2011 amfAR’s Cinema Against AIDS Gala

Posted on May 20, 2011

Darlings, it was the 2011 amfAR Cinema Against AIDS Gala during the 64th Annual Cannes Film Festival and everyone showed up in a crappy dress! Seriously, we don’t know what happened here. Maybe they’re all scraping the bottom of their luggage because they’ve worn all the good dresses to the festival already. Whatever the cause, there was a lot of ass on that red carpet. Brace yourselves.

Brooke Shields in Marchesa

Marchesa Spring 2011 Collection/Model: Palloma Dreher

WHAT is going ON with that HAIR? Never mind the dress, which looks awful on her; we can’t take our eyes off that thing on her head. What was her stylist thinking?

Courtney Love in Givenchy

Givenchy Spring 2011 Couture Collection/Model: Du Juan (IMG)

It’s kind of her thing to take couture and make it work for her in a sloppy rock chick kind of way. Sometimes it works; sometimes it doesn’t. This almost works but we hate that the only bit of color was removed. It’s a more interesting dress with the shoulders.

Freida Pinto in Lanvin Fall 2010

Lanvin Fall 2010 Collection/Model: Natasha Poly (WOMEN)

Everyone else is wearing a gown, so this seems a little less formal than it should be. It also makes her look like a robot girl. Not exactly a “flirty and feminine” -style dress.

Goldie Hawn in Roberto Cavalli

She looks fine, but some color would have been welcome and it would have been nice if she’d done something with her hair.

Gwen Stefani in L.A.M.B.

Enh. It’s all right. Nothing to get excited about. It says something that she always looks less interesting when she’s wearing something from her own line.

Jane Fonda in Roberto Cavalli

Okay, someone’s taking that “cougar” thing a little too literally. She looks great, though.

Janet Jackson in Haider Ackermann

We did a little gasp when we saw this. Janet doesn’t wear color that often, but these two shades look beautiful on her. It’s very much her style – covered from top to bottom – but there’s an elegant drape to it that looks good on her.

Kirsten Dunst in Chanel

Chanel Spring 2011 Couture Collection/Model: Frida Gustavsson (IMG)

It’s pretty but a bit washed out.

Michele Rodriguez in Jean Fares Fall 2011 Couture

A great-looking dress made a little less great-looking be a silly pose. Is she putting her car keys in her pocket?

Rosario Dawson in Roberto Cavalli

Was the theme for the night “colorless dresses?” Because man, this is turning out to be one dishwater-dull red carpet. Not that we hate this. In fact, it’s pretty. Not sure about the way the bodice extends over the hips, though.

Uma Thurman in Chanel

Chanel Fall 2008 Couture Collection/Model: Coco Rocha (MARILYN)

Okay, her hair and makeup are a little weird, but girl brought it in the dress department. What a gorgeous look. Suits her to a tee. We go back and forth on the removal of the rose at the waist, but ultimately, we think the dress looks more sophisticated without it.

[Photo Credit: getty, wireimage, style.com]

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  • Anonymous

    Uma and Michele Rodriguez are my favs

    Michele cause she’s been looking pretty and feminine lately, and Uma cause she will always be Beatrix Kido, and I love Beatrix Kido

  • I gasped  when I saw Gwen! She looks FIERCE! If that’s not a WERQ moment, I don’t know what it is…

    • Anonymous

      I agreed with you at first and then I looked again and she was WERQing it so hard she almost fell over backward! Is there such a thing as WERQing it *too* hard? LOL!

    • I think that the dress isn’t the most exciting thing in the world, but she is selling it hard with how she’s posed which makes it look that much better 

  • I actually exclaimed “What the hell?!?’ when I saw Brooke Shields. How can one of the most beautiful women in the world look that bad? 

    • As soon as I saw her, before looking at the caption I thought “Marchesa”, not just from the dress, but from her pose! 

  • I think Kirsten makes the Chanel dress a little more flattering with the ribbon/belt. But the dress wasn’t pretty on either her or the model. I think I prefer the mustard yellow from the other day.

  • Susan Foster

    The problem I have with Uma’s is that the waist looks like it’s stretchy elastic.

  • Anonymous

    Winner: Janet Jackson.  Runner-up: Uma Thurman.  Miss Congeniality: Jane Fonda.

    Everyone else looks dull as dishwater compared to them.  Uma’s dress is far better without the rose; I don’t see how there could have been any waffling on that one, TLo.  Brooke Shields is a hot mess from top to bottom.  I know I bitched about how her hair was down & she should wear it up the other day (when the discussion was about the feather necklace/scarf thingy she was wearing), but this was not what I had in mind.

    Wasn’t Elton John a chairman or coordinator or something for this event?  (I read about how he dedicated it to the spirit of Elizabeth Taylor.)  What was he wearing?

  • Anonymous

    LOVE  Janet Jackson’s “dress”

  • Anonymous

    Minor nit – It’s a camellia, not a rose on the Chanel belt. I love that dress on her!

    I think the Chanel dress that Kirsten Dunst is wearing is total hideosity.

    And re Brooke Sheilds, I’m suspecting a mishap where she accidentally shampooed with a bottle of Latisse instead of L’Oreal, and we’re seeing the result.

  • Anonymous

    Janet Jackson wins by a country mile!  

  • Anonymous

    Kirsten Dunst would look better if she didn’t look so angry at the photographer snapping her picture here.  

    I just don’t think the Givenchy dress (on Courtney Love) is very pretty at all, though she wears it better than the model.

    But Brooke Shields… what the…? In theory, the dress isn’t bad, and I like it on the model, but it’s draped all wrong on Brooke and loses her curves somewhere.  She changed the ornamentation on the hip, but is that really enough to make that big a difference?  And the hair!  Did she pin it  up with a clamp to take a bath and forget to take it down?

  • Anonymous

     Someone really needs to talk Goldie Hawn into changing her hair, that look is so tired and makes her look old, in a desperate Dyan Cannon-kind of way.  She would look cute and updated in the hairstyle that Diana Argon just got.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Y’all

    New Poster here.  Now, I loves me some Uma, but am I the only one to notice that that gorg’ dress don’t fit her?  And Miss Brooke should throttle the stylist who talked her into that dress with the fake pearl swags they took off the hips.  Surprisingly Janet Jackson rocked the house for me in that inspired combination of rich color and sleek finish.

  • Janet Jackson and Jane Fonda WIN. Great showings by older women all around, and Uma Thurman is doing very very well lately. 

  •  Janet Jackson looks sloppy from hair to weird-tucked-in-dress-thing. I agree that colors look nice but she looks like she rolled around in the limo before she got out.

    • There is nary an unintentional wrinkle on that dress. It’s draped that way.  

  • Mariah J

    No no no. Janet looks great, everyone else looks like @$$

  • Ksagun13

     Janet Jackson is the clear winner, Uma is the runner up.  And I agree, what is with all the washed-out colors?  Do they feel the need to blend in to the backgrounds?  Very sad.  

  • MilaXX

    Somehow Brooke looked prettier when I saw her on tv last night. The poor model on the other hand, look like Venus DeMilo. Janet looks gorgeous in those colors. I hope she wears that designer again.

  •  Janet Jackson as best dressed. Is the world coming to an end??

    • Anonymous


      • Hahaha!  Only for some, honey, only for some.  And certainly for none of the stars in these pictures or for any of us minions.  😉

      • Anonymous

         I’d say that on Sunday we find out just  how many heathen there really ARE. I predict the results will be shocking: NO ONE makes the cut to be raptured. (is that a verb?)

        Just think how it’d change several religious movements were events interpreted thusly.

  • Anonymous

    Brooke looks like she was captured by native islanders and is about to be offered in marriage to a giant gorilla.

  • Anonymous

    Brooke Shield–I agree about the hair but I thought the dress was better on her than on the model. As for the rest, I’m pretty much with you. 

  • Anonymous

    I don’t like Uma’s dress AT ALL, although it looks good on the model, it looks cheap or something on her… Brooke Shields looks WTF horrible, love Gwen’s look, and don’t we all wish we could look as casually chic as JJ? Beautiful. 

  • Anonymous

    Uma is a goddess! 

  • Anonymous

    The more I look at Janet the more I love it. It’s a very unusual dress and not a lot of women could pull it off the way she has. Brava, Janet. I’d love to see more from this designer. And kudos to Michel Rodgriguez for going all Grace Kelly on us. 

  • Taija Hurri

    Wow, Janet looks fabulous. She looks like a complete diva.. And I think that’s emphasised by the cuckatoo hair. She does whatever the hell she wants. 

  • Anonymous

    i think Uma looks stunning. love the dress & color 

  • Anonymous

     Oh, I’m so glad you liked Janet’s. I love it, I think she looks amazing here. Maybe one of her all-time best red carpets. 

    Uma was definitely right to remove the navel rosette, and Courtney was definitely wrong to remove the fabulous sleeves. Then again, we sort of expect Courtney to make bad choices. 

  • Anonymous

    Hmm, as much as I dislike Brooke’s Marchesa, she came close to what may be a good look for her:  the goddess gown.  She has a beautiful body, but like many of us women-of-a-certain-age, she’s a bit thick through the middle, and the gowns she wears tend to emphasize that. If this one didn’t have all the crap attached to it and was free-flowing, it might be gorgeous on her.

    I agree that Janet Jackson looks amazing.  And I love Uma.

  • Uma’s really stepping it up lately. That’s a great dress. 

    Jane looks amazing, but is there something off about the fit of Michele’s dress?  Her breast looks a little squashed on the side.

    BTW Goldie never does anything with her hair. 

  • Tamara Hogan

    Ms. Jackson FTW, with Uma a close second. I wonder what Uma’s dress would look like in, say, orchid or periwinkle? Not a fan of the gray. That neckline is gorge.

  • Janet looks amazing, Uma is so gorgeous she’s fooling me into liking that fug dress, Courtney’s decision to remove the shoulders was wise, and Gwen’s dress is basic but she’s selling it. Brooke looks like she’s in full costume for the Clash of the Titans sequel and Rosario looks like a Miss America contestant. 

  • Tilly

    I saw Brooke on one of the entertainment shows and thought she looked fabulous.  This picture doesn’t do her justice.  She looked better than she had in a long time. But it does seem wierd that someone who started as a model doesn’t pose better.

  • Anonymous

    I really love what Janet is wearing and how it looks on her.  Yay!

  • Anonymous

     Jane Fonda’s hand looks freakishly large.

    • Anonymous

       You are right.  It looks like her hand is as big (long) as her head.  Now I have very short fingers but I kept looking at the picture and holding my hand up to compare (my hand to head) 🙂

  • Tara Cosgrove

     Is Uma wearing silver flip flops? Dude.

    • Anonymous

      You’re right. Those flat sandals are wrong.

  • Anonymous

    You saved the best for last.  Uma is making that dress Happen. 

  • Reginald Bixby

     you guys really need to get over your hate for pale neutral colors… several collections have gone towards the pale neutrals within the past few seasons. Plus only happy peppy people like tons of color, normally bitchy and catty people like neutrals… so love the neutrals.  you also need to embrace the young hip vibe that younger starlets and some of the older celebrities are working, that casual hipster look is very prominent in pop culture. Pop culture and fashion go hand in hand.

    Deal with it. (ps i really do love your site)

    Freida Pinto is my fave.

    • Just because neutrals are popular doesn’t mean they look good on women who have the exact same hair/dress/skin color. Michelle Rodriguez pulls it off (or is that pink?  Looks pinky-beige on my screen) because her skin/hair contrasts a little bit.  CanNOT say that for the others.

      • Reginald Bixby

         totally agreed… Although  t.lo tends to go off on neutrals and younger hip/urban fashion(especially for men)

        Fashion is definitely not about popularity, i often agree with them.

        But their hatred for neutrals TOTALlYDRIVESMEINSANE. 

  • Anonymous

     You are mean little bitties today! I think that Gwen is killing it. Kiki Drunkst looks FAB and I am all for her come back. Janet WERKS as well as Uma. Fonda is a legend- WHO DOES HER FILLERS!? I’ve never liked Brooke Shields so… on to the next. You’re right about Courtney and I just don’t think I’ll ever be used to Michelle Rodriguez in a gown. THe washed out dishwater thing must be happening because its FINALLY getting warm… but ppl don’t have their proper tans on yet. Forgivable. 

  • Anonymous

     Michele Rodriguez, WOW!! But girl, get on some make-up! That makes me crazy: the sporty, bare face with the amazing gown. I agree that Miss Jackson is stunning, by far the best. Uma’s lifted eyes were too distracting to notice what she was wearing, and I can’t believe you said Goldie Hawn looks okay. She looks like an unmade bed. A grimacing unmade bed. The look on Brooke Shield’s face is priceless: she apparently doesn’t know what the hell is going on with her hair, either. And if Brooke can’t give good face, who can? 

  • Anonymous

    Uma! Amazing!

    But I definitely agree – why was there no color on this red carpet? Were they all just trying to blend into the backdrop?

  • Anonymous

    I do like Uma’s gown — I bet the back is pretty great, too — and the midriff has enough subtle interest to work w/o the rose embellishment.  Kinda cute how her foot position here, in the flat sandals, goes with the flow of the bottom of the gown.  My one issue:  I wish a way could’ve been found to have it fit her the way it did Coco, where the gathering at the waist made it an even more interesting gown. 

  • Anonymous

    How can Janet Jackson be “the best” when her hair looks so horrible?  Love the colors but the dress is a mess.   I think Rosario Dawson looks great.

  • Anonymous

    Janet Jackson looks AMAZING! Totally original, gorgeous, flattering, great colors. Love the blue nails and skinny blue belt; also colorful, perfect-for-Cannes jewelry (that is, no diamonds).
    Goldie has never done anything with her hair – she’s had the same hair for 40 years. But’s it’s okay, because it’s iconic Goldie.
    Why why WHY is Uma Thurman wearing what appear to be FLAT sandals with that dress? It just doesn’t look right.

  • Okay, I’ve got it figured out.  This was really a secret wedding.  Brooke is the bride, and she’s marrying some Greek olive magnate who insists that she wear his mother’s wedding dress, which is several sizes too small.  Frieda is the flower girl strewing black metallic dahlias in the path of the bride, while Jane Fonda is the mother of the bride who lusts after all the virile groomsmen.  Janet is the minister, wearing the colorful robes of the Hollywood sect (which worships itself and eats money for Eucharist).  Gwen is the lusty lounge singer who sings “I Love You Truly” as the bride wafts down the isle.  The rest are bridesmaids, who must dress in dreary colors and sketchy designs so as not to take attention away from the bride.  Except for Uma, who is the scorned lover of the aforementioned Greek olive magnate, intent on showing him what he could have had instead of, well, what he’s getting now.

    See?  I think I’ve got the story down.  They should turn it into a movie of the week, complete with Brooke and Uma in a fantastic hair tearing/joint flinging into the pool ala Dynasty.  Now THAT’s entertainment!

  •  I think Brooke should have had one of those gay best friend moments where she is told that it’s a fabulous dress, but it’s not a dress for her.

  • Anonymous

    Love Janet.

    Michele- OK.. I really don’t understand why everyone wearing a gown with pockets feels compelled to let everyone know that their gown has pockets by shoving their hands in the pockets of their gown. Note to pocket promoting stylists and designers:  Nobody cares!

  • Anonymous

    Looking at the pics again and noticing the wing-like thingies on Rodriguez & Thurman’s dresses.  I wish we could see the backs.  If this design element is a trend, I’m intrigued.

  • Janet Jackson has never looked better!  So sophisticated!
    Hate Uma’s ruching.

  •  JANET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • WOW, I thought Uma Thurman was Jon Hamm’s gf, Jennifer Westfeldt…  WHO is her surgeon?  

  •  oh my god.  Uma’s dress is TERRIBLE. I have no idea what crack you all are smokin’…

  • Sara__B

    Uma’s dress is too tight — the draping details are stretched out and gone! So she comes in second to Janet Jackson, who looks fabulous (even if the skirt is too long). Michele Rodriguez comes in third, in another fabulous but too-tight dress.

  • Anonymous

     Mmmmm, Ummmma!

  • Anonymous

    Janet Jackson looks incredible. Seriously, when was the last time she looked this good? Ever?
    I actually like Freida Pinto’s dress. It’s cute and shiny without being boring.
    OMFG Brooke Shields.

  • Love Janet Jackson! She looks amazing here. Clearly the winner for me.

     I think Rosario Dawson looks like she’s ready to go sing some Wagner.

  • The way the dress is draped makes gorgeous Brooke Shields look lumpy and dumpy. Can’t imagine what it would look like on me. Sorry, I didn’t recognize Gwen Stefani at first. Miss Jackson look great. Jewel colors glow on her.

  • Anonymous

    I’m with Vera, above, about Brooke Shields. To me it looks as if the skirt is too small – it doesn’t drape, it clings & pulls. Ruins the look & is unflattering.

    Ms. Jackson is the best of the lot. I reserve worst for Frieda Pinto, she doesn’t just look like a robot, she looks like a rectangular robot. Not flattering and wierd. Though Ms. Dunst gave stiff competition for the Worst of Show slot.

    Sorry, I don’t think any one wearing that Cavalli shiny metallic animal print dress can be described as looking “great,” so Ms. Fonda has to make do with “remarkably well-preserved.”

  •  I don’t like whatever Uma’s foot-area is doing.

  • Uma looks great, but I like the rose, better.  I even like her hair & makeup.  I think the dress on Janet is ugly as sin.  The drape is a mess and the little blue tie looks stupid. 

  • Anonymous

    Sorry guys, I really don’t understand your aversion to neutrals.

    Janet looks great, same for frieda pinto.

    I think they all look pretty good. But to be honest here, the models look way better in the dresses than the actresses.

  • love Stefani’s overdone hair – awesome

  • Lisa

    Honestly?  Everybody before Gwen Stefani (but not including Gwen) looks cray-cray, and I’m also tossing The Dunst into that pile!

    As for Uma – FABULOUS, for the second time in a row!  I disagree about her hair and makeup; I think they look fine.  But I do agree about losing the rose at the waist – having just the roses at the neckline makes it much more sophisticated.  The waist rose makes it a little too twee, which is fine for the model, but not for Uma.

  • I think Uma’s dress is at least one or two sizes too small for her.  She looks a little “pinched”–even in her face.  Love the dress though, and the rose details.

  •  I wish Uma would broaden her shoe selection.  I’m tired of strappy flat sandals!!

  •  I wish Uma would broaden her shoe selection.  I’m tired of strappy flat sandals!!

    • On behalf of other 6-foot tall women: never!  Flats are our god-given right as giants.

    • On behalf of other 6-foot tall women: never!  Flats are our god-given right as giants.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t ever remember Janet looking so elegant. Ever.
    I have to disagree when it comes to Uma: the puffiness around the bust and tummy area is odd. I think the flowers kinda look childish but I love that she is wearing flats.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t ever remember Janet looking so elegant. Ever.
    I have to disagree when it comes to Uma: the puffiness around the bust and tummy area is odd. I think the flowers kinda look childish but I love that she is wearing flats.

  • Anonymous

    Red Carpet brought to you by Clorox….. and Sweet Baby Jesus, WTF happened to Brooke Shields? 

  • Anonymous

    Red Carpet brought to you by Clorox….. and Sweet Baby Jesus, WTF happened to Brooke Shields? 

  • Anonymous

    JJ looks fabulous!

  • I think that in consideration for what Kirsten Dunst has had to endure at Cannes this year, she gets a pass on all sartorial criticism.  Full stop.

  • Anonymous

    Uma’s dress looks like a bad bridesmaid’s dress. The material looks like cheap taffeta or something, and in lavender! The fabric roses are the fin-de-awfulness.