Cannes Watch: “The Tree Of Life” Premiere

Posted on May 17, 2011

“The Tree Of Life” premiere at the Cannes Film Festival offered a smorgasbord of fabulosity (even if the movie itself didn’t exactly wow the crowd) with maybe a couple of slight missteps. Everyone looked like a movie star, though. And isn’t that the point of it all, kittens? Let’s get ripping.

Angelina Jolie in Atelier Versace

Oh, Angie. Look at you! You’re wearing a color! Granted, it’s not the most vibrant color in the world, but the rich brown does look great on her. We love the volume and the drama here. She doesn’t always bring it like she should but she sure is bringing it here.

Mia Wasikowska in Valentino Couture

Mmmmm, no.

We want to like it. We definitely like the skirt part, but the top looks a little … well, if it wasn’t so pale and ethereal; high-collared and washed out, we’d say that top was a little on the vulgar side. She’s a gal who needs color, as she demonstrated when she wore that deep red Roland Mouret dress the other day. This one’s really not doing it for her.

Gwen Stefani in Stella McCartney

We love it because it’s so disco-fabulous. If we were costumers for a movie about an international pop star at the Cannes film festival, we doubt we could come up with a more apropos look than this.

Don’t like the pink lips, though.

Jessica Chastain in Zac Posen

We’re not convinced yellow is her color. We don’t hate the dress, but it feels like, for all the pleating and draping and foofaraw, there’s a distinct lack of wow. It just looks like an overworked bedsheet.

Zoe Saldana in Armani Privé

J’A – FUCKING – DORE. She is well on her way to being a fashion goddess. She looks AMAZING.


[Photo Credit: getty, wireimage]

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  •  Damn Zoe. Lesser beings could never pull that off. And she LOVES it.

  • Anonymous

     I love the back of Zoe’s dress, but I think the front is kind of awkward.

  • Mariah J

    Sorry boys, I can’t get behind giant Candy Cane dress…I agree on everything else. I guess Angelina woke up and said “I feel like looking as fucking fabulous as I am today”

  • Anonymous

    Love Angelina’s from the front – from the back she appears to be wasting away. 
    Mia – she has that too long neck look – from where her shoulders (at the top of her arms) to her head (although her neck itself doesn’t look that long …. I guess my point is it is distracting.

    Jessica – it looks like it would work but doesn’t quite
    Zoe looks fantastic – but those shoes look perilous

  • Anonymous

    Zoe & Angie FTW. Mia for the OMG NO.

  • Nope…sorry.  Zoe’s says, “I fell in a puddle on the way here so I wrapped myself in the nearest plastic awning.”

  • Anonymous

    I want to love Zoe Saldana’s dress. Really I do. However, I can’t help but think candycane couture at Cannes.

  • I love her and I want to love it, but it’s just like being blindsided by flying debris just as Santaland explodes.

    …Hair and disposition are GORGEOUS though.

  • Anonymous

     OMG, Zoe. Those shoes are to die for… 

  • MJK19601987

    That dress looks beautiful on Angie. I mean, as opposed to Angie looking beautiful in that dress. Talk about the dress doing all the work. She’s not bringing it; the dress is. Just check out her hair and make up.
    Really? Ja DORE that hideous thing on Zoe? Talk about adding girth. I can’t tell where she ends and the waves of (really UGLY)  material begins. Talk about fugly. Blech.
    Oh yeah, and I LIKE Gwen’s pink lips!

    • Anonymous

      i TOTALLY agree!  Her hair is HORRIBLE!!!

  • I am not in love with Zoe Saldana look, To me it looks like someone stapled some christmas wrapping paper over a dress.  But if anyone can pull off wrapping paper it’s her.

  • Anonymous

    That dress throws Mia’s (perfect) proportions WAY off. Something about the neck makes her head look way too big for the rest of her, especially in the full length photo.

  • up with pod people

    Who wore it better? Yeah, sorry Gwen, thanks for playing.

    • MilaXX

       Gun to my head I’d pick Iman only because I love her so much, but honestly I think both these ladies rocked it.

      • up with pod people

        True, true. I have a pretty kneejerk Iman bias, but also I love earthtones/natural tones more than the platinum/fuschia/black set so that’s informing my preference when it’s really just a styling position.

        FORGIVE ME FEMINISM, ALL KINDS OF WOMEN ARE BEAUTIFUL even if they insist on wearing the same spangly jumpsuit.

  • Zoe looks like a poor wrapping job on a Christmas present.

  • up with pod people

     Sorry, Gwen.”>Sorry, Gwen.

  • Anonymous

    The second you said that Zoe Saldana looked amazing, I stopped taking you seriously. Like, okay, I know you’re not Anna Wintour, but good golly.

    No no no.

  • Anonymous

    So, do they all stand in the back of the theater?  Or at the bar, while the movie is showing?  Or do they change into sittable clothes once they’re done with the RC?

  • Anonymous

    triple post

  • Anonymous

    double post

  • Anonymous

    Angeline + chocolate brown=divine; Mia + dishwater grey=consumptive

  • Hate the Zoe dress, to me it looks awkward and yes i can’t get past the candy cane quality of it.

  • caio paiva

     I’m surprised you didn’t mention the awful fit of that yellow dress! I mean, the girl is obviously tiny and still, she has rolls of fat (or should I call it skin, since there’s little fat in that body) jumping from the back of dress! 

  • Anonymous

     Gwen owned that shit. So fierce.

  • LOVE the Zoe dress. Like SO MUCH. 

  • MilaXX

    Angelina Jolie  – She looks great here but I’m not really crazy about how high up that slit goes.
    Mia Wasikowska – I like the dress in principal but this is not the dress for a pale woman.  In fact I question who could wear it because on a darker skinned person I wonder if it would  look vulgar like a tube top and fancy skirt.
    Gwen Stefani – I like this. She channeling Jean Harlow again and I love it lips and all. Even Gavin looks pretty decent here.
    Jessica Chastain – I like that yellow is coming back this season, but I’m not sure this is the dress for her. Compared to Gwen and Zoe this is just okay.
    Zoe Saldana – LOVE HUH! She can rock the odd frock right up there with Cate & Tilda. Girlfriend has brought it and put it to bed.

    • caris Lester

      You are so right. I was thinking of Cate and SWINTON when I saw this. She is one of their pantheon.

  • I’m not feeling that candy cane monstrosity that Zoe is wearing. 

    Angelina is a goddess!

  • Anonymous

    Wow, Zoe is no shrinking violet. I’m not 100% sold on the dress but she is selling the s**t out of it. Thank God for the ladies who take risks…are you listening Angie?

    Gwen looks gorg. Love it!

    Mia, oh my no. Dreadful.

    Angie looks beautiful. It’s pretty sad though that my initial reaction was the same as yours, “omg Angie’s wearing COLOR!”, when that color is dark brown. 

  • Zoe’s pool floatie deflated. Poor thing. 

  • Anonymous

     I love in the first picture how that woman in black is staring jealously at the back of Angelina’s head.  Aren’t we all, princess, aren’t we all.

  •  You bitches are crazy. Zoe looks like she’s wrapped in a plastic table cloth from a 4th of July party. The dress would be fabulous in a solid color or a more demure print. Gotta hand it to Zoe, though–she is serving that plastic mess like the rent is due.

  • I’m not sure what I’m missing, but I really don’t like Zoe’s look. My first reaction was just “OH GOD NO SHE LOOKS RIDICULOUS.”

  • Jolie lives up to her name.  Gwen’s looking fab. Gavin’s not bad although his pants need hemming.  I don’t like Zoe’s dress, but I appreciate how she wears it. Mia looks like the invisible girl.

  • Anonymous

    Zoe from waist up, fabulousity.  Waist down, well, I think the kittens have already overwhelmingly described it as Santaland exploding, candycanes, wrapping paper….yes to all.  Actually, it reminds me of that peppermint folded ribbon candy that comes out at Xmas.  She better watch no one tries to lick her skirt. At least she doesn’t have to carry a tin of Altoids.

    The rest…no one looks that bad or that good. Angie looks okay, Gwen’s hair is a fright.

  • Anonymous

    OMG!  That Armani Prive is fan-fucking-tab-u-lous!!  Zoe looks amazing!  Love that dress on Gwen enough that the pink lips don’t bother me, esp in the south of France.  Angie needed to bring it becasue the word was out her hubbies movie didn’t. 

  • I HATE Zoe’s dress.  It look like she wrapped herself in a flag.  

  • Zoe looks like she was styled by a 5 year old who wrapped her Fruit Roll Up around her Barbie doll. Yuck. Love Gwen’s look, loved the front of Angie’s but not the back.

  •  Loving Zoe, she looks like a fabulous candy cane!

  • Lisa

     Honestly, I’m with ya on everyone except Zoe Saldana.  She looks like a circus clown!

  • Zoe, Angie, and Gwen all look AMAZING. Zoe is the clear winner though. 

  • Anonymous

    Not feeling it with Zoe. LOVE Angie but then I am eternally fascinated with all of her crazy drama fabulousness. Tired of Gwen’s platinum hair but not sure what if anything would look better on her. 

  •  Literally did a gasp when I saw Zoe’s dress. LOVE IT. I don’t care if she looks like a candy cane, she looks amazingly fierce and honestly who wants to see another boring, sparkly dress on the red carpet? Not me!

  •  wow wow WOW. I *love* the Zoe dress. Love the fit and there’s something intriguing going on during the transition from red to white in the stripes. Breathtaking.

  •  Disagree about Zoe. She looks like she got partially eaten by wrapping paper.

  • margaret meyers

    That Zac Posen dress is hiddy.  All that piecing and pleating and gapping and irregularity, the dress looks sad and like it is collapsing.

    That bunchy thing haning on to Angelina’s butt:  do they make aubergine toilet paper that BIG? 

  •  Zoe looks like a candy cane. Seriously, ya’ll.

  • i may be alone in this, but i really like mia wasikowska’s dress.

    i wish i could figure out how to like zoe saldana’s.

  •  Damn. Gwen Stefani’s hair and makeup are right out there in tranny hooker territory.

  • Holy hell, Zoe Saldana is probably the only person in the world who could pull of that dress. WOW. I agree with you boys on everything else BUT Gwen Stefani’s lipstick. It’s the fuschia lip that really modernizes the look. 

  • Anonymous

    I think Zoe Saldana would bring it so much more if she’d worn some kind of jewelery (earrings, perhaps?) Otherwise, it’s a nice dress, but it looks like it’s wearing her. Some bling up top would make it look like she OWNS it. And good grief, Angelina Jolie is gorgeous.

  •  Oh geez, guys…”apropos” is not a synonym for “appropriate”. You guys are wayyyyyy better writers than that.

    Anyway, first comment and I’m bitching. Bitter Kittens represent! Love your blog 🙂

    • labrada toyou

      Sure it is; that’s just not the only meaning. MW definition #2:  Adj: being both relevant and opportune. MW’s examples: The ceremony concluded with the reading of an apropos poem. The comment, though unexpected, was apropos.

  • Margot Brose

    Dude, Zoe looks like a candy cane. A really delicious candy cane, but seriously.

  • Anonymous

    forget all the christmas-y, awning, and patriotic references, zoe just wears the hell out of that dress – seeing the first picture of her here, i thought no one else looks more awesome today!
    gwen looks cute and happy, and to quote you boys, very like an “international pop star at Cannes.”  don’t love the fried hair, though.

    mia, mia, mia…  the neckline, the color of the dress, and the hairstyle, none is doing you any favors.  poor thing.

    ange, always pretty, but why so artificial?

  • Are you guys serious? Zoe looks like she should be hanging on a Christmas tree. Love Angelina’s dress tho.

  • Gail Kwak

    Is it just me or did Angie used to have a lot more tattoos?  Has she had some ink removed?

  • Anonymous

    Zoe is my fashion hero – love her! She generally makes fairly unconventional choices yet always ends up looking impeccable, which is pretty amazing. This is the best RC look I’ve seen in a long time.

    Gwen looks great, and I personally love the pink lip.
    I actually prefer Mia’s look here to the Mouret dress she was wearing the other day, even though it does do some strange things to her proportions on top. It just looks a lot fresher and age appropriate, and her hair is really cute. 
    Angie…well, it’s the best she’s looked in a long time, and that dress is really flattering (but kind of pageanty). It’s always sort of frustrating seeing her lack of try, since I think she’s, like, otherworldly beautiful and could look insanely gorgeous if she just put in a little effort. This is a much better showing for her than usual. 
    That yellow dress is just kind of meh, although I do like the color.

  • Anonymous

    OMG, Zoe’s dress is a fashion moment on par with Cate’s eagle dress. A.MA.ZING. I *gasped* both times. 

  • Anonymous

     Best dress Angelina has worn in ages, it looks like a real movie star dress, she could have used a better jewelry and her hair was an almost. 

    Mia, looks gawky. Gwen was Gwen. Jessica, almost, her back pouring out of the top of the dress isn’t helping. At first glance, Zoe’s dress is fabulous visually, but look at it longer than a few seconds and it starts looking like she got smushed in a ribbon candy machine or was it lawn furniture?

  •  At second and third glances, I don’t even think I like Zoe’s dress, but she is working it so hard she had me fooled. 

  • Anonymous

     From the back it looks like Angie’s pooping fabric and the colour of the dress is not helping. Zoe’s dress is definitely a nominee for Top 10 Looks of 2011.

  • Zoe is a fashion goddess.  She looks amazing.

  • Anonymous

    Zoe and Jessica are textbook examples of the difference made by the ability to WERQ. Neither dress is that great, but Zoe is doing such good work selling it that we think it’s way more fab than it is. Jessica Chastain just looks tremendously bored, and makes it hard to even pay attention.

    Win to Zoe.

  •  The barber shop pole dress just doesn’t do it for me.  Sorry guys, but the dress just feels like it is trying to hard to convince me that it is fabulous.  And I think all the folds of fabric kind of overwhelm Zoe.  I think she is too young and too tiny to pull off this much dress (fabric).
    The rest I agree with, wholeheartedly. 

  • Hilary Sain

     gwen looks SO fierce, the pink lips are gorgeous, mostly because anything is a welcome change from the usual blood-red.  they’re classic and very gwen, but sometimes she needs to mix it up a bit.  

    love Jessica Chastain too.  she looks how I wish Christina Hendricks looked, all the time. 

  • Candice Richardson

    Zoe looks phenomenal. Angie Jo looks stunning and it’s hard to pullof chocolate brown. Fab! 

  • Zoe looks like a giant candy cane. I can’t get the song from the Nutcracker out of my head.

  • Diahna Brown

    Zoe is everything.

  • Toni Mitt

    Oh Zoe…I just want to rip that red & white awning off, and leave her with an excellent white dress and killer shoes.  Love Gwen’s lipstick–red would have pushed her look into cliche. 
    I agree with everthing else you said, though.   

  • Anonymous

    Zoe Saldana is awesome. And when I saw Angelina Jolie, my first thought was how wonderful that color is. I love rich browns.

  •  Can’t say I agree with you on Zoe and the ribbon candy dress: which make her lower half look like a bulky mobius strip.

  • Anonymous

    I just love it when Angelina dresses like the gorgeous woman that she is. There ya go, girl. That’s what we want to see. 
    I love that Gwen isn’t afraid to go all-out Diana Ross sometimes. She looks fabulous.
    I do not love Mia Whatever’s dress. She’s so pretty and that thing just washes her out. Fug!
    I say YEA to Zoe’s look. She looks amazing. That dress is definitely not for just anybody and she’s wearing the shit out of it. I normally despise white shoes, but I think here it was the only way to go.
    I’m still distressed at the lack of jaw-dropping jewelry at these things. Movie stars are supposed to wear lots n lots of diamonds! Did we learn nothing from Elizabeth Taylor? Ugh.  

  •  I disagree on Mia, she truly looks ethereal in a good way, to me.

  • Anonymous

    Gavin Rossdale looks like a hockey hitman.

  • Anonymous

    Angie’s arms and hair look malnourished. Love the dress, the rest looks like an afterthought.

    In better news, I am now officially on the Zoe S. train because that dress is fabulosity incarnate.

  • Anonymous

    Angie looks great from the front, but I also thought she looked like she was pooping fabric from the back.  My 7 year old daughter took one look at the Zoe dress and said “She looks like Dr. Seuss threw up on her!”

  • Anonymous

    Mia Wasikowska – mmmmm YES! She looks light, airy, elegant, comfortable with herself. I think the dress is pretty and different than the usual vavoom gowns. Not at all vulgar.
    Angelina Jolie is, frankly, way overdressed for Cannes FF. Maybe another occasion because it’s a beauty.
    Zoe Saldano’s dress is so much fun, I want to throw a party!

  •  OH MY GOD ZOE!! I wish I had everything she wears

  • Megan Sullivan

     Zoe’s dress looks like Christmas wrapping paper, but I can’t help but love it. Gwen looks fabulous, and I love the pink the lips.

  • Jessica has a serious muffin top on the back of her gown…which is odd because the fit through the front bodice is good

  • Jessica has a serious muffin top on the back of her gown…which is odd because the fit through the front bodice is good

  • Love Angie’s dress, but she’s still creepy.  Zoe is amazing in that dress, but how does she sit down in it?

  • Love Angie’s dress, but she’s still creepy.  Zoe is amazing in that dress, but how does she sit down in it?

  • Love Gwen!  Zoe – just can’t get behind it.