Britney Spears covers Harper’s Bazaar

Posted on May 19, 2011

Darlings, due to the magic of special effects, a simulated version of Britney Spears appeared on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar. It’s amazing how computer wizardry almost made her look life-like.

Harper’s Bazaar
June/July 2011 Issue
Photographer:Alexi Lubomirski
Fashion Editor: Katie Mossman

Fortunately, the Britney on the inside looks a little more animated and realistic. In fact, this may be the best editorial we’ve ever seen of her. Her fried yellow hair still pains us, but they styled it pretty. She should do that soft side sweep more often. It frames her face nicely. She should also wear that Dolce & Gabbana every day, everywhere she goes. She was born to wear that dress. She also looks fantastic in the white Bill Blass dress on the cover. We’d hate that Ungaro dress if they made her wear it like the runway version, but it looks pretty hot with the underlay. Unfortunately, the rest of the looks are the expected tight, short, black dresses. Not that she looks particularly bad in any of them, just that it’s typical Britney. Still she looks to be in fighting trim. If we could only get the hairstylists out there to convince her to pay good money for a color job instead of (presumably) doing it herself in her bathroom sink.

Blumarine Fall 2011 Collection/Model: Snejana Onopka

Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2011 Collection/Model: Vlada Roslyakova

Emanuel Ungaro Fall 2011 Collection/Model: Isabeli Fontana (SILENT)

Isabel Marant Fall 2011 Collection/Model: Joan Smalls

Bill Blass Fall 2011 Collection/Model: Ruby Aldridge


[Photo Credit:,]

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  • Tiffany Hickman

     Does she kinda look like Dianna Agron on the cover?

    • Fifi LaRoux

       I totally thought the same thing!

    • Anonymous

      Exactly what I thought.


    • Breanna Snodgrass

      It’s that same sort of half-smile Dianna Agron does…where it doesn’t *quite* extend to her eyes. 

    • Mariah J

       Wow creepy, I totally agree.

    • Anonymous

      YES … I thought exactly the same thing!!

    • Anonymous

      My first thought as well!

    • Anonymous

      Me too.

    • Patty Poulter

      EXACTLY what I thought.

    • Melody Sellers

      I thought the same thing. Weird.

    • Anggi Pramita

      Yes. She DID look like Dianna Agron before she chopped her hair.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed, I thought the exact same thing. 

    • maybe more


  • Paige Mano

    I think I like the white dress the best (despite the plastic-ness of the photo).  She looks youthful and vibrant but not like she’s still trying to be her 17-year-old self.

  • Ben Smith

    She looks like Dianna Agron with a head cold on the cover. Ah, the magic of photoshop.

  • Anonymous

     I think that “animated” and “realistic” should not be used together to describe Brit-Brit.  I kind of love her, but everything about her for the past few years just seems so tired, lackadaisical and low energy (from the music, to the dancing, to the looks).  I’m rooting for her, but until she stops sleep walking through everything, it’s going to be difficult for me to put forth much energy in supporting her.  

  • Anonymous

    can anyone prove that that is Brittany in the Bill Blass?

  • Anonymous

    Wow.  With the exception of the Isabel Marant, none of these clothes look like something Britney would wear, yet she looks great. I actually almost didn’t believe it was her.  Here hair is styled well, she has good makeup, she isn’t showing her crotch in some way. Dear Britney’s Stylist:  TAKE NOTES. 

    And the Dolce & Gabbana…FAB.

    • Anonymous

      I agree, they found her look!
      I want to live, die and then rest eternally wearing the D&G, so pretty!!!

  • Anonymous

    The Dolce and Gabbana looks great on her, the Bill Blass too. She ought to wear more dresses like those in real life. 

  • Anonymous

     Loving the Ungaro. Mmm.

  • Haley Buchanan

     She looks pretty and HEALTHY here!  I don’t think I understand the whole skatepark think though,  It sure doesn’t go with the clothes and the way she’s styled, and it’s jarring in a way that confuses rather than interests me.  Brit brit looks beautiful though.

  • Vaniljekjeks

    That D&G is incredible on her.  I gasped.  She really does need to wear that all the time. 

  • Anonymous

     It only looks like her in the third picture. The rest look like they picked a grafitti background and photoshopped her body in. Very out of place. Also, I’m agreeing with the others on the cover picture. We now know what Dianna Agron will look like in a few years.

  • A. W. Stevens

    It’s like they morphed Heather Locklear from 1990 with Dianna Agron…

    • Anonymous

      Exactly! I also always thought she looked remarkably like Sally Field, and I see it here around the eyes.

      Despite the plastic-factor, she looks pretty amazing – and not even just relatively speaking. Love her in that D&G!

  • Joseph Lamour

     That third picture of her in the Ungaro was totally shot in a studio and placed in  that environment. 

  • myblackfriendsays

     Look in her eyes.

    Britney, if you’re reading this: Go and live on an island with your babies like you said you wanted to! You have plenty of money, and just because other people are still making money off of you, it doesn’t mean that you have to keep performing. You deserve to be happy! Your true fans just want you to be happy.

    • thehousesparrow


  • Jillian Kroos

     She looks like Dianna Agron and Julie Benz morphed together.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe this is just me, but does anyone else think she looks kinda high? I mean, sure she looks great, and the dresses look fantastic on her. To me, she looks like she is on a psychedelic trip in a colorful skate world. And she is so alone. It’s strange to see that neither the environment, nor the other models acknowledge the her presence. Weird… but she looks great.

  • Sinead

     I don’t understand the editorial. She has no connection to the setting at all. It’s not even a quirky, fun, juxtaposition, it just makes no sense. The D&G shot works because the dress is more fun and graphic and there are no random skateboarding kids, there’s also interesting movement making the most of the clothing, but apart from that it’s like an expensive call girl got high and wandered into a playground.

    • Aaron Frey

      I totally agree. She’s just plopped in the middle of a skate park with no interaction with the kids or environment whatsoever. I’m thinking they were going for irony or juxtaposition, but it just falls flat.

  • Maried Rivera

    Okay, Britney à la wax at Madam Tusseauds looks better.

  • Jenna Waterford

     Poor sweetie. She looks so beautiful but so tired. I LOVE the star-spangled Dolce and Gabanna on her.

  • Margot Brose

    That dress does suit her, but why is she still famous?

    • Danny Maza

      She is just a Pop icon who has sold over 100 million record world wide before turning 30… thats all… 

  • MilaXX

    She looks good, especially the first two in the Blumarine and D & G. I can only hope against hope that she looks this good on the next RC event.

  • { edi } ilovetrash

    she looks nice in all the clothes but i think she is photoshopped into all the pictures but the last one.

  • Judy_J

     Wish she’d worn the fringey boots with the Isabel Marant dress.  They’re fab!  

    • margaret meyers

      The dress with the built-in Merkin. 

  • Anonymous

     Britney looks good here. I like the quality of softness the white dress and subdued make up give her. This is the image she should cultivate. The black is predictable, tired, poptart, diva look for her, that said, she looks fantastic in all the dresses. I’m thinking she’d rock some of those prints that are out there these days. She is in great shape, looking healthy. Hoping she works towards being a beautiful, mature singer.

  • Rebecca Lidh

    hah! “Britney’s back”… yes, yes it is.

  • Anonymous

    She looks good. She looks heavenly in the D&G. Here’s to hoping for the continuation of positive things for Ms. Spears. 

  • kyasarin mochizuki

    Not only has a lot of Photoshop been used on her (par for the course, of course, and I’m done with complaining about those things unless egregious errors are made), but she appears to have been Photoshopped into a lot of the shots. She does not do good editorial, stiff, unnatural, awkward. Makes me uncomfortable to look at her.

    Still, it’s nice to see her not looking like she’s about to expire from some unfortunate overdose combination of drugs/alcohol/Cheetos. Well, her hair still looks like it, but the rest of her looks generally fab.

  • Andrea Young

    Photoshop is a fantastic tool, isn’t it?

  • Lisa

     Gotta give it to her!  She looks AWESOME in the D&G and the Bill Blass!

  • Elaine Gray

    I am a huge Britney fan, and it’s so good to see you guys say something positive about her for once.

    However, I don’t really get this editorial in regards to the setting. It’s interesting to see Britney in fine fashions, when she is usually posted in skimpy sundresses, and in her personal life prefers nipple-baring take tops; but as for the skate park setting, it’s a little bizarre and she does look PhotoShopped in. I love the juxtaposition of the colored graffiti against her black dresses, however, it’s so strange that she has no clear interaction with her surroundings.

    But, no matter what, it’s just so nice to see that beautiful smile again.

  • Anonymous

    The Dolce and Gabanna dress looks just so happy to me… it reminded me of my teen years in the 80s, when I spent my weekly allowance on new bags. I bought a shoulder tote that was made of blue, see-through plastic and had white stars on it. The bag didn’t last long, but boy, did it make me feel fashionable! Odd, the memories a simple photograph can bring.

  • thomas

     What the hell is she so happy about?

    “Yay I’m at a skate park! These ragamuffins have always been my target audience!”

  • chicityfashion

     Wow this is the best she’s looked in a while…yay for Britney!

  • Anonymous

     I read the skate park as animated wallpaper, or like a backdrop, so the obvious Cut N’ Paste Brit! didn’t bother me. I thought it was fun.
    Looking good, Ms. Spears. Great gams. Question about the D&G runway look: is that a handbag protruding from the model’s breast? 

  • Christina Marie Escamilla

     She is so awkward. 

  • M M

     ewww, they totally photoshopped her neck!

  • Anonymous

    am i the only one who thinks the whole idea with the skaters is silly and awkward?
    she looks great in the d’n’g though, and in that shot, the graffiti works great with the dress as well.

  • Yifat Shaik

    there is so much photoshop in this pictures (look at her legs in the third picture, plastic is less smooth then that)

  • Cakewalk Yarns

    I hate to say this, but she looks like her mother on the cover. 

    I like the photos – the juxtaposition of the aged pop princess at the skate park is kind of funny.  It feels like she’s a Real Housewife of OC all dolled up; picking up her kid who she forgot she left at a friend’s for days….

  •ébaul/100002426617563 Juline Débaul

    That does not look like the Britney I know and despise! You say those black dresses are typical Britney? They do not look like her at all. The only thing that looks like her is the hair.

    Now that was just about what looks like the Britney I know. Other than that, she really does look good (aside from the hair), as much as I hate to say so about her. That urban setting, though, is a bit strange, as it relates neither to her or to the clothes, but wow, this is the best editorial of her I have seen ever!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know what hurts my eyes more, her yellow hair or all that loud graffiti behind her. What an ugly editorial!
    I can’t even focus on the clothes, particularly in the shot with the Dolce & Gabbana dress. The dress is amazing, but I don’t know why you would put it in front of that horrible background.

    Anyway, she does look great. She just needs to put down the box of Les Blondissimes and let a professional work on that color. I’m sure she can afford it. 

  • Lynzee Michelle Lamb

     What’s going on in the backdrop and what she’s doing/wearing is totally incongruous. I don’t get it at all.

  • Celia

    I know she’s photoshopped to hell, but holy crap, she looks….dare I say it? GOOD. Whoa.

  • Leah Eister-Hargrave

    Completely agreed on the D & G.  And the hair.

  • Frank

    just standing and smiling..

  • Annie

     I know it’s photoshopped to hell but they’re the first photos of Britney that I’ve liked in forever. Probably helps that she looks like Dianna Agron on the cover who I’ve a bit of a lady crush on. 

  • Martina Flynn

    Why do the Harper’s Bazaar covers always look like they cut and pasted a picture from somewhere else?  They never look like intentional cover shots. 

  • Madison Chua

     Not a very good model, is she? All her facial expression looks the same.

  • maybe more

    I find the photoshop on this upsetting. It’s so jarringly bad… It could be making a statement about how she’s disconnected from the real world, a plastic model to be trotted out for photos, but I doubt it. You can clearly tell she was in a studio and all of the background shots were taken separately and it’s just not good at all.

    • maybe more

      On the other hand, that Dolce & Gabbana dress is gorgeous and works well on her!

  • Anonymous

    she was in studio for fourteen minutes and artists were at their PC for 14  weeks

  • Anonymous

     Since when is Britney Spears the lovechild of Dianna Agron and Nancy O’Dell?

  • LocMama

    I’m seeing Heather Locklear, but besides the Fembot Cylon Britney the clothes are gorgeous.  That D&G is fab & I wish I could rock that Marant.  Nobody wants to see that in my grocery store though.

  • Anonymous

    Pleasepleaseplease someone explain to me why we are still talking about this talent-free Baptist-Bunny-next door.  Generic looks and a voice that receives criticial praise only when it is distorted beyond recognition.  Sorry, but this gay likes divas who can actually, y’know, sing.

  • frankystein123

    A very flattering editorial overall.