kajsa Andreasson

      That dress totally matches her new face! 

    • Terence

       Wow, she finally looks like she’s not trying so damn hard.

      • Vera


    • Gloria Porta

       She looks a wee bit Edith Head-y here, doesn’t she?

    • Daniel Vispreeve

      J’ADORE! Also, I love all the photos from this editorial.

    • Anonymous

      Definitely not  a fan. 

    • Pinup Ghoul

      Those ornamented shades are so fyuuuuuhss, darling.

    • MilaXX

      I agree that dress had Gaga written all over it. I LOVE the glasses and kinda wish there was a toned down version I could buy for myself..

      • Anonymous

        I’m with you on this and thought the exact same thing about the glasses. Love!

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

       Lady Gaga looks fantastic on the cover in that Irina Shaposhnikova dress –and she is wearing it much better than the model is (perhaps the angle of the magazine photograph helps). It does look a bit like Gaga is wearing a dueling cone bra on her femurs.  

      • jessamyn

        No, you’re right – the model looks lost in it, like a little girl playing dress-up. I don’t have much time for Gaga, but she’s made this dress look like an organic part of her, not like a paperdoll with the dress clipped on top.

    • Anonymous

      Stunning.She looks llike a stained glass window at night. 

    • Anonymous

      Only a semi fan of La Gaga, but I gotta say she can really BRING it.  Only runway models and she could wear something like this without looking dreadful. 

    • Andrea Lane

      The makeup is amazing; it catches the angular elements of the dress perfectly.

    • Anonymous

      I’m with Terrence. She really doesn’t appear to be trying too hard like she does with her usual looks. She’s actually wearing both the dress and headgear as opposed to it wearing her.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, I’d call this a success.

    • Miggy!

      This is the best she’s looked in ages. And I’m not exhausted-slash-annoyed just seeing her, so that’s a big improvement!

    • Johnny Heffernan

       The dress Gaga is wearing on the cover is a lot more flattering than the homemade version Julia Stiles is wearing on the runway.

    • Anonymous

       Love the cover like mad. The dress on the model, however, is so horrible it’s upsetting me.

    • Vera

      This works. Gaga looks great.

    • Anonymous

      Love the hat/sunglasses.

    • Anonymous

      Fabulous!  Love the dress, the glasses, the lady.

    • Anonymous

      She was styled by her own stylist, and I”m wondering if Billy B. is her normal makeup guy – that would be why it’s a solid Gaga shot, not at mag shot….
      and screw the dress, where are the glasses and hat from?

    • Anonymous

      pretty fuckin fierce

    • Merrilee Cohen


    • Mercura Sunglasses

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